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Zante Excursions

Mark G          10/10

click to enlarge just back from zante had the best time again this is our second time in zante we love the island be back next year to.big shout out to ian jeep driver on the jeep safari thanks mate we had a excelent day will see you next year we stopped at the zante maris hotel the best hotel in tsivile.may 17th to 24th.......class......

Robin G          10/10

was on jeep safari 13th may 2009 the day out was just mind blowing
 was well worth the money, u cant ask for a better day out. we had ian
from dunfermline aswell he was brillant. his knowledge of the island was excellent
this is a must for anyone dont think about it do it.
the scenery of the whole island amazing, just breathtaking, take the camera,s u
need them. i'd like to thank ian and and the other driver they were superb.
robin and lorraine in fife

Alan R          10/10

Went on jeep safarii during our holiday in September.

This was our second time with Zante Insight,once again this was a fantastic day.
Our driver was Ian from Dunfermiline,what a driver he turned out to be, off road was an experience not to be missed,also his knowledge of the island was very good.
This is an excursion that should not be missed if you are on the island,be sure and book with Zante Insight as they are miles ahead of the other safaris on the Island.
Hope they are back next year as we will definately do this excursion again.
Big Thanks to Ian.
Alan & Gemma Edinburgh

Chris S

Just returned from Zante last month (Sep 08) had an absolutely fantastic time on the Jeep Safari and would definately do it again. Our driver was Ian and we booked it through Tsilivi Travel. I would recommend this trip to anyone, it was worth every penny and thought it was quite reasonable. Went off road quite a few times which is really exciting especially if you are in the back of the Jeep!!

Ian was a great guide really informative and it was great to see parts of the Island you would not normally see. If you like a bit of history coupled with an adventurous day out I highly recommend it.There were only six of us so was not really a tight squeeze and we kept changing places so it was fair to everyone.   Hello to the couple from Ipswich and the couple from Liverpool aswell as Ian. PS Thanks for dropping us of at Sandra's where a few G & T's went down very well
Chris and Sheila xxx  

Billie M          10/10

Went on jeep safari on 14th August it was well worth the money, our driver was Ian from Scotland and he took us to places you wouldn't normally go to. We went on road and off road which was an experience to say the least (one foot from the cliff top I can't bear to think about it) If you do just one trip on your holiday I would recomend this one, it's not only informative, scary, great fun but also one hell of a day out and well worth the money. We booked through Julian and Tassos in Tsilivi but you can also book this same trip in Argassi through Peter. More comfortable ride in the front but really scary in the back, if there are two parties sharing one jeep arrange to swap half way through the journey this will ensure you get both experiences. Thanks for one hell of a day out.

Lyndon B          10/10

We went on the jeep safari on 12/07.08 and it really was one of the best day trips we have ever done anywhere! We were driven by Ian (who was a great driver both on and off road) and the other jeep was driven by Julian who had a jeep load of girls screaming at every insect which managed to get into the jeep!

Saw loads of places on the island including the lookout over the shipwreck beach (great view) and at each place were given lots of info from both the drives.
Would thoroughly recommend this trip even if it is the only one you do while you are away. click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge Thanks for a superb time both!
Make sure you do this trip!!!!!!
Lyndon & Sarah

Sammi D          10/10

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Me (20) & my boyfriend John (24) did the jeep safari on our last day 23rd July 2008. We booked through Thomas Cook, which is quite expensive (52 euros each) but it was worth it. Our driver was Alan and he was so funny, really made the day enjoyable. We learnt so much about the island, we stopped at several different spots including the shipwreck platform. The views are just amazing. The actual jeep ride is hilairious, we were right at the back so we got the brunt of it on the back roads  but was just so funny. You stop for drinks and lunch. They ask you to fill out a questionnaire at the end just so they know what you thought. I would highly recommend this day trip to anyone and everyone unless you get travel sick .

Sammi & John - Northamptonshire

Kirsty W          10/10

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had a great time julian was great and new a lot about zante saw a lot of culture was a bit scary at times though a great trip i would defo do it again well worth the money julian was excellent could answer all the questions about zante we asked him booked with pelagros tours in argassi great service arrived just on time keri is nice the first stop the cafe orange juice is great i would defo do it again

thanks for the soaking julian but it did cool me down lol
thankyou kirsty carly jackie ivan
an enjoyable trip xx

Vicki B          10/10

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Hi Me Julie (teehee) and Ian. Had a fantastic time again (twice!!) . Heather and I hope u'll be there next year, as we've just booked to come again. Enjoy the rest of the season, and keep up the good times.

Vicki, Heather and Ann
P.S. Thanks for the soaking!!!!!

Julian M          10/10

Hello all who have done or wish to do jeep safari . i am very sorry but my email system has gone to pot so if you wish to find out how to book or just to email me  my new email is . once again i am sorry for all those who have tried to contact me .. i hope all visitors to zante have a great holiday and hope to see my usuall customers soon . if you do wish to book safari you can contact me on my email of you can phone my office direct on 00302695025900 and ask for myself or tassos

   many thanks julian

Lottii L          10/10

Hii Hii

mee and my family are coming to zakynthos on wednesday-WOOO, and we reeeeely wanna go back on the jeep safari so how do wee book??

love from
lottii (girl,12)
and my family
have fun!!!
oo and big shout out to julian and ian love uu guys-from the lewis family

Laura S          10/10

Did Jeep Safairi for the second time on 13th June 08 with Iain, Was Excellent again - went to a few different places than last time. After i got over my initial jeep sickness before we even got to keri - it was plain jeeping from there - off roading was great!!

Most definalty advisable to everybody - must do excursion to see the islands best bits!!!!!



Yvonne E          10/10

went on trip with ian 18/0608  had a very good time  .the team were very inforative and good fun.

Dani N

Hi Michelle

You can generally book this trip throught TEZ... there is one next to foody's mini market, you may even see Julian in the 1 For the road bar which is next door.
Hope this helps

Carl N          10/10

Me and my girlfriend saved the Jeep safari right till the very end of the holiday and were so glad we did! The day is great fun from start to finish and i was surprised by the level of knowledge and information about the island the drivers had. Such a fantastic way to see the island and a lot more fun filled than any boat excursion available for you to go on. Would recommend it to anyone, its been the best trip we have ever been on, its that good! Ten out of ten! If you go through Tez (the official Zante tourist company) then you can save yourself some money as Thompson would have charged us 16 euros per person more, and it probably wouldn't have been as good, at least its hard to see the trip getting any better.

Vicky W          10/10

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Had an amazing time on our jeep safari, best day of the holiday. Saw so much of the island that we would of otherwise never been able to see, and Julian, our drivers knowledge was great. Very entertaining and bumpy day! Would highly recommend!

Dani N          10/10

Didn't do the jeep safari this time around, but what a star is Julian !!!! If your looking for a funny witty guide to the island and a guy who knows where all the best spots are you should really book this trip.

Have already booked my next trip to Zante for October 2008 and its the first trip I'll book when I get there.
Top Guy
See you soon Julian

Morag L

thanx for the thrill of a life time.

julian you knowledge is fab. IAN THANX FOR A GREAT DAY OUT

Dave W          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge    Just arrived home went out with Julian on weds 4th June best day of the holiday would recomend to anyone. Don't bother with the rep's trips this is a lot cheaper also you spend alot of the time  "OFF ROAD "which alot of the tour operators don't do, you are lucky if you spend 1 hour off main roads.

Thanks for a great day Julian hope you have dryed out best wishes Dave & Rosie

Ruth K          10/10

Hi julian. Went on jeep safari back on may 17th i think. It was great enjoyed it so much and if we come back to Zante next year will go on it again. Got some great pictures and the views were amazing. Would recommend it to anyone.

Michelle, carl, rhys & ka W          10/10

 hi all, will be back to zante soon 17th july 08 staying at exotica hotel.

can anyone tell me where and who they booked the jeep safari with? been to zante for several years continuous and not done jeep safari trip? can you help?

Andrea H          10/10

Hi Julian, Andrea and Mick from Newcastle here. Back in the UK now, it is raining, depressing or what!

Just wanted to say thanks for a great day out in the jeep.  Zante is a beautiful island and your island guide information and knowledge was superb and we thoroughly enjoyed all the sights you showed us.  We don't often say 10/10 for trips, but we did for this one.  Your whit and humour made the day too!  As for your driving, it was what I call "exhilarating" ha ha ha!!  Thanks for the bottle of wine too. Keep up the good work.  I would recommend any visitors to do the jeep safari as it excellent. x  

David & Dawn

click to enlargeclick to enlarge Hi Julian, Thanks for the Landrover experience, now i know how i need to be driving mine back here in the uk. We were the family from Plessas Palace who had the polish couple with us " SEVERE TRAVEL SICKNESS + JULIANS DRIVING = A VERY ILL POLISH COUPLE"  We had a fantastic day all the same, we even hired a Suzuki Hairdryer for the rest of our holiday and we returned to the beach you took us to, a great place for snorkelling. Hey we also went to Laganas, found the volley ball net, swam out (walked really it was that shallow) and there were no turtles to be seen, you must have scared them all off.Tell you what that Suzuki heap couldnt even go round a corner without trying to slide off the road, didnt dare take it off road though!!!  Any way keep up the good work, and less of that sunday driving!  PS ITS A LANDY NOT A JEEP! and my daughter will get you back some day for wetting her.

Ganene M          10/10

I would like to say wot amazing guys...............myself and family , which includes my young son and mother in law. We arrived in zakynthios may 5 2008 and booked the jeep safari for the think it was the tenth, and we were picked up from the zante atlantis.I will never 4 get such a day as long as i live..........................It was the most exhilerating,  blood pumping,brain shakin,exciting fantastic 7 plus hrs ive ever spent in my life....the guys  r fantasic and funny and very informative in a funny not borin way.   I just watched thevideo with  my family who did not  come with us and and all they did was gasp and laugh .Thank u both again 4 such a day and curing me from being afraid of heights , who needs therapy now............ I will never look at a ten foot drop with such horror again hee hee.THANKS again the mad welsh family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julian M

ello to all visitors of zante just a massive thank you to all that have had to put up with myself and ian for the past few years .i would like to thank every one who has taken the trip and would like to invite others to give it a go . we are the only uk managed and fully uk insured jeep safari on the island of zante which intern offers you a guarantee of full public liabilty insurance and fully maintained vehicles to a british standard. if you have any questions or would like to book in advance you can contact me  at .  I would like to wish all visitors to Zakynthos a happy holiday and that you all enjoy your stay .

   julian olivier myall

Stuart R

click to enlarge Hi, can anyone give me Julian's email adddress?? We are going to Kefalonia (Lassi)July 13th, but our daughter & friends are back in Tsilivi, so we would like to visit them for the day, any ideas??

many thanks
stuart & jen
Email address (might help!)

Shane L          10/10

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I went on this safari last october 7th 2007 and it was amazing. I recommend you go with Julian and no one else as with his mental rally driving knowledge you'll have the time of yr life!!  You may throw up as i was close and you'll definately hit your head on the roof more then once, its so exhilerating!!  Cheers julian, have a gooden.

Shane, Matt, Lisa and Shirls
PS im sure lisa and shirls say hi.. the girl you dragged in the sea by my beach towel

Louise B

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hey guys! i know it was a few months ago that we were there, but just thought i would leave you a message to say a big thank you! had such an amazing time, i loved everything about the trip! we came in august (17th) and it was such a hot day! louis you are a legend! we were in your jeep and it was such a laugh! the soundtrack of the trip was awesome, everything went with the stage of the journey we were on! i'm missing zante lots and if we come back again i hope you will still be running the trips because i would love to experience it again! thank you so much for a genuinely fun day! you guys rock!!! thank you! lots of love louise x  p.s. happy christmas!

Alan D          10/10

Hi Guys Jock here...

Does anyone have ike's email address he gave me it before i left.. unfortunately on the journey home i lost it...
also louis n julians email would be appreciated..
jeep safari is the best excursion on the island.. bit more expensive than the other but well worth it.. i lived on the islan for years....

Carl +          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge Hi Julian,

Well would you believe it we did our own tour of the island (all be it in a suzuki swift lol) and bumped into you at shipwreck, it was nice to see you again especially as you remembered us.
Gotta say anybody who is thinking of doing this safari it is a MUST just a shame we couldn't do it this year.
Anyway as requested here is our email address to keep in touch
All our love to you and your family
Carl, Mandy and Leila

Steve C          10/10

Have been to Zante many times, and tried most of teh trips, but having been on the Jeep Safari with Julian, absolutely no doubt at all that this is a "don't miss" trip above anything else we have done there.  A real fun day out, you get to see the most fantastic views ofthe island, that make the "Smugglers Cove shot one of the less interesting!

What more can I say,  A trylu great day out and exceptional value for money.  And special thanks to Julian for helping me to find "Donkey beach", not on the agenda, but a hugely appreciated.diversion.
Steve and Marion Crussell (Trip on 11th October)

Vicki B          10/10

click to enlarge Hi Julian, Really had a fantastic day on Safari with you. The girls and I just wanted to say thanx, and what was it we weren't supposed to tell ur Dad? ............... oh yeah, I remember, Ur brill!!! LOL Thanx again, and maybe see you next season.

Vicki, Sharon and Dawn xx Or "The Gobby Gits in the Back of the Jeep"

Derby G          10/10

hi jullian & jimmy what a fantastic day we had made our holiday  shame we are not coming back next year or we would be with u. talking ur head off  mam said thanks for a sore bum and its a good job you didnt see suzy boob pop out or did you. margret is still is white as a ghost and tracey says her hair still looks good. thanks for the radio request missin ur madness loads hope you both have a great life.   lots of love and happieness and all that s**t tracey suzy mam casper booo xxxx

Maria R          10/10

click to enlarge

Hi Julian,

Just a quick note to thank you for a brilliant day out on Safari. We enjoyed everything from the water fights, desperately needing the toilet, to the bumpy drive . We came away with so many fantastic memories and cannot wait to come back next year.
With Lots of Love,
Maria, Justine and Steven(Cheeky Boy).

Linda C

click to enlarge

Hi Ike, Louis and Dave, we had a fantastic day out on the Jeep Safari, best trip we went on it really made our holiday.  Ike kept us entertained throughtout the day, loved the accent!  The swim and dive into the cave at sulphur beach was amazing.   Hope to do it again next time we visit. Love Linda and Rachel.

Laurence B          10/10

click to enlarge

Hi Ian and everyone from Insight Safari in Tsivili who made our trip to Zante extra special  It was a really wonderful day (12th sept), the best part has got to be the off road bit. We saw parts of the island that we never would have normally and it was so much fun being throwen from side to side and climbing very step hills  

Ian was a fountain of really good local history and knowledge and helped make what we were seeing come to life as well as understanding the Zante people's way of life. He added somethiing really special to our trip by having a real pasion for what he was doing.
The jeep used was very comfortable, all the stops were really interesting and i would recommend this trip to anyone   

Carrie D          10/10

click to enlarge

Got back from Zakynthos middle of July. On our last day we went on the the jeep safari with Ike. Have to say the best was truly saved til last. Was a fantastic way to see the island and all of its beauty. Ike was also very informative and kept us laughing all day andd it didn't feel like the usual tourist trip, everything was very relaxed and just went where the day took us really, and was great to have a guide who knew so much about the local wildlife and plantlife. The views we saw were breathtaking,and all at a fantastic price!

Well recommended and Zakynthos Tours ltd are the best jeep guides around.
When we come back will definately go on the tour again!
Carrie and Naomi x x

Richard M          10/10

We had a fantastic day out today on the jeep safari with Ian (our driver) and Julian (the driver of the other jeep).

The drive itself was fun...a touch bumpy in places...but what do you expect for a landrover and no roads in parts!  The view points that we stopped at were great...and the colour of the water at the shipwreck has to be seen to be believed.
Julian and Ian are full of information about the island...which really helps.  Sadly, due to the sea being a bit too rough we didn't get to go swimming...still, there's always next time for that.
Look out for Julian practicing his hobby.....people watching!!!
All in all...a great day out at a fantastic price....10/10 from us!

Frank W          10/10

Hi Julian, absolutely fabulous day out with you and Ian on the jeeps. Just wanted to say thank you both. You gave us the best day out of our holiday. I still don't know how you managed a hand brake turn in a Land Rover, but, it was well worth it. See you in a couple of years. Frank & Karen

Michelle D          10/10

Hi Julian (dont call me Julie!),

this is the crazy gang from Cork. Thanks for a fantastic day out in your LAND ROVER!!! Remember, my gang would not accept the word Jeep. Regardless, we had a wonderful day out, with you as our driver and guide. We learned more about Zakynthos from you than from any and all other sources, including the tourist office!!!  It is so obvious you love the place and it is infectious. I'm sure you remember how hard it was to get a reaction from some of our group! Well, since returning, they have not shut up about their experience, so, well done you
P.S. When we come back I will soak Ian, cheeky scamp!
Also, you gave me a taste for more adventure, I went to the reptile house next day and hugged the snakes!
 From Cork, Ireland.

Hannah L          10/10

click to enlarge

hi louis ike nd dave we had a great day on the safari nd louis you are a great driver apart from when u tried to scare me about bugs, thankyou for a great day out xxx

David H          10/10

click to enlarge

Hi Louis and the rest of the team,

Thanks for a very memorable day on safari! We are back home now and our day with you in the jeep is one of many highlights of great holiday.
Louis was a great guide, full of info and humour and this really added to our enjoyment of the day.
Looking forward to sitting down and watching the dvd of our safari  later today, Thanks again.
The Hunt to enlarge

Sarah P          10/10

I would like on the behalf of myself and the Shuttleworths to say what a fantastic day we had with you guys.  Probably the best day of the holiday.  We really appreciated the fact that you took us to the bits you peronally thought were the best and were very enthusiastic about it.  We loved the views of Smuggler's Cove and from where we had lunch.  I liked the opportunity to see the rugged part of the islands, and the chance to see the hoopoe!  Will definately reccommend you.

Sarah and the Shuttleworths xx

Dave B

...... Hi guys, Just got back home today and wanted to send a short note to let you know how much we all enjoyed our day with you. Claire, Daryl, Aaron, Paul and I had such a great day with our wonderful driver Ike but we have to say that you three were just so much fun to be around and were truley great hosts. We all agreed that our time with you guys was the best time we had while on the island and above all else we would recommend anyone to take up the chance to see the island safari style with you. We could not praise you enough. Top marks for such an unforgetable experience. We all feel that we made friends with some lovely people and as a father of three boys that are usually hard to satisfy I thank you all for giving the lads an experience they were so impressed with.Our heart felt best wishes to you guys. We hope you are there for many years to come. 

Karen O          10/10

 What a fab day on the jeep safari. Ike had loads of information about this beautiful island.

   He kept our kids Ben and Emily happy with his jokes..Lunch on the cliff top was lovely, wine tasting
    was LOVELY. Followed A dip in the freezing sea. GREAT DAY was had by us welshy.
    IT'S A MUST DAY OUT . Louis and Glen were great fun to.

Stephanie H          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge

The best day of our holiday - full of surprises and beautiful scenary and led by people who share an amazing knowledge of the island, it was so interesting (they should be teachers!!).

The 3 witches

Sarah G          10/10

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Got home yesterday from Zante  and promised Julian we would comment on the website.

We went on Jeep Safari  and it was an amazing day - the best trip we have ever been on! We had Julian as our driver - who was great - very knowledgeable about the island, a wicked sense of humour - he made sure that the trip would be unforgettable! We saw some beautiful parts of the island  and it was amazing how quickly we could get to different places using the dirt tracks.
Julian was a superb driver and the off road driving was amazing
Favourite parts of the day - definately the off road driving and swimming/diving at Porto Roxa 
Julian - thank you for a brilliant and unforgettable day! You'll be glad to know that my knuckles have regained their normal colour and no longer look like they are still gripping onto the handle on the roof!!
If you are visiting Zante this year please make sure you go on this trip - definately the best Jeep Safari on Zante if not the whole of Greece!
Sarah and Terry (Bristol aka Brizzle!!)

Iain M          10/10

Had a fantastic day with Ike last week.  We always try to do a safari when on holiday and this was one of the best.

They need to keep doing these and not let the bus drivers take over.  You can't get a bus to God's Window - but you need to go there and see the view.

Janice H          10/10

Hi Ike and Louis, had a fanastic time on your jeep safari(glad we got the mad ones) and will definitely be back next year for a repeat performance. What a view from gods window! We also loved the sulphur beach bit chilly but worth the wait to touch that big dick, LOL! Shame it wasn't wearing a profolactico!Hope you're still running it next year. Donna says hi to Louis and kiss kiss! Hope you don't mind louis gave her your number, just getting even for the close up you did on me in the DVD, cheers mate!! Ike hope Maria's coping without you tell her hi from us all. See you next year and thankyou. 

Sarah G          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge pictures from the swim stop and the visit to the oldest olive tree, what a fab day. does anyone have julian's (driver) email julian if ur reading this give me ur email so i can send u those video's thanks sarah

Clare L          10/10

I would like 2 thank Ike for a brilliant day last Friday!!

It was the best trip us 'Welshys' had been on & enjoyed it very much!!
I hope you are still running the trips next summer because we'll be back out to see the beautiful island again!!
Thanks again Ike you made it special! If our photos turn out ok we'll email them over to you!!
Thanks Again
Clare, Lee, Leon & Sally

Pauline M          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeIf you only do one trip on Zante this is the one.  It's part history trip, part nature trip, part geography trip all mixed in with traditional Greek food, swimming and excitement.

I just want to say Hi to all the guys, thanks for a great day out. 

Samantha B          10/10

HEY HEY ike and all the gang hope you are all well   Anyway this is samantha the older daughter of james the mecanic lol

Iam just writing to let you all know how much you all made my holiday, i am very much appreciative for the stop at the family restraunt and wine tasting and the bit of a swim
THANK YOU ALL so much keep up the good work  xxx
ps if our photos turn out right i will come bac and add them ok

Sarah G          10/10

click to enlarge what a fab day we had it is a great and fun way to see the island our driver julian was fab he made our day for us our son and his mate loved it they said it was the best day of their holiday, the pic was taken when we arrived back @ our hotel i'm taking the photo, all i can say is brill brill brill, and not the word i was using when driving up to the wreck!!!!

Sue J          10/10

 hi Ike & Louis had a great fun day out lovely sights to see best trip to go on well worth the money ( Ike hows priscilla you look after her) got the dvd in the end thanks its great to see everything what we done & seen (LOUIS THANKS FOR ZOOMING IN ON MICK (DUNDEE) IT WAS HILARIOUS TO WATCH WHEN WE GOT HOME) well thanks both once again hope you enjoy cyprus carry on the good work hope to see you again SUE , MICK (DUNDEE) & KURT from BIRMINGHAM (ENGLAND) WENT ON TRIP 5/8/2007 get  when you can  "

Sally J

I have been on Zante Insight myself and had a fantastic time. Julian Ian and Andreas are fantastic people to enjoy the day with. They are so helpful and polite and generally make sure you have the time of your life.  All three are funny and entertaining.

Thanks to all three drivers, To Ian for his jokes, to Andreas for being so kind and to Julian for his sense of humour which was hilarious. Well done boys

Emma R          10/10

The jeep safari was brillaint, it is an excelent was to see the whole island, our driver Ian was more than brillaint he was friendly, kind and very informative, in my opinion he made the trip. we got to see many of the famous sight, like the top of the shipwreck, and we saw Turtle Island from Zante island. we stopped for something to drink in the morning and something to eat later on. we got to have a swin at about midday. The driver of the other Jeep ( Julian ) which we went round with was inslauting and very sarcastic and seemed to want to affened everyone which i thought was very unaceptable, but apart from that i thought the whole day was brillaint.

Ellen H          10/10

Hi Ike and Loui. Date of trip: Thursday 2nd of August.

We are so coming back, it was amzing, i loved it, and the scenery was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I have never seen these parts of Greece!!, next time we come (which we will!!) I'm going to jump in the sea, but i went down and put my feet in!!!and it was cold!!!. When we got the DVD it was nothing to the real thing at all, but it was so funny !!!, and just one more thing, me and my friend Sacha hoped we got sexy drivers and WE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DID !! .
Hope to see both of you again soon!!!
Lots of love  Ann, Ellenxx and Sacha ( the ones from brightion)
Mum said she felt ill a bit, and Sacha said the wind was blowing her hair, but  I(Ellen) was fine because i was nexted to Ikexx

Andrew G          10/10

 hey Louie and Ike!

Thanks for a wonderful and exciting day! What a great way to see the scenery and explore the island of Zante! We have watched the DVD, it is absolutely halarious!! It is a good way to remember all the great moments! Thanks for coming back to Argassi to pick us up as we truly enjoyed the day!

from Andrew, Linda and Andrea ( The ones from Lockerbie!)

Julie V          10/10

. We have just come back from our first trip to Zante and really enjoyed the jeep safari. It's a great way to see the island and our driver Ken gave us lots of information about the island. This trip gives you a feel for the real Zante and I would highly recommend it. This trip was offered by our tour company but we booked it ourselves in Laganas Town. I would suggest this is a good way to do this as this was much cheaper.

Gordon S          10/10

Have just returned from the holiday of a lifetime in Zante and the highlight was the jeep safari.   I have been on several others but this was just the best.  Our three drivers in land rovers were absolutely fantastic and we saw parts of the island that can only be reached that way.   The off road driving of these three can only be described as fantastic but their consideration for our children was also wonderful.   At times I wondered how they saw the road ahead but we had a great time only spoiled by driving through the fire ravaged mountains- and our  driver being from the island was quite moving as he talked about his beloved island .   I have reccommended this trip to numerous others and on nbehalf of all our group, 7 in all, thank you for such a wonderful day out and more strength to you all.   We will be back with you soon and will be looking forward to another day of thrills.

Liz,Gordon,Helen, George, Vicky and our girls Catherine-ann and Emily

Charlotte B          10/10

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jeep safari was great if u only do 1 trip on your hoilday do this one its a great day out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stuart R          10/10

click to enlarge Third time back to Tsilivi, second trip on jeep safari, still the best trip on the island, fantastic day with Julian and Ian. If you get the chance you must take it, fantastic fun mixed with really interesting facts about the island. Great to see you again Julian, just as mad as ever even with out the studs in your arm. Ian was a real bonus, great driver, off road was out of this world. hopefully see you again in the not too distant future.

  Stuart ,Jenny & Emily 

Kirsty M          10/10

This was the only trip that we did during our holiday and we are glad that we chose this one. Its a long day but was worth it. The guys who drive the jeeps are a great laugh and give you all the information that you want to know and are willing to answer any questions that you want to ask.
Its a better way of seeing the whole island as your not stuck on a stuffy coach all day and the off road part is a laugh.
We booked our trip through a company in town and was 60 euro's for two.
I would recommend this trip to others as its a great way to get out of the sun for a day, see the island in one go and just generally have a good time.
Thanks to the guys who also joined us.
See ya soon

Ethan B          10/10

Hey Ike,

Its Ethan. Thank you (and your dearest Priscilla) for an absolutley fantastic trip during our stay in Tsivili. The day we spent with you was truly amazing, and the sights you went out of your way to show us were stunning...anymore people managed to get the stone into the venetian wells (after me )???
Thankyou so much for making our holiday.
Best Wishes

Adam J          10/10

This was an amazing trip well worth the money, which wasn't to much.  We went with Zante insight with Julian and Ian and they made the trip.  The places we went were amazing and you would not be able to get to most of the places by coach.  The off road driving that they did was mental and it was really exciting.  I would definalty go with Julian.  One the best trips ever!!!

Katie L          10/10

Hey Louie and Ike!

Just wanted to say that the Jeep Safari was one of the best bits of my holiday. A deffinate 10/10. Just warn you Im coming back next year, so get ready! Can't wait.
Loveya Katie (College girl)

Tracy D          10/10

Thanks for replying Dave!

My email is
I hope you both enjoyed your holiday. Am hoping to go back in September, will maybe try Kalamaki this time.
Say hi to Julie and thanks for the photo!


Katy N          10/10

Louis drove me and my 3 kids (Holly, Calum and Medb) round on thurs 12th july. My only regret was that I had to fly back on sat morning without having gone on the sunset trip. Flew into Dublin at 5.15, by 6 I was wrestling with a frozen handbrake thinking I could be driven round by the handsome, witty Louis. Stuck in traffic for 3 hours close to tears imagining eating mango sorbet in Zante! Why didn't I just do a runner on the tarmac and stay for another while! Thinking of coming back on my own in september, maybe towards the end, will you still be doing tours then or is it the end of the season? We all agreed that was the best trip of any of the holidays we've been on. Thanks for the best day, you're a STAR!! Love Katy, Holly, Calum and Medb Oh crap, just spent ages trying to add on piccys, really great close up of you Lou you'd love, specially the tongue!!! will try again later

Paul C          10/10


Hi Julian & Ian from Insight Safari
Many thanks for a fanatastic trip. You took us out on the 29th June 2007, and it was a day we will never forget. Your knowledge, humour and driving was second to none. It truely was an amazing trip, and I would (and have) recommended it to anyone. You might remember me as the big bloke from Stoke-on-Trent who was scared of bugs.(Still haven't found your comments Julian). Again thanks to both of you and we will be back to see if you can exceed yourselves yet again. You are the bomb!!!!!! 
Keep well.
PS Didn't want to come home
Paul & Angie x
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Dave F          10/10

Hi Ike & Louie
Thanks for such a fantastic time on both of the jeep safari's.
Julie and myself had a fantastic time as you know!!
What can I say to recommend this to others visiting Zante.
Well for starters, this is is the only Jeep safari that I would recommend to try and the only Jeeps that are orange (Toyota Land Cruisers) on the island to be trusted with your life lol
Also this is not the trip for boring Germans with no sense of humour. This is a Jeep Safari trip for those who enjoy life, love fantastic countryside and coasts and dont mind a little trek or swim in some of the most beautiful areas of Zante.
The experiance travelling to almost every corner, bump, hole, hill, and village nook and cranny of the island with Ike & Louie has to be experianced to be believed!!!
Ike & Louie - each drive the 2 orange Jeeps (normally driving in tandom together) on the safari and both offer a different atmosphere in the jeeps for the nutters (sorry passengers) loving both the bumps, views and information provided. They are a great team - a bit like Laurel & Hardy (I let you guys decide which is which lol).
I will not spoil the fun but Ike is the quiet one  & Louie is the very shy one
For me Ike has the better music but oooh those jokes lol & Louie well his taste in music has to be heard, as I did hear from our copy of the DVD of our trip which has to be had to remember the experiance back home (as if you could forget it).
All I can say to finish off with (apart from the photos I will add later) is keep up the good work guys and remember although you would never say it - you are the A-TEAM of the Jeep Safari's!!!!!
Look forward to coming back next year and having a drink with you guys  
P.S. Louie I have not forgotten and I aqm still hunting out a wiring diagram for the fuel gauge, if I locate it, I will text Ike for an email address to send it on to you.
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It's a bit dark guys, shouldn't we be getting back!!!
click to enlarge
Can't a girl get any privacy!!!!
click to enlarge
Come on Louie - you must be get slow in your old age!!

Paula P          10/10

Hi Ike and Louie

Back in Ireland after a wonderful two weeks in Zante. All voted the jeep safari was the best day of the holiday!! Looking for Kierans picture, Ike we were the swiss family robinson as you christened us!! Would highly recommend it and Adrian gutted he didn't run that gauntlet......
Paula, Benny, Mark, Adrian, Rachel, Enda, Amy, Kieran and Zerica

Bernie B          10/10

 just home from zante   we went on jeep with ike fab trip he went over and above the call of duty with the info he gave us  Mick and Bernie will recommend this trip to everyone make sure you get IKE or LOUIE

Chris T          10/10

went on jeep safari wif julian, hes great driver, had alot of laughs and learnt alot about the island aswell. by far the best day of the holiday, money well spent, julian best driver ive ever had on jeep safari, allthought he can-not dive for a toffee. 

if we ever come back to zante then gona definatly do it again. if you havent been on jeep safari with him yet then u have got to.
     kevin, fatboy  and mother as julian likes to call us, or chris glyn and sharon.
julian if u read this, all the best mate. =]

Steve A          10/10

   Hi, my wife and I did the jeep safari with Zante Insight Jeep Safari on Friday 29th July this year.  It was one of the best days out we have ever had on holiday.  Our driver was Ian, and the other jeep driver was Julian, and betwen them they made sure everyone enjoyed a fantastic day.  They both had an abundance of knowledge about the island and that added to their great sense of humour really made the day for us.  We have done quite a few trips out on various holidays, including a Monster Truck Safari in the Dominican Republic which we thought could not be surpassed.  Well Julian and Ian take a bow, because your safari tops the lot.  Will definately do again when we return to Argassi in the future.  If you are reading this Julian and Ian, we were the two (pensioners,,,,,) from Liverpool who fully enjoyed the banter all day long as well as the unbelievable driving.  See you soon.

Bev and Steve