Molly Malones

Bars in Argassi

Natasha L          10/10

me and my boyfriend kameron stayed in argassi from 14th june 2012 to the 21st. we came across this bar and mini golf just 10 min walk from where we were staying and had no hesitation to enter as we read reviews about this place before we came :p

we went to play mini golf and it was very fun!!! but i recommend playing this in the night time as you will litterally sweat your a**e off! there is a an easy course and a hard one, we played both and they were very challenging!

the bar itself has a wide range of drinks and an amazing selection of coctails, for a very cheap price considering most bars and resturaunts around the place were over 8 just for 2 cokes or something. i definately reccommend trying the coctail called 'the gummy bear' which i read about on here somewhere. it's not actually written on any of their menu's but if you ask stefan or karen then they will know what you are talking about. i don't actually know what was in it, but it was the tastiest coctail i've ever had!!! it was very refreshing and fruity!

the live entertainment they put on almost every night is really good, there is a man who sings and plays guitar every tuesday and saturday. his voice was actually pretty damn good and he has a wide range of songs aswell! there was another act who played on another day aswell, singing irish and country songs, it wasn't really my type of music but that still didn't stop me tapping and jigging away lol. they put the tv out when the footballs on aswell, so you can watch it. i would reccomend watching it here if you're not really into foreign people being loud and screaming everywhere.

it is mostly english people in this bar, which was really the reason we came to this place several times during our holiday as we got sick of the greek harrassing us to go to their resturaunt or bar. in molly malone's you can just relax and chill out without any form of harassment from the staff to buy their things.

stefan and karen were amazing, they really do have a great place running here! the atmosphere was so chilled, you can talk to them about your day and they would listen and just have a nice chat with you.

i definately reccomend coming here if you ever visit argassi, you won't regret it!

from natasha & kameron :-)

p.s the toilets were immaculate by the way. best we have seen in any bar lol!!! i think every time i went in, stefan was cleaning in there lmao!

Simon H          10/10

Steph and Karen are fantastic. They really make the place and you just don't want to leave! All the best for the forthcoming wedding and we will DEFINITELY! Be back out to see you as soon as physically possible!

Alana C          10/10

steph and karen are lovely, and the bar has a great atmosphere, we want to come back just to come here again, thanks for making our holiday guys x

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