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Aidan M          10/10

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what can i say, the DJ Tony a legend and crowd pleaser, gives the place its total buzz plus the free shots worked a treat.... the 2 boys behind the bar great characters...LEGENDO, LEGENDO,LEGENDO..Tongue:

Sara           9/10

liked the staff, very friendly and the kareoke night, hope nats back next year x well worth going to.

Julian -          10/10

Good food and staff where very friendly. I loved the kareoke night hosted by dj natalie, she was great! Definatly worth going to, your garented to enjoy urself once dj nat gets you up on the kareoke and on the shots!

Neil H          10/10

The music was wicked, an excellent range of songs and i enjoyed the kareoke very much. Dj Nat really rocked the place! I think I will come back next year.  Respect to Dj Nat- well fit and talented!

Michelle D

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Hot (lots of swedish men wr thr!)

Sophie L          10/10

If you're staying in argassi then definately check out the apollo...the music and kareoke are great, plus you get free shots and the drinks are really cheap! We ended up spending most nights here cos its the liveliest place in argassi and the people are really nice (especially DJ JD!)

Reyhan B          9/10


This place is good if your looking for a fun,drunken night out at a karaoke bar...the service and drinks were great, plus a free shot if you actually get up and sing which is always good  the music was really good, they pretty much play everythin...JD (the DJ) was really friendly and made everyone feel welcome (plus he's really hot)...so this bar is definately worth a visit

Rachel P          10/10

Apollo was such a great place to hang out with everyone
and the kareoke
free shots : )
if you're ever in argassi, make sure you deffinatly go there!

Michelle D          10/10

 Well where do i start?! The apollo gave me the best nights of my holiday in Zante. I made some amazin friends in there who i will never forget. Karaoke was a right laugh-free shot at the bar- i think the bar staff must of gotten sick of seeing me goin 2 get my fair share of shots lol. J.D-what a legend! Really made me and my family feel welcome in the place and made sure I was ok when i was unwell. If you're in Argassi go into the Apollo and i assure you that you will not be disappointed. The food is lush and the music is great too. O ye and 2 cocktails for 6 euros is a great way 2 gt drunk! Miss every1 there! x.x.x

Lisa T          10/10

Brilliant place to be in,especially for the karaoke. Sinbad is the main man.

 Sinbad if you read this mate, sorry didn't call back in to say bye mate, have given Theresa my mobile number to give to you so that you could come to see dad (Trevor) and me when you are here in Stoke in couple of weeks.
Hope to see you soon Sinbad.

Gail H           

this place was great, unfortunately we didnt go in until our last night.  but big hey up to Wendy, what a gem of a girl she is. 
if you looking for good cheap drink visit here pre club, great night and if you didnt do karaoke before you went in, then you do now

Sharon A           

Fab place.  Kenny (the guy outside) was very friendly and we will definately miss him!!! Music however does need to be turned up (volume) coz if your sitting outside you tend to hear the bar next doors louder than you can hear apollos!!! Cheap drinks, recommended going on Karoke night as this was the most entertaining! 

Paul K           

oops  4 got 2 rate the place my apologies lol

Paul K           

nice 2 c me old mate sinbad workin here again  the place as missed u mate hopefully u will be here next summer food is good in apollo had a meal in here which is very nice looks very diffrent now its taken over the oasis bar which is very sadly missed might i say  but time moves on and ken and jude r still in argassi there in the toucan bar now which is very good but nice 2 c the old gang 2 gether nikos george and sinbad  cheers big ears

Mike B           

suggest you watch this guy when he makes the cocktails,as there is very little alcohol in them!....avoid the  long island ice tea....rip off!!

Jon E           

The previous comment is linked to old reviews I have done on other places but is nothing to do with me!!

Looked a  new clean bar when I was last there!!

Gary J           

Cheap  warm beer and being new are the only things this place has going for it, very poor entertainment value

Mel S           

we went in to this bar every night ... loved it. the barman, Dassis, was drop dead gorgeous, and they are all so friendly there ... i miss it!! :(   the only downside, in my opinion was the music and entertainment ... but if u like kareoke and that its great ... and also there was this singer guy, that wasnt good.... but other than that, overall ... it was brilliant!!


Stacey E           

i loved this place,especially kenny the guy outside hes a great guy and very entertaining,the drinks were cheap the music was good,

see you soon kenny
love stacey

Paul K           

probably the reason it was always empty but we had 1 meal there that was very nice  only ever really went in 2 check my emails

Paul K           

i actually only went here a few times but i dont remember the place being dirty or filthy iits a brand new bar part of the old oasis bar but the place will never match oasis bar ever even at 50 cents 4 a beer lol

David C           

after being nagged at for numerous nights to come in to the bar we finally gave in!! No offence to the guy outside he was lovely and so friendly - kids thought he was great. Bar itself was ok and we were made to feel welcome. we ordered drinks and then food!! However after a 35 minute s our main course and childrens meals were brought to us!! however they failed to bring our starters before the main course and told us they would sort it out after our main course!!! (What??) kids ended up eating unfortunately we did not!!!! would not go back again!! No apologises etc!!! very disappointing!!

Dannys B           

A euro for cheap pint of local beer, kept danny happy!

Old M           

Cheap pint of mythos, that'll do me just fine.

Cheryl C           

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hey there everyone who remembers me its cheryl who worked there i miss it so much cant wait to get back an hopefully see a few faces from last year i hope u r all doin well hi to nico an george who r the best love an miss ya not long left see ya soon x x x

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