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Peter D (01 May 2010)

In case anyone reads this,ken and jude are working at remezzos beach bar this year,red lion unfortunately has closed.

Steve G  (07 March 2010)        10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlargeHi Ken & Jude

So sorry WE HAVE MISSED YOU TWO The last couple of years but work has dictated when our holiday occur but we have sorted this out I HOPE How are thing happenning for you two good we hope and hope that the earth isn't moving too much for you. When that happened the last timePauline allmost had Kittens. well we hope to see you in september with Allan & Sue If it can be arranged Keep your fingers crossed

Tina S  (09 December 2009)        10/10

Hope to see Ken and Jude here in June 2010, can't wait.

Lucy K  (23 October 2009)        10/10

 Best pub in town - Ken and Jude are fab - had Ken teaching me the language (!) after my visit to Jungle Bar.  Hope to come back soon - hopefully when its a bit busier!!

Paul S (03 September 2009)

Hi Ken and Jude its blakey "I hate you butler" get in touch with me again at

Rachel S (30 June 2009)

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hi ken n jude remember me from july 2005 rachel who stayed a fortnight in argassi then come back again in october 2005. really miss ya. ant been on hols in ages we cant really afford it now me and ryan have a little girl 2yrs, will be 3 in feb hope your both ok. will try and send a picture of us all. used to have both your mobiles but lost them or i would have kept in touch. i was 5 month pregnant in the right picture.

Kevlar   (07 December 2008)        10/10

Hey costa, hope the winters going well for you, was going to put a message on Legends review page but ain't one HAHA! Hope your businesses of Red Lion and Legends have a good season in 09 and your managers Ken and Jude are back with you, Argassi wouldn't be the same without you there buddy, see you in April when i pay my electric bill hehe! Have good winter and see you in 09.

Ray P  (07 September 2008)        10/10

click to enlargeHi Ken and Jude, hope accident prone Ken is ok (Jude how is your toe), great little pub with a good atmoshere, we'll certainly be back to visit next year, oh and Ken...Sell that Magpies top that Milner signed for you...he probably faked the signature (Im not bitter, honest) up the Toon!!

Linda R  (30 July 2008)        10/10

Just returned from weeks stay in Argassi - Red Lion best pub in town.  Ken and Jude excellent people/hosts.  Thanks Ken for driving us back to our Hotel each night.

Dj S  (28 July 2008)        10/10

Hi Ken & Jude Its Sparky.. Hope your well... sorry i didnt come back to Argassi there was just no way i was working for Kostas again :( after the way he treated me... Miss ya lots and great that your now back where you belong,,, I would work for You 2 anytime... Red Lion... Fantastic bar and very entertaining.. if ken isnt entertaining enough as it is haha,,,,,, the food is great, as is the staff.. I guarantee once you go to this bar you will not go to another one in argassi,,, very friendly and happy (when Kostas aint around) haha take care everyone :) DJ Sparky

Richard M  (16 July 2008)        10/10

click to enlarge hi ken & jude

 hear your back at the red lion  good to hear we are coming out in stepember with our family  hope to see you then . rich &lisa  
  keep up the good work

Lisa H (15 July 2008)

Hi Ken and Jude, dont know if u remember us, lisa and dave. We came to agassi 5yrs ago when u were at Oasis. Dave was the mixed race guy u bought the tshirt for saying f*** off im on my holidays, blah blah blah. We are coming to laganas in August and now we know where u are we will definately pay u a visit. Hope u are all well and we look forward to seeing u soon.
Lots of love and the fondest of memories
Lisa and Dave xx 

Ian M  (09 July 2008)        10/10

Hi Ken, I searched all over the island for a proper measure of Malibu with lemonade, no luck untill you started back at the Red Lon and what a measure I got then, you certanly know your stuff, worst hangover of the holiday but great time. Thanks, Alison (partner of the legend Mouse)

Tina S  (09 July 2008)        10/10

HI Ken and Jude
Its great that you're back where you belong at the Red Lion, hope the rest of season is good to you. We had a great 2 weeks and it was a nice surprise to see you both.
thanks for the Black Jack Ken, it was just as I remembered.
Hope to see you again soon.
Love from Tina and Paul ( friends of Mouse king of the Karoke) XX

Gail A  (17 June 2008)        10/10

click to enlarge hi matt, dont know if you read your mail..but its one why to get my email to    miss all off you hope clairs and lee are injoying them selfs...miss the singing and the laughter hope to come back soon kiss for every one oh and you babe

Jonathan T  (08 June 2008)        10/10

Just got back from Argassi after another holiday there , after catching up with all the old friends we found Matt had moved to the Red Lion, after a great welcome the week became one long blur ending with a 6 am return to our room , Barbara Pisseddiscovered tequilla and several new shots what a night! TongueHad a great week but a week is never enough!Cry Regards to Matt and Ian (slim boy fat) Keep in touch.Wink

Lis J  (26 May 2008)        10/10

After just returnng from a lovely holiday in Argassi (again) I am sending our regards to Babis and the boys in the Red Lion from there Welsh friends!( Have sent you an email Babis don't be lazy ! We put a few away in the week we were there and actually got my husband Llewelyn up to sing on the Karaoke ! Wow ,some song ! good on yer lads and all the best until next time xxxx I think you lot are much better than the others that were there before(except you Mat who was there anywayif you get my drift!) See you ASAP.

Anne S  (26 May 2008)        8/10

Had a few nights here because Matty the barman was great.Wicked cocktails which we didnt thank him for the next day.Had great time with Jenny and Kate my new poledancing friends

Paul K  (30 January 2008)        10/10

i have allways enjoyed the red lion but with the legend of argassi old mophead ken runnin the place will deffo enjoy many amstels and mythos in this place this summer  and not forgettin jude as well  c u all soon guys

Jude W (22 January 2008)

click to enlarge

How strange-I'm a Jude too! (ok, so there are probably quite a few Jude's in the world and I guess that it's not THAT strange!)

The coincidence is that I'm after a job in The Red Lion for Summer '08! I've had an email from Costos, so hopefully I'll be able to get something at the end of May. If anyone reading this knows where I can rent a cheapish one/two bed apartment in Argassi from June til early Oct 2008, I would be very grateful.
Many thanks,
Jude! :)

Jude W  (08 January 2008)        10/10

hi pauline & steve, jude here.

 thanks for your comments & we did miss you last year.
  just to put you in  the picture, we hav'nt taken over the red lion, we just managed it last year & we really enjoyed it, as far we know this year will be the same, but anything different we will let you know, as we have had other offers. so if things change will let everyone know. happy new year. ken & jude,x 

Pauline J  (01 January 2008)        10/10

Message for Ken & Jude.
Hi Ken & Jude
Pauline & Steve want to know if you've taken over the Red Lion, what have you done with the Toucan?  Wouldn't want to get as close to a Lion as you would a Toucan! 
If you read this Ken & Jude can you post a response, we need to get in contact with you, missed you last year but hope to see you again soon.
For those of you who haven't met Ken & Jude, it wouldn't matter which bar they were in, it would still be the best bar in Argassi, Oasis, Toucan, Red Lion its not the bar its the people behind it that make it!!
Many thanks for many happy hours whilst on holiday in Argassi.
Pauline & Steve

Simon A  (26 December 2007)        10/10

If you are both here when we return....IT WILL BE THE BEST BAR!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!

Simon A  (26 December 2007)        10/10

Hi Ken and Jude!!!

You get about! Have you read Johns Book yet? Have you still got our bottle opener? WE ARE COMING BACK!!!!!! See you on the 8th July!! How come you've moved?? E-mail John @ We can't wait to see you both!!
All our love Simon and John XX

Gary B  (26 October 2007)        3/10

ok i guess place clean although didnt keep to their 1 euro 50 for the beer on happy hour and  be careful as on more than 1 occassion didnt get change at all i guess that was to pay for the live footie they had on better places to go in argassi try rossis place

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