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Les (09 June 2009)

After having several good meals here in previous visits to Argassi it was sad to see the place had closed last week & is unlikely to re-open as the stairs have been removed & the downstairs area is now occupied by a scooter hire company

Amanda W  (20 August 2008)        4/10

8 of us visited the restaurant. 7 of us received our meals... my sons didnt emerge even after much reminding.My meal was lovely, although i have had better. Very busy and the waiters started to panic.

Ashleigh   (11 September 2007)        8/10

we ate here once and had lamb and it was so lovely, would of gone back jus wanted to try other places!!

Seth H  (10 September 2007)        5/10

bekri meze wasn't the mae west.decent location, staff were ok. went here first night and never returned. 

Amy M  (10 August 2007)        3/10

My friends and i ate here once.

We were disappointed by the food, we got pizzas and the bases were frozen ones and the cheese toppings were too creamy. The staff were friendly enough but we were charged  5 euros for bread when we didnt even ask for bread, and where in every other restaurant in Argassi this is free!!!!

Natalie F  (23 July 2007)        2/10

Wouldn't recommend this place. They tell you there is a sea view, which there isn't - but that wasn't a big deal anyway. The problem was we waited 50 minites for our meal, then a waiter came over to us and said "finished?" our food hadn't even been bought to us! People who came in after us were being served before us. And then when we did eventually get our food it was nothing to shout about, and definately not worth the money we paid for it.
Though i must say, the man on the door was very polite and friendly.

Dawn S  (29 May 2007)        9/10

Ate here once my partner got the greek meze for one and said it was amazing.

Definitely worth a visit and doesnt deserve the rating it has here is much better than that.

Amanda B  (21 September 2006)         

fantastic place, lovely food, lovely staff.The man outside is charming and polite, we liked everything about this place.

Helen B  (31 August 2006)         

do you people not know anything!!!!!!!!! katie and helen loved it so much, we went there pretty much every night, if it was so s**t why was it always rammed? the quality of the food was excellent, service, price all brilliant. they also did not have to drag people off the street to eat in there so i suggest you all re think your comments!

Laura   (31 August 2006)         

We had a really good meal here. The lamb was very tasty and the service was friendly and efficient

Phil C  (07 August 2006)         

We ate there only once after eating in almost every other restaurant in Argassi, never again. I ordered chicken fillet in a brandy, cream and stilton sauce, what I got was a rubbery fillet in a cream type sauce with not even a hint of brandy or stilton. Also the waiters were surly and didn't seem to understand anything but Greek, we're in Greece I know, but if you are catering for the english, then surely it helps if you can speak the language.

Christal V  (30 July 2006)         

 the place is sh....t.   the food is discasting the service is very bad and the price very expensive.i dont recomend too anyone.very disapointment

Carole P  (24 July 2006)         

The staff were not friendly and treated us as a chore, one waiter actually threw our bread down onto the table. The lasagne was nearer to being shepherd's pie than anything else so don't try that one. The appeal of sitting in a roof garden restaurant soon wears off in this place.

Andy &  (20 July 2006)         

Food was disappointing wouldn't recommend.

Old M  (22 June 2006)         

Only ate here the once this year as opposed to three times last year, but the Beef Athena was excellent.

Andrea P  (04 October 2005)         

We were disappointed with this restuarant, the portions were big but the quality of food was not that good.

Sharon, D  (22 August 2005)         

just came back from zante yesterday. ate at Afrodite three times really nice husband had the meze it was fantastic me and daughter had pasta it was lovely. we thought it was one of the best places to eat.

Rebecca A  (01 August 2005)         

i have just came back from argassi with my mum and dad and little brother and would like to tell everyone we had a great time, i didnt want to go at first! the food there was great i would def recomend "the big plate" and "castaways" in argassi as the staff were so friendly and the food was great!!!

Lyndsey   (19 July 2005)         

We all thought the food here was appalling, it was all frozen stuff reheated, I had meatballs that tasted canned, my husband had calamari and frankly he's had better out of morrison's freezer.  A lot of other people we spoke to loved it but out of 4 of us we all hated it.

Old M  (20 June 2005)         

Excellent, ate here on the first and last days, plus once in between, and each time the food and service were top notch and at good prices. Pork Diavola was the finest dish I had in two weeks eating solely Greek food, couldn't praise it highly enough.

Richard M  (12 June 2005)         

For the best all-round culinary Greek experience, look no further than the Afrodite.  We'd originally planned to try a few different places during the course of the week but decided to stay here each night and try something different each time.  The roof garden is fantastic for a birds eye view of the night time hustle and bustle and the the staff are incredibly friendly without being intrusive.  Couldn't begin to remember all that we'd had but the meatballs and chicken on a spit in addition to the more traditional Greek dishes were fantastic.  Do try and make some room for dessert even the odd time as they're well worth it.  On the whole, this place combines good value and service with excellent food in a perfect setting.   If you're in Zante, head over there - it's the biz!!

John W  (11 June 2005)         

Glad we found this friendly restaurant on the frist night, having been hassled by other restaurant doormen all the way along the road, especially one from opposite, the Posiedon, who ran into the middle of the road to try and get us! Afrodite has a great roof garden restaurant, good food (the kebab meal had me scraping the pattern off the plate!) and very friendly service. We ate there for the rest of the week.Well worth a visit if you're in Zante.

Donna W  (13 October 2004)         

I think that this Restaurant is one of the very best , if not the best in Argasi. My boyfriend and i ate there 5 nights out of 7 and thought that the food was excellent. We want to say a special thank you to the pregnant girl who served us as she was very nice and chatted to us even although she was very busy, it showed that they cared about tourists and not just want our money as do a lot of them. So would like to say a big thank you to all the staff, love Donna & Stuart.

Barry &  (13 October 2004)         

We have been going to the Afrodite for a few years, we have made some very good friends over the years. The food is always of a high standard and we recommend the restaurant to any of our friends who will be in Argassi on holiday. We always feel that we have more than value for our money with the added friendship. Always dependable.

David C  (20 August 2004)         

Had two meals here and really enjoyed both.Try the chicken kebab meal or moussaka both excellent.My son Matthew (nearly 9)loved the chicken nuggets!!.Roof garden beautiful and prices reasonable.

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