Dias - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Dave F          7/10

visited Dias on 6th July. Food was good and restaurant was very busy. Atmosphere was lacking and felt that it could have been better - as shame about being close to main Kalamaki main road and bars which resulted in a lot of road traffic going past - which for me spoilt the atmosphere.


Michaelos - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Dave F          10/10

 Ate at Mikaelos on Wednesday 4th July - had a 25 minute walk from our hotel but really worth it.

Atmosphere was lovely, restaurant on a quiet road, waiters were very attentive but also left you to enjoy the food and surroundings.
The Lamb Kleftico was delicious and should be tried.
Looked like the restaurant was run by the family as all ages of waiters were helping out with the youngest being around 12.
Really enjoyed the food and would recommend to everyone to go and eat here

Kalamaki Beach Taverna - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Dave F          8/10

Stayed at Kalamaki between 3rd to 10th July and went down to the beach on 3 of these days to sunbathe, swim and relax.

The Kalamaki Beach Taverna was a very welcome sight for lunch and drinks.
Was not expecting much as thought this was going to be a basic type snack bar, but wow was I really surprised!!!
The selection of foods on the menu and the quality served up was on par with all the tavernas at Kalamaki, with good service from the waiters.
Would recommend this Taverna to anyone, especially anyone wishing to cool off from the sun on the beach.
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View of Taverna from beach

Paolo - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Dave F          8/10

Ate at Paolo on first evening of arriving at Kalamaki.

Was tired from arriving around 9.00 pm and after unpacking in hotel, decided to get my bearings and walk up to the main Kalamaki road frrom the hotel. The Paolo was the first hotel on the main road on the left (well before the main strip) and was a very welcome sight as hungry as well as tired!!
Fancied a selection (Meze) of starters (which was not on the menu) and when asked - the waiter was very helpful and said no problem.
Not long after a delicious looking platter of food was presented which not only looked good but tasted wonderful and really hit the spot.
Would recommend this restaurant to anyone to try.
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View at night from across the road

Stani - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Dave F          10/10

 Pedro the owner of Stani's is wonderful, he makes you feel at home as soon as you arrive, and his staff of waiters are almost as good being very friendly and attentive at all times.

Both Julie and myself ate in Stani's twice during our stay, the first time on Thursday 5th July in evening and ate a wonderful dinner, and at this time noticed a greek night at the restaurent on every Sunday of the week.
This (the greek night) has to be seen to be belived, wonderful atmosphere, lots of greek dancing (wherre the 4 greek dancers insist you get up and have a great time) and the plate smashing, well you have to go and see it, I will not spoil the suprise.
Thank you Pedro for a fantastic time, and I am sure Richard and the rest of the family will see you next year.
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Inside on Greek night

Zepos Taverna - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Dave F          10/10

Ate at Zeppos on our last main day at Kalamaki (Monday 9th July) and the atmosphere and food was fantastic.

would recommend this restaurant to anyone to try and enjoy

Jeep Safari - (Zante Excursions)

Dave F          10/10

Hi Ike & Louie
Thanks for such a fantastic time on both of the jeep safari's.
Julie and myself had a fantastic time as you know!!
What can I say to recommend this to others visiting Zante.
Well for starters, this is is the only Jeep safari that I would recommend to try and the only Jeeps that are orange (Toyota Land Cruisers) on the island to be trusted with your life lol
Also this is not the trip for boring Germans with no sense of humour. This is a Jeep Safari trip for those who enjoy life, love fantastic countryside and coasts and dont mind a little trek or swim in some of the most beautiful areas of Zante.
The experiance travelling to almost every corner, bump, hole, hill, and village nook and cranny of the island with Ike & Louie has to be experianced to be believed!!!
Ike & Louie - each drive the 2 orange Jeeps (normally driving in tandom together) on the safari and both offer a different atmosphere in the jeeps for the nutters (sorry passengers) loving both the bumps, views and information provided. They are a great team - a bit like Laurel & Hardy (I let you guys decide which is which lol).
I will not spoil the fun but Ike is the quiet one  & Louie is the very shy one
For me Ike has the better music but oooh those jokes lol & Louie well his taste in music has to be heard, as I did hear from our copy of the DVD of our trip which has to be had to remember the experiance back home (as if you could forget it).
All I can say to finish off with (apart from the photos I will add later) is keep up the good work guys and remember although you would never say it - you are the A-TEAM of the Jeep Safari's!!!!!
Look forward to coming back next year and having a drink with you guys  
P.S. Louie I have not forgotten and I aqm still hunting out a wiring diagram for the fuel gauge, if I locate it, I will text Ike for an email address to send it on to you.
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It's a bit dark guys, shouldn't we be getting back!!!
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Can't a girl get any privacy!!!!
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Come on Louie - you must be get slow in your old age!!

Louros Beach Hotel - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

Dave F          10/10

Stayed at this hotel between the 03rd July through to the 10th July 2007.

I spent a lot of time researching hotels in Kalamaki and felt that this hotel would suit our needs perfectly.
We wanted a hotel that was close to the beach, in a quiet area away from the bars but close enough to walk to when wanted and also have a lovely pool area and clean and well kept accommadation.
Well I can say that the Louros beach not only lived up to these requirements but excelled them in nearly all areas.
The moment we stepped out of the taxi the hotel looked fantastic, the pool was gleaming away with the bridge across the pool, the bar was lively but not too noisey, and the welcome from Katrina was excellant as she showed us to our room. what a great start!!
During the following week, we were in heaven, our room was basic but very clean and functional. I would recommned paying the extra for the AC - needed at night and only 35 euros for the week. If security minded like us well worth paying for the safe in the room as well.
Our towels and bedding were made up and I think changed almost every day, which was great.
The beach is only a short 3 minute walk from the hotel and the main Kalamaki strip on around 10 to 15 minutes away.
At the end of our holiday we was pleasently surprised to find that as we were not leaving till 7.00 pm (and we had to check out of our room at 10.00 am), the hotel has a secret area to securely store our luggage, whilst we continued to enjoy our last day on Zante. Then when we returned this secret area also had showers and toilets, so that we could freshen up for our journey home to UK.
I would recommend this hotel to anyone who wants a quiet, relaxing holiday away from the clubs and bars but not too far to enjoy these sights when wanted.
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  Entrance  Gardens Pool

Kalamaki Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Dave F          9/10

This beach was only 3 minutes from the hotel and had 3 glorious, relaxing days on the beach.

Need to go early in the morning around 9.00 to get the best sunbeds by the front (as rear sunbeds - require you walk across the burning sands from the sea).
The beds only cost 7 eurs for the day for 2 sunbeds, Parosole and small table - well worth the money.
The sea was fantastic - soon warming up during the day and never got that deep till a long way out - so safe for kids.
Note that when the tide is going out (well never actually looks as if it is coming in or out) be aware that inflatible lilos etc can quickly drift out to sea (saw one quicky disappear as kids jumped off) one day and adults unable to retrieve it.
So do not go asleep as you will be treading water with the cruise boats lol
It was also a nice distraction to have sellers walking by touting there wares - would recommend the fresh fruit woman - she almost sings her sales pitch "fresh fruit salad - fresh fruit salad - only 3 euros" - we had some and very nice and refreshing on a hot day.
When you need more refreshment - just behind you is the Kalamaki Beach Taverna which can cater for all your needs (see my other comments on this Taverna).
The planes do fly low over the sea into Kalamaki but for me it was an interesting sight to see and did not distract me at all from the beach or Kalamaki.
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    Watch out!!  low flying plane
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    Looking towards Laganos
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Looking towards Crystal Beach

July - (Best Time to Visit)

Dave F          9/10

July 03rd to 10th

Zante still fairly quiet and therefore to me more enjoyable - hate to go to areas that are crammed with tourists - every taverna heaving - drunken people on every corner and all excursions full to the rafters - would totally spoil my holiday.
I find that this week or early July was the best - at the end of the week was already noticing more people on the island and would hate to see it heaving in August - it may be great for the holiday business's but would be horrible in all the excessive heat for the tourists.

Jeep Safari - (Zante Excursions)

Dave F          10/10

Hi Tracy

Yes I have the photos that Julie took of all the group just after getting out of the lagoon. If you supply me with an email address, i will forward this picture on for you.
Regards Dave