Down Under

Bars in Kalamaki

Courtney P  (10 June 2009)        10/10

 Hi Debbie
yes thank you for your comment
and i hope i didnt come over to strongly and harsh but there was no need for him to talk like that was there!
yes i know they make you feel so welcome but like i said nick is my godfather they are all my family!
well i dont know when we will be coming back hopefully in the next couple of years
well take care   nice talking to you and glad that all peaople arent negative and only go by what people say!
x x x x

Debbie W  (08 June 2009)        10/10

Hi courtney
Myself and husband came here for the first time 4 years ago and we came back for 3 years running and we love the place and the people nick is fantastic and the bar is fantastic to.ive have never been anywhere abroad where you are made so welcome nick george kim andonis everyone is brilliant. i know second year we came george had gone back to oz but he was here the next year we came but kim wasnt.  we didnt come over last year but will be back next year for definite.
This is the best bar in kalamaki xx

Courtney P  (03 June 2009)        10/10


im glad the bar is open
peter you dont know anything there are bars like these wherever you go on holiday
and do you know for a fact that they have been arrested for drug smuggling but your not right because they havent
coz if u dont i suggest u dont say things like that until u know if they are right or not
people dont listen to him  he obviously knows NOTHING coz the bar is nothin he makes it out to be   families are welcome and they take care of what they do around the children i should know i have been going here for 13 years for 2 weeks a year and my family goes in the bar everynight and nothing has happened!  the owner of this bar is my godfather  we are all  family!
so please dont slag the bar off if u have never been in here or if u know nothing about it
so families you are welcome to come into the bar!
sorry if i have come over a bit harsh but he obviously knows nothing!

Pete F  (11 February 2009)        10/10


guys from downunders, i was wondering if you needed a dj this summer, i am really reliable and have had 8 years experience.
I play electro house, funky house, deep house, garage, r&b you name it i can and will play it.
I have played in spain and thailand and would love a chance to do it in greece, plus i came to zanti when i was 21 and loved every minuet of it.
Please let me know.
email me on

Courtney P  (08 September 2008)        10/10

hey guys

just a quick comment hope you are all ok
rrrrr the weather here is rubbish miss you all loads especially my godfather(nick)
thnx again for a gr8 holiday
love you all
xsmileclick to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

James C  (05 September 2008)        10/10


Soph N (24 August 2008)

click to enlargeclick to enlarge

hellooo missing down under so much and everyone there. had a fab time and will be there for august 2009!

thanks for a great time!
love soph, lou, rhianne and naomi xxx

Geoff P  (08 August 2008)        10/10

hey guys

bk home already and hating it wish we were bk over in greece with you.
dad said how can he keep in touch bus if we havent got your number can you send it to dad(nick has dads number) and mum said to say can she have adonis number as well as she wants to apologise for not sayin sorry the other night.
thanks for a great holiday hope to see you soon either in greece or oz  xxTonguexx

Janet M  (18 July 2008)        10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge Hi Nick, Adonis, Lambros and everyone else,

Had A fantastic time yet again in the bar, missing you all loads wish I was there now, the weather in Britain is horrible and depressing, also to top it off I'm ill too. Wish I could just jump back on a plane for you guys to cheer me up, but can't get the time off .

Oh well here's to counting down to next year.

Lambros and Adonis keep in touch guys.


Sammie C (17 July 2008)

Hey Nick,Ricky and everyone else in the down under crew.
You guys are amazing. everyone is so friendly and funny.
Ricky you always make everyone laugh espcially as you a scrummer. lol
Well weather not very good over here atm. Hope weather is still hot over there.
Only got a few more days of school for this year. Going to Thorpe Park on tuesday if you know it Ricky.
Anyway will right again soon.
x x x x

James C  (16 July 2008)        9/10

Hey nick and down under crew i really love down under it is so cool i which i could come back right now and come and see u all. hope it is very hot out there.from james clue. p.s i miss u all.

Dave T  (14 July 2008)        10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge 

it just get's better

what a buzz we had in here every time we went which was often lol
nick and his staff are just nutters
thanks forclick to enlarge all the entertainment guy's and girls
kally and tom with the staff
see ya all next year
dave julie kally and tom

Mark B (03 July 2008)

nick and co are mad as f**k ,brill place to go for a laugh,can never remember leaving.    if you ever need to chill out though why not only a couple of doors away an absalutly great bar.

Sam D  (19 June 2008)        10/10

click to enlargeDamn, i'm so excited.

Going to be back in kalimaki on sunday 22nd. This really is as good as it gets as far as bars go.

If god is a greek/australian/pisshead then this is his wateringhole in the northern hemisphere.

Nick, put your drinking head on, cause i'm coming, and hells coming with me.

Ellie T  (09 June 2008)        10/10

Hello everyone, just booked our tickets, we're hitting Down Under on the 21st August, and this parents! Spoke to Andonis today, he reckons our hotel's not too bad so we're both very excited to be heading back over, get those cocktails ready...shakey shakey!!
It's been two whole years but I'm sure nothing has changed, hope everyone is ok, "Uncle Mick" you'll be pleased to know we're still very annoying despite the fact we are now officially adults!
Can't wait to get the party started, Down Under is our first destination as soon as we step off that plane!
aaaah we're so excited!!!
See you in a couple of months guys, got some exams to pass in the meantime!
Much love,
Ellie and Lucy, Brisclick to enlargetol massive.

Can't believe how young we look in this picture.

Geoff P  (15 May 2008)        10/10

yassou,  to all the gr8 guys in down under!

can't wait to see you all we are flying out on the 24th of july
counting the days already can't wait!  so nick,adonis&tasso
get them sambucas ready!
big kiss to nick,adonis&tassowink
love courtney ..xxxx

Dave T  (10 May 2008)        10/10


click to enlarge

Rob H (07 May 2008)

wagwan sis.

hope ya behaving and gettin fuking rat a**ed. cant wait till me and laura come out to see ya guys. hope bus looking after you and behaving haha like fuk he is. laura says hi and all that mallarky miss ya loads
lil bro rob
love ya xx

Claire P (11 April 2008)

Hi Nick and Co!

Hope your all well !
Me and Baz are flying out on the 3rd August!
Can't wait to see everyone !
Anyone reading this - if you want a good night out come here!
Its great!
C and B x

David R  (29 November 2007)        10/10

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Hi Nick & Gang,

Hope you had a great season after we left in August! You said you was thinking of selling up when we were there - we have just seen a comment that you are, is this right??
Speak soon!!
Becky and David (UK)

Katey & Dane (30 October 2007)

Iya u lot Hope ur all ok still missin u all like mad!!!!  lol hope t c u all next yr coz were deffo coming bak!!! we ad such a laf with u lot cant w8 t c u all again!!! love katey & dane xxx click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge



Katie S  (29 October 2007)        10/10

hiyaaa everyone at down under especially nick, lambros, tazo n olivia! u made our holiday the best! sooo surprised ur sellin the club!  dont think any1 will do as good a job as you have done!

hope your all doin well...miss yoo all lots  below r 2 pics from wen we were in zante...
click to enlargeclick to enlarge
byeee love&&miss you all! Met some briliant people in that club!
email me sometime

Sue F  (28 October 2007)        8/10

Run by an Ozzie funnily enough! Great fun, party atmosphere, friendly bar staff. The best cocktails and shots. Fire eater every night.

Hollie H (12 October 2007)

 hey guys!!!!!cant believe the season is nearly over

oh well you guys gets some rest and lets have a banging summer 08!!!!!! woop woop, nick babes lost my phone so email me  love you all mwah hot lips xx

Bernardine M  (08 October 2007)        10/10

Hi Nick,Andonis.Lambros & Ellie.Had another great week with you all.wish it had not been my last visit of the year.Look forward to seeing you all next year.Nick you always make us feel so welcome there.As you know Martine has always called you her big brother.Best of luck for the winter.Love Bernardine & Graham (Martines mum & Dad )

Mark G  (28 September 2007)        10/10

click to enlarge

hello to everyone at down under.. its woz the best club going lol... hope you to standing out side are being good lol.. weres my sesxie catfored babe from south london lol... she nos who it is al i have to say is its mark from eltham lol... love you all xx

Neil R  (27 September 2007)        10/10

click to enlarge

hey ppl, its the scottish b***hes, we r home and missin u guys with ur booze already, sob sob!

had a fukn fab time with uz and cant wait til nxt year, bring it on! oh emma, dont say a word, u dont need2just sit back and think let the b***hing commence hahahaha! and remember, priscilla queen of the desert, watch it! get back2me i'l send u my email and u can pick me up in ur tractor lol  mwah!

Colleen R  (21 September 2007)        10/10

are you mugging me off you 2 bob peice of s**t cardboard cut out muggy lil c**t!!!!!!!!!!!! haha! love you and miss you all xxxx behave emz xxxxx

Samantha R (17 September 2007)

click to enlargeclick to enlarge

Hello to all at Down Under!! We had the best time ever at your place you made our holiday I cant imagin a night without a Sex on the Beach and several shots!! We are missing you already We are not loving the Welsh weather. Hope to see you again next year. Sam and Annie xx

Carol H  (07 September 2007)        10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge hiya to everyone downunder,

well we have been back in the uk for sometime now,just want to say thank you to tasos and lambros for entertaining guys made his holiday.but i am now paying for it as he is wanting to open all my beers  we hope to see you all next year.
carol,vicky,jenny,abby and jake.

Kelly R  (03 September 2007)        10/10

hiya, hope your all ok! only just discovered your bar on the second to last night ! but i thought your bar was class and the staff were lovely especially the gorgeous lambross,im still holding you to that trip to the beach take care  see you next year

love kelly xxxx

Geoff P  (29 August 2007)        10/10

  hi to every1 at down under ive been bk  for 3 days now and im fed up of horrible old england i cant wait to see you in the winter this year nick i got a txt from george 2day and i 4got to give you a kiss from george so here it is xxxx  love to you all speak to u soon and adonis it is fish not fish-es lol

love courtney

Jade S  (28 August 2007)        10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge hi to all at down under the best bar in zante.we had a great time every night with lots of drinks.special hello to Tasos,the maddest bar man in kalamaki.missing you all see you next year hopefully

Becky T (24 August 2007)

Hey Everyy1..

We Had A Wicked Time In Zante.. And Goin To See You All EveryNight Was The Best..
Miss You All Loadsss..
We Love Youu ..
From Stace And Becky

Stacey A  (23 August 2007)        10/10

Heloo Every1 At Downunder..

I Just Got Home Its Gunna Be Weird Not Going There Every Night..
Lmao Laura George Is Da Biggest Playa Going..
How Many Times Did He Call Me His Baby N Do Stuff With Me?
Lmao ..
Elle.. Il Have A ''Whatever'' Lol ..
Miss Youu xo

Matt H  (20 August 2007)        10/10

hi to everyone at down under,

 cant believe im back in the uk everynight we went to down under. i must say that if anyone managers to go to kalamaki downunder is the number one club to visit. lots of ice smashing, partying and every cocktail you can imagine is in this place. last friday we returned to the uk from kalamaki and i feel like i want to go back. so im going again next year in  august 2008. thanxs for some great nights to all the guys including tasoss see yaz all soon  matty xxclick to enlarge

Jo F (20 August 2007)

Hiya, miss going in down under every night, loved it! the coctails and shots were the best!  hopefully come back next year. the music was really good! miss everyone from zante

jo x
p.s. Thanks for the t-shirts
click to enlarge

Reuben C  (11 August 2007)        10/10

what a night it was there ! awsum ! also if any one is stil there plz can they email me the coctail recipie for dingo  blue and , erect nipple , cant remember them ! 

Martine M  (10 August 2007)        10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Finally uploaded some pictures so thought i would put a few on, Miss you all so much xxx Love you baby (s)

Laura S  (09 August 2007)        10/10

click to enlarge

ello boys well guess wot im comin bk out on da 23rd of dis mounth yey wel ive got 2 c my sexy baby george miss you like mad baby even though ive just got of da phone 2 you baby. carnt wait 2 go for a ride in your car 4 days baby and your ave it  well i will c u all soon carnt wait 2 c u george baby xxxx 

Adam C  (09 August 2007)        9/10

Great Bar
I Knew The Woman That Worked Next Door
She Is Goin To Be Missed So Much

Hope To See You In September

Julie M  (07 August 2007)        10/10

This is an excellent bar!!!!

The kids generally get bored sitting in pubs with mum and dad - not this time!!!!
We sat at the bar and my son was shaking coctails like they were going out of fashion!
We came in every night on our holiday and it was brill - back at work now and could just do with a Horney Mother (ooooeeerrr!)

Karen W (05 August 2007)

Hey Nick,

Whats that coming over the hill???????????? Is it your Big Foot, Is it you big Foot!!!!!!! on a serious note thanx for paying for mine and Sarahs Air con. I also wish to add a Great big thanx for giving me liver damage and kidney failure from the copius amounts of alcohol I consumed at your Kick ass bar. I also wish to say a big Hellooooo to Adonnis- Who lives up to the name...The cutie George- Who comes from bulgaria where the ice cream comes up to here!!!! and Pavlovs Dog- Who should have made it a Hatrick.. oh and helloo to Tosser..OOps I meant Tasos, Who is probably still with Lisp Girl.
Nick I know you miss Sarah but holiday romance wouldn't mean the same if you had it every day! and now you can employ more hot bar staff for me to work through and plan how to make next summer more mad, crazy and take us to Strip clubs where the men do the work or Dream girls again so sarah can get her fix of that porn woman...You know which one I mean.
Cheers Nick.
P.S Sarah says hello..but i know shes text ya.

Geoff P  (02 August 2007)        10/10

hi guys how r u? we r over in about 10 days for a 2week holiday not long enough though. the move to australia is looking great, if we fill in the last bit of the forms and pass the medicals then we will be out in adelaide in january. then 2 years from then we can move to sydney and yes nick it will be great if we become neighbours lol spoke to george the other day and im glad to hear that every1 is fine speak to you soon george and seee you in a week and 10 days and get that sambuka and ouzo ready lol  


Claire G  (31 July 2007)        10/10

click to enlarge


Well just back from Zante, and as ever had a fantastic time in the down under bar. Hello to Nick and Donny, who looked after us very well last week (apart from the sambuka!!!!). Thanks again for a great time, i have added a picture as a memory!!
Until next year,
Claire xx

Laura S  (30 July 2007)        10/10

hello boys and olivia well  we r home and missin u all very very very much missing u lodes george my love well i will put some pictures of me ,em,sara,and morisa soon love u all and thanx for a great time im gonna try and get out 2 c u in a couple of weeks so u dnt get rid of me dat ezzy lol love u all u more of course george c u soon xxx

Martine M (25 July 2007)

This is most definately the best bar in Kalamaki!!!  Nick i am so glad you decided to open this season, and i am hoping that maybe you will keep it open for yet another season.  I am missing you all like crazy and wish i could have stayed for maybe another week or 2!!! Love you all, stay crazy. keep up the good work.

I will be keeping in touch xxx

Emma B  (24 July 2007)        10/10

I have the serious holiday blues, hate being back in England already and I only got home on Sunday. I am now planning my next trip to Kalmaki.  People are right it's addictive! I would like to say a big thanks to all you guys at Down Under for making our holiday, it was brilliant!

Now I am looking forward to coming back!!
Loads of Love

Dave T  (23 July 2007)        10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge


Martine M (19 July 2007)

Hey Guys, i have literally just got through my front door from the airport, and i am feeling so gutted that im not going to be able to come again this year, but you'll be seeing my mum.  Thank you all so much for looking after me and my mum, you are like family to me and i am going to miss you all so much 

Take care all of you, keep in touch.
Love you loads
Martine  (no doubt there will be another comment posted by me in the next few days when i am missing my party life)

Sara J (18 July 2007)

hi nick, george, donny, tasos, adonis, claire and em.

got back to birmingham on monday early am...still recovering from a heavy last nyt on saturday with you bunch!!
"donny, donny, donny, donny....oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh!!do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya..oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh"
nick maybe next time we come to kalamaki, i'll go for that drive with you and georgie boy ; p
georgie thanx for being so "hospitable", i'll miss your cheeky banter...say hi to your brother for me !
miss the total destruction of the bar, smasing ice, lights and anything in sight! i will get my pics developed and get some put up on here.
would be really really great to hear from you on facebook...sara jones, west midlands network, and my myspace address is my email is best though as there are restrictions on the net at work (
if i wanted to come and work with y'all next year from july for the season what would i need to do...and donny, don't say give a blowjob....shake it babay shake it!!!
bye for now...miss you guys like a hole in the head!!!
all my love

Angela C  (16 July 2007)        10/10

Love it here! its the best place ever! Anybody staying in kalimaki has to try it!!

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Sarah B  (16 July 2007)        10/10

Hey Guys!

Just got back home on thursday   you've given me the Zante bug all over again, Hopefully should be back there by the end of August!  Down Under and Kalamaki are like a drug, i've just got to come back for more! lol
Hey Nick i hope that mint cocktail will be on the list by then, it rules!
big love to ya all!

Janet M  (15 July 2007)        10/10

click to enlarge click to enlargeLast Two Pic's

Lots of Love and kisses Janet xx

Janet M  (15 July 2007)        10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlargeHere's some more good pic's

Lots of love and kisses Janet xx

Janet M  (15 July 2007)        10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlargeDown Under is open has you can see.

Hi Guys,

Missing you loads and wishing I was there with you all now, should of listened too you Nick and stayed.

We have booked already for next year, for the same time let the count down begin. Unfortunalty we can't make it in Oct got no hols left.

But it was great to see you all again and the bar buzzing as usual with all the same cheeky faces.

Lots of love and kisses Janet xx

ps here's some pics.

Steve B (05 July 2007)

So its true,down under is really open again? Great! Love kalamaki,flying out on sun 8th july for our 3rd time in just over 12 months ,bringing family for their first visit,know they're gonna love it too,stock up on the mythos!

T.j. T  (05 July 2007)        10/10

 Woohoo Hi to all at Down Under can't believe you guys are finally open!! We're not flying over till September but we weren't anyway excited about goin cos Down Under was supposedly closed and now that you're open for sure we can't wait to go!!!! The Irish are back for the forth year in a row - time for another Toga Party me thinks!!!! See all you guys soon!

Shake it Baby Shake It!

Debbie W  (21 June 2007)        10/10

Hi nick
Iam so glad to hear that you will be opening in a few days its just such a shame you wasnt open while we was there. however it was great to see you me darling. and have a good ol chat to you. must say the place was looking lovely when we came over the second time in out two weeks there but we couldnt find you on the second time we came.  well good luck for the rest of the season and hope to see you next year
take care
lots  a love
Deb and chris x

Martine M (10 June 2007)

It was great to see you Nick, and i am very happy that you are opening again, shame we went home on the day that you expected to open again....oh well, i will be back on the 5th July so will see you then.  Take Care ***

Danielle R  (07 June 2007)        10/10


So hope this bar is open spend every minute of my hols in there love all the staff there a great laugh will be back over in zante in 14 days fly out on the 21st cant wait
c everyone soon
luv danni xx

Anne E (28 May 2007)

hello everyone.

Just got back from zante and the bad news is down under is not open yet but the good news is we spoke to nik and he hopes to be open soon.
All the best for the coming season hope you get up and running before it is too late.
See you next year if you are still about
Anne Jim and Jessica.
click to enlarge
Heres that pic you asked for.
All the best.

Sarah H (22 May 2007)

hey guys it sarah , whens down under open ing i miss everyone and wanna come back. is it true carls not working this year.

write me back pleaseeeeeee love u all
sarah x

Debbie W  (22 May 2007)        10/10

hi kim
its lovely to hear from you and i must say you look great on the photos you have put on the site i still havent got round to putting ours on from our very first hols in zante its one we will never forget it was absolutley fantastic.  i have got loads of photos kim i have great one of all of us last year with george i will get them put of definatly. so happy for you that you are loving it back home and that you are studying to be a teacher good on yer darl. well mate i hope down under will be open this season as we fly out two weeks today but we are going to tsillivi this year but we are planing to come over to kalamaki to see everyone.
say hi to nick and george kim just incase we dont see them
everyone take care
lots of love from deb and chris from peterborough xx

Kim S  (19 May 2007)        10/10

hey everyone,

just thought i'd see how you all are.i'm missing you all like crazy.
i'm still living in australia..i'm studying to become a teacher's all going is truly great to be back home but i must admit i miss down under heaps.
unfortunantly we don't know when or if  down under will be opening this season..
i will keep everyone posted though.
would be nice to here from everyone..
love always
kim (nick and george's sister)

Janet M (17 May 2007)

Can someone tell me when Down Under is opening for this season....?
I was told it's not open yet and would like to know when it is.

Thank You.

Benny A  (03 March 2007)        10/10

click to enlarge hi, every 1 hope you are well are you out there this year kim we are out there start of may 2 the 2 nd week of october it is going to be crazy so hope i c u anny 1 but i will definately be coming to down under

Chelsey I  (01 March 2007)        10/10

woooo its chelsey here its only a couple of months b4 me n ma sis r bak in kalamaki cant wait to meet lots of friendly buff lads n c all da fit bar staff il c u very soon xxxx

Kim S  (20 February 2007)        10/10

hey everyone just thought i'd drop in and say a quick hi to everyone..

miss you all and hope you are all well.
love kim xxxxx

Debbie W  (17 January 2007)         

hiya guys hope you had a great christmas and new year.  good luck to you all for 2007 and we will see you in june,
love deb and chris x

Hollie H  (09 January 2007)         

happy new year too you all!!!! hope your all well!!! so wats everyone been up too? not long till winter is over and the party begins back at down under!!!!!! way hey!!!!! ill be back in zante working this year!!! maybe at down under if im alloweed back!! love hollie hot lips xxx

Anne E  (07 January 2007)         

Hello Nick, George and the gang. Just a quick one to say happy new year. hope you are having a good break.

I had a baby girl on the 12th september we named her jessica. (told you it would be a girl).  We will be driving out there in may because i want to make a few stops on the way. so hope to see you all then.
All our love
Anne, Jim and to enlargeclick to enlarge

Luce   (01 January 2007)         

Hey guys, just to wish you all a very happy new year and all the best for 2007.. Luce xx

Kim S  (27 December 2006)         

hey everyone,

hope you all had  a great christmas..mine was absolutly fantasic..
now wishing you a great start to 2007..
all the best..
antony i want you to send me your msn address  it's been a while mikrouli..
miss you all so much..
love you all..
kim xx

Andonis Z  (26 December 2006)         

merry christmas and happy new year  xxxxx

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