Popeyes - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Jeremy Y          10/10

First found Popeyes 10 years when i was there with my daughters and they dragged me in.  Have to say it did not look like my sort of place as i love the traditional Greek style tavernas.  How glad i was that we tried this fantastically friendly place. My girls have now grown up and I have been back several times since in recent years with my new partner and have always found the staff very friendly and the food outstanding.  Fantatsic choice for all tastes (my partner is a veggie!) including excellent local Greek dishes. I could not recommend the Stamna, Stiffado or Kleftico highly enough. 

See you again soon Dennis!

EuroAlfa Car Rental - (Car Rental in Zante)

Jeremy Y          10/10

Have rented cars three times from Aggello at Euro Alfa over recent yearscand found him to be very honest and genuine.  There are NO HIDDEN EXTRAS here!  Cars are always very clean and well maintaned.  Could not recommend Euro Alfa and Aggello highly enough.  Hopefully see you again this year!

Avgoustis - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Jeremy Y          9/10

Been here many times over last 5 years for lunch.  Great food.....Fantastic grilled sardines and greek salad.  Staff are friendly enough, would recommend.

Valantinas Castle - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Jeremy Y          10/10

Been coming to Tsilivi for several years and have heard mention of Valentino's Castle many times but only managed to find it last September for the first time.  Wow! it's definately worth the wait without doubt the most traditional taverna we have found with fantastic food and friendly staff.  Highly recommend the Lamb Kleftico.

Mavrikos Hotel - (Accommodation in Tsilivi)

Jeremy Y  (17 May 2011)        10/10

Have stayed at Mavrikos 3 times in recent years and were going back for a fourth visit next month.  Have always found the hotel to be clean and the staff very friendly. The hotel is about 5-6 minutes walk from Popeye's restaurant which is pretty central so gives you an idea of hotels location.

Family Restaurant - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Jeremy Y          2/10

Been coming to Tsilivi twice a year for last 5 years and thought it was time we tried the food at Family.  As the place is between our hotal and the centre of Tsilivi we have walked past many times and had always been impressed by the fact that they dont try and drag you in of the street as you walk past!

Have to say it was a big disappointment, waiting staff were very freindly but the food left a lot to be desired..... and it was the most expensive meal we had all week!
I had Squid (which was ok at best) followed by Lamb Kleftico.  It was very dry and totally covered, I mean TOTALLY covered in Mozzarella.  I thought kleftico was made with Feta? I tried to pick this off but by the time i had done this there was not a lot left in my bowl.  Such a shame as i was expecting much more and as i stated the staff were very friendly.

Magdalenas Bar - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Jeremy Y

Fantastic bar........ Love the B52's

Friendly staff and the best breakfast in Tsilivi!
Cant wait to come back and get my 6 monthly fix of Peter Kay & Lee Evans!

Family Restaurant - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Jeremy Y

I left a review on here a few months ago about 'my own experience' of Family restaurant

I was very annoyed/dissapointed today when I logged back in to see two reviews after my own by a Lyndon Iverson and a Steve Crom doubting my own review/experience and even suggesting that i was maybe ''having a bad day'' and I ''must have visited the wrong place''???
I thought this was a forum for one's own experience? and not a forum to doubt anothers experience, or to suggest another reviewer does not know what their talking about!!
I have found many restaurants in the Tsilivi area to be fantastic places and have left many other favourable reviews.
I can and will always only talk from my own experience as i found it on the day......... and as i said the staff at Family were very friendly!
I'm coming back to Tsilivi again in three weeks time and will once again be enjoying this fantastic resort.