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Becca & Peter           

Just arrived back from Kalamaki! Had an excellent time there and met some really nice friends! The two girls that are working there for the summer - Kate & Rachel - were brill! Really friendly and very hardworking! They weren't paid enough for what they did though!!!! Don't think we would have kept returning to Antonis if they weren't there as they really livened the place up! The karaoke and quiz nights were a laugh but the films nights were a bit boring at times! The bar staff (Julio & Pedro)were very friendly, (Pedro a bit too much sometimes if u get what I mean!) and made sure you enjoyed yourselves! Would recommend visiting this bar at least once during your hol!

George S           

The bar men are still the same.... making the most of the family girls....(she's only 15, have a word!!!!!!) Kate and Rachel make the holiday the best....they're a right laugh! the karaoke nights are a laugh and the quiz is good! Romeo (AKA Andy) is the richest man in BRomley, living in a masionnette/flat/apartment/house/tent (but we love him really). The bar men are actually quite nice, they can be a good laugh, but just keep an eye on ya daughters. BACK OF THE NET!!!!!!! 'hoops', we know you're game.... you know who you are! put ya tits away!! and take a skirt, forget the belt u mentalist!!!! Please when watching the films, do keep the noise to a minimum because you will be those annoying people in the cinema (KATE!!!! mouth!)

Linz -           

antonis pool bar is excellent its a lovely pool with lots of sunbed and a nice pool bar with friendly people working there. Great entertainment at night, good for familys and its very popukar with everyone out there, will go back as i had a good time.

Kirsty C           

We stayed in the antonis apartments from the 8th to the 22nd of july and found that the pool bar was very good, the staff were very friendly and helpful. It is a great place to relax in the daytime by the pool as the play up to date music to chill to. Although i never went there at night i enjoyed my stay and wish i was still there.

Jenna M           

well the whole of kalamaki heard it as they didnt keep it secret

Vicky F           

Oh my God! lol what exactly happened? how did u know the bar men were sleepin with kids? sorry for being nosy it just sounds interesting! and maybe need to rethink about stayin there next year with friends and no parents!

Jenna M           

u got that right chris with the mother and daughter having a bit of the bar man and the father (poor sod, its a good job there still not together, Well only for the kids sake) i really did feel sorry for him but like all of Kalamaki heard him tel his daughter he knows what his ex gets up to and so do we!!!!!!

wow this was like watching real life corrie!!!!"

Chris C           

was that the `keeping it in the family` domestic heard by half of kalamaki at 6am?

Jenna M           

this is certainly not what is says in the thomas cook brouchue, not a family place. there were people been chucked in the pool til 5/6 o clock in the morning. there was a lot of noise made til the same time the bar staff were s**gging everyone they could including 13 yr olds. (really nice place for kids and families!?) yeah it was a lovely pool and lots of sunbeds but that doesnt make up for it!!!

Chris C           

lovely pool, bar was good although I didn`t have anything apart from drinks there, no shortage of sunbeds for most of the hol!

Zoe & Naomi           

We've just got back from a great holiday at the apartments. we had a great time. the staff were very kind and cute, especially Nick. hopefully we will be going back next year. we would recommend this place to everyone.

Vicky T           

Hi I was just wondering if anyone has any pictures or contact numbers of nick or pedros that u could post on here as me and my friend made friends with them last year, there such nice people, I miss them and if anyone does we'd be very grateful as my camera got damaged on the first week so we couldn't take pics for memories. thanx

Margaret B           

I love Antonis pool bar because I nearly always stay at Antonis apartments. They are very basic but very clean and very close to the beautiful beach, restaurants and shops. The have a lovely well kept garden. The best thing about the pool bar is the pool of course. The bar snacks and meals which you can order for most of the day are brilliant and good value too. Yes I agree with others that the brothers and sons of Antoni are very cheeky and cute (sometimes) But I much prefer the quiet Nikos who is very polite and has a wonderful smile. So see you guys all again very soon cos I am coming back in September!! When are you going to have a super special Greek Night so that I can practise my belly dancing for you? I have lots of lovely photos of my grandaughter enjoying swimming in Antonis pool. I will put them on this site for all to see soon.

Hazel D           

We have been going to Antonis apartments for the last 7 yrs.
The Pool is excellant very clean and warm. The family run the pool bar they are all very friendly make you feel like part of the family.
Everyone seems to mention the two brothers , but no-one mentions Nick he serves on the tables and is a great guy. The food is great there and well worth its money well priced to !.
The is only 1 thing which lets the whole package down and that is the evening entertainment, the films on the Huge video screen are the best, but .... Kareoke and quiz night is the pits !! it just drags on an on an on !! gets really boring.
But the daytime its the best on the island.

Vicki S           

Just returned fro ma week in Kalamaki, Once we found this Pool and bar,we ended up going there every day!
Good music to sunbathe to, good choice of cocktails and film,quiz nights and karaoke held here on regular occasions, something for everyone!!

Rebecca C           

just arrived back from the antonis apartments after my second visit there. absolutely brilliant! very friendly staff - 2 brothers petros and lakis! got on very well with them both! good food and good entertainment at night!lots of new films shown on the big screen! i recommend these apartments to anyone, especially families!

Tony C           

Good, friendly, helpful staff (though the same can be said for all the bars & restaurants we visited in Kalamaki).
Pool is very good and well kept - we were always made welcome even though we weren't residents.
Family entertainment was O.K. - karaokes & quizzes hosted by the attractive , English girls (the student working the season & the girl from Merlis car-hire) and recent films.
Definitely worth one or two visits when you're in town.


me and my mum have been back to the same place twice, we really liked it there. the people are very friendly and we felt very safe seeing as it was just the two of us. antonis bar is a good place to go, nice pool and alright at night if theres alot of you. the two brothers are cool, but all the young attractive girls WATCH OUT for the younger one, PETRO. bit to good with the ladies.all the girls that have met him will know what i mean! deffinatley go back though.

?????? ?           

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it was love and still is, we kept intouch for ages and now he hasnt txt becuase i got someone else, but i still really like him i keep txtn him but he wont reply and he wont answer the phone can someone help me plz

Julie W           

Very nice pool, we stayed at Cava D'Oro but preferred this pool. Did not go at night but heard good things. Bar snacks were good and staff friendly.

Julie B           

We stayed at the cavo d'oro but much prefered this bar Dave was a great host he did great quiz nights, and the karaoke nights were good to.The drinks reasonably priced,the pool much better than the one at the cavo d'oro.

Tommy H           

Just returned from yet another great holiday at Antonis. Stayed in Antonis 1 (white block), absolutely superb. It's strange the way that this place attracts likeminded people who relax, socialise and usually wake up with sore heads every morning. We will definitely be returning again. Lea, Tommy and Melissa

Steve M           

Wednesday and Saturday are Karaoke - great fun -

Emma L           

You could easily forget the time of day chillin-out at Antoni's Pool Bar. One of the best pools in the area and fantastic & friendly service. By far the best place to watch all the latest films and the best Karaoke in Kalamaki !


the pool was great, the whole family were very friendly towards all the guests,the drinks were cheap enough. all together it was a great holiday. the two brothers were extremely friendly and one of them,pedros,was very cute. i think the antonis pool bar deserves at least 8/9 out of 10!

Mary Y           

Good quizzes and films. Lively atmosphere

Grace H           

The pool itself during the day is the best pool in Kalamaki. The evening entertainment leaves a lot to be desired. We entered a quiz which took 3 hours hosted by some stupid bird called Sue who kept singing and talking too much. The food was OK, but the waiter forgot to bring out my breakfast, which of course started something across the whole of the island and I didn't get my food on time for the rest of the holiday (much to the amusement of my friends). I would definitely recommend going to the pool during the day as it doesn't get very busy and they serve Mythos all day, but forget it in the evening.

Charlie B           

In the day time this is one of the best pools in Kalamaki town and they do a big Mythos, but as for the evening well all I can say is don't do the quiz night!! For starters it last 3 hours and secoundly, Some friends and I played the quiz and got 30.5 /32 so we had it in the bag but when the score were added up at the end we ended up with only 26 points. Usually we would all have let it be but as the prize was a days car hire we kicked up a fuss. Confronted with the mistakes the Lady(Sue) I think, stood corrected but it was only marked wrong because we were all enjoying ourselves and making a bit of noise.

Mark R           

Cheap cocktails and big screen tv beside the backlit pool and bridge over the pool.

Nik T           

this pool has to be the cleanist in zante,the food is also good.As for the two brothers they are called petros and lakis,petros is the younger of the two.Also the people who own merlis resturant are cousins.I will be back again this year from the 8th july hope to see you there.

Natasha K           

Good place to start the evening - although I would say to miss out Tatiana the singer, unless you can put some cheese in your ears!! Cocktails are 750drx in the evening - and they do great cheesy chips and cheese pie!!!

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