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Steve H  (21 August 2004)         

Hi Sinbad, yes, the emails the same. We cant make it over there this year. Jen and I get married next year. We are trying to find a holiday for Jens sister and her fella, and are looking at Argassi as we know they will love it. We will be directing them, of course, to the Apollo!!

Sinbad S  (18 August 2004)         

hi its sinbad im still here steve u still got the same email addy ?

Carrie B  (10 August 2004)         

Hello, George seemed very well when I was there last month,he is a great bloke they all are. Can anyone tell me why was he poorly. Sinbad is still there entertaining everyone with his great voice but this time he was taking the photo instead of being in it.
I loved it there and would love to go back!

Steve H  (10 August 2004)         

Hi, this is a message to anyone who has been to the bar lately. I see that George is in the latest picture. How is he doing, as he was very ill a while back. I hope that he is ok, he is a top bloke, and I see that Sinbad isnt in the picture. Has he stayed away this year ???
We cant make it over there this year, but will return.... some time.....

Carrie B (26 July 2004)

Hi i was in argassi a few weeks ago,me and a friend spent alot of time in the Apollo pub and would like to send some photos to Nikos and the guys please can you tell me how?

Paul S  (29 May 2004)         

sinbad is a bloody idiot do not drink here he is getting a sex change and is calling himself miss sinbad only joking simbad is the leg rock on big ears

Paul S  (31 March 2004)         

yo sinbad hold on to ears noddy smiffy arrives may 30th

Paul S  (29 February 2004)         

sinbad who is andy leg

Sinbad   (09 October 2003)         

hi people its sinbad . i am now saftely home in oldham hope your all well thanks for making my summer special if you have any pics please let me no cheers sinbad

Chris H  (08 October 2003)         

Hi Sinbad, just a quick note to say thanks for our stay when we were over you really made our holiday.
Hope you get back to England Safely (without a sore head!)

from Chris, Justine, Sasha, bob and "oh Carol"

Sarah C  (24 July 2003)         

Went to Argassi for two weeks end of June beginning of July 2003. Best Holiday me and my boyfriend have every had. Met some great people and spent nearly every night in Nikos bar with Sinbad, Dimitrios and Nikos. Lovely place, excellent karaoke!!!! Sinbad is a good laugh will sing a song with you if you are shy which I was!!!! Great vodka jellies in this place!!! Good cocktails!! This place made our holiday we had such fun in there. Sinbad your quiz is too easy!!! Would love to go back just to see Sinbad's face when I ask him to sing Paradise by the dashboard light again. Only regret did not try the food here which I am told was really nice.

Kyle C  (23 July 2003)         

We went 2 Argasi july 2003,we went 2 nicols place evrey day for our evening meal the food was great, great value great food,the staff were frendley and funny specialy sinbad shame he is an oldham fan but cant have evreything. me n my m8s thought it was wicked.

Micke B  (17 July 2003)         

Hello friends!Me and my girlfriend where at nikos place two years ago.And the guys who worked there was great.The food was great.My question is if a guy who worked there was called "spiros".Why i'am asking is because me and my daughter are going to Argassi the 16th of september.To all you zante crasy people have a nice summer.

Catherine L  (15 July 2003)         

hi sinbad its catherine and paul (with sue and sime and of course tomas!!!!)back home sunbathing! Hope u had a good time at home. Right im off for a mythos that i smuggled in my case ha ha. C u x

Lindon   (14 July 2003)         

well lets tell you about the bar ive been here as a worker {rep} not saying which company but readers will know if they have been here before this is the best bar on the island of zakynthos i know as i know this island the staff in the bar make the bar nikos dimitris and sinbad and not forgetting george lads you make this bar the best i love you all if you all read this then go to apollo and see for yourself

Dan   (14 July 2003)         

oh and the entertainment was exellent see you soon

Dan   (14 July 2003)         

well what can i say best hols ive ever had thanks boys

Sinbad   (14 July 2003)         

hi guys its sinbad just returned home from three days in manchester had a great time good to be back . had a nice surprise when smiffy came in and shook my hand and had a beer it was really good to see him and the past events are now history and is now a fully paid member of the gang . see you all soon take care sinbad x

Emma D  (12 July 2003)         

This place was our favourite bar in the whole of argassi! Sinbad, Nikos and Dimitris made sure we had an excellent time each night we were there. Will definitely be back to see you guys next year! Didn't try any of the food but the cocktails were the best we have ever had!!!!(especially sinbads seductive special!)and Dimitris you can give me a screaming orgasm anytime!!!

Paul S  (05 July 2003)         

all right sinbad see you on july 13th no hard feelings i.ll shake youre hand no problem 50 euros what 50euros in the past mate.

Shelley C  (02 July 2003)         

well i have been in england a week now and i am missing you already sinbad. had a fantastic two weeks(again). We are coming back for another two weeks around the 10 august and i can't wait. Good to see george looking well and nice to meet you steve, sorry that we didn't spend more time in the bar but the time went way too fast.

Sinbad   (01 July 2003)         

well guys its the man himself ime glad steve jen shelly and jay had a good time it was very hardsaying goodbye to friends and see you all soon .... as for smiffy come in have a beer and shake my hand let it drop now i dont want my friends bickering

Steve H  (30 June 2003)         

Got back yesterday. Had a great time again. Managed to see George once, he was looking well. Dimittri and Sinbad make a good team together. I proposed to my girlfriend in a restaurant, and all the guys in the bar really made the night special for the both of us when we got back. Oh, and it was nice to meet you Shelley, although fleetingly. All in all a fab return to Argassi. Thanks guys.

Len D  (21 June 2003)         


John H  (13 June 2003)         

just like to add my comment on this 50 euro crap if the lad was short changed 50euros can you blame him fo kicking up a fuss i mean 50 euros is about 30pound who would not moan i would by the way i go to argassi every year i do.nt know sinbad but i would see my a**e if i got short changed i thought i would add my unbiased opinion.

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