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Claire & Drew (15 April 2007)

Is this true, have Ken and Jude left Toucan Bar     And whats this about the Red Lion. Over in September need to know where to go for post flight cocktails !  

Jon E  (03 April 2007)        10/10

If you take a look on the message boards all will be revealed!!

But if you really want to know next door but one from the old oasis, its called the red lion!!
SSH dont tell anyone just yet!!

Jon E  (13 February 2007)        10/10

Thanks to the comment below I have now relised its 24weeks last sunday till we get back out there

Can feel a cheap deal in may coming on got the week booked off from work
And to all the regulars who visit here ( although we now seem to have meet quite a few) Keep this bar busy next season from may through to October (Okay Okay Ken Jude and Keith can have a rest for the last week in October and maybe the first week in may (may week is to get the kids room finished (Justins already told me he may not be back next year to rent the telly for his X box!!))
Jon Louise and Chloe
Cheers and Yammas

Sandra & Paul  (06 February 2007)        10/10

hi ken&jude, counting the weeks till we come again, can't wait. see you on 15th july, 22weeks on sunday and counting.

  luv sandra & paul

Louise E  (05 January 2007)         

Can't wait to get back...... counting down the days see you in August

Chloe is so excited already
Great bar, great hosts in Ken Jude and Keith and don't forget cassie

Pete D  (24 December 2006)         

ken jude mark and keith,have a very merry christmas and a happy new year sorry forgot cassie you and all big girl.not long now see you next year,luv ya pete and debs   

Sandra & Paul  (24 December 2006)         

to ken, jude, mark, keith & cassie and everybody that drinks in the toucan bay a very merry chrismas & a happy new year

Donna M  (24 November 2006)         


remember us Donna & Jason from 2005 (very drunk on the greek night at Granada)
seemed to have lost your phone numbers we went out this year in May and are booked up ready for next staying at Katerina again
28 may till 11 June as we are getting married on the 2 June.
hope you and Sue are well.
And remember i'll get you Butler.....
Donna & Jason

Pete D  (20 November 2006)         

hi ken jude mark keithy and not forgetting fat girl slim cassie hope your all keeping well finally gone on line im abig boy now wish icould have got out in sept but other things came upok forget the bulls**t we were skint enjoyed the toucan bar abit different to the oassis though but abar needs fantastic peaple to run it and thats why from the comments posted im sure you have had a great season haqve booked for may and cant wait have avery merry xmas luv you big pete and debs

Paul(butler) S  (06 November 2006)         

To Ken and Jude and mad Mark thanks for a  great time, we both enjoyed your company and look forward to seeing you next year,  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh  I hate you Butler.

If anyone reads this and they are going to see Ken and Jude in 2007 dont forget the black puddings and pork pies

Angela B  (26 October 2006)         

Once again, thanks to you all for a great welcome on our holidays, pity the weather wasn't too good but with friends like you who needs sunshine?????

See you all next year, already been looking, should be booked by the weekend.

Vikki L  (28 September 2006)         

Hi Ken Jude & Mark, Thanks for making our holiday one to remember, you are a great family and we thoroughly enjoyed our two weeks drinking with you in your bar. The cocktails i had on the last night Jude were mind blowing (although they always are) they had an extra kick and resulted in me throwing up in a bag on the bus on the way to the airport. I'LL GET YOU BACK GIRL!!! love you lots and hope to see you all again, Vikki and Debs XX

We got some fantastic photo's of us all heres a couple.click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Alison W  (24 September 2006)         

Just returned from yet another holiday in Argassi, had a great time with Ken, Jude and Mark in the Toucan Bar.  It was great to see you guys again and thanks to you all for making us feel so welcome again.

This is a great bar and the cocktails are as strong as ever, and well worth a visit (or ten!)
Have a great winter and hope to see you all again next year.
Ali and Edward xxx

Paul K  (17 September 2006)         

deffo the best cocktails and the strongest  judes irish coffee went down very well also very strong but really tasty as well great bar better than the apollo bar anyday genuine people genuine drinks and u get cassis the dog jobs a good 1 c u next year guys paul

Jon E  (12 September 2006)         

click to enlargeclick to enlarge

Once again the best hosts in Argassi.  Ken and Jude you are the legends.

Didn't want to leave again and missing you all already, Chloe keeps on about you all and wants to come back straight away.
Ken you have the 2nd most photographed thing in Greece, Cassie the Dog!!!!!!
Glad to see the fountain is still working and you are enjoying your paddles Ken....love the ducks as do all the kids who were in the bar.
Great bar and good friends.
Speak to you soon.
Louise, Jon & Chloe

Lesley D  (04 September 2006)         

click to enlarge Hi Ken & Jude

We are back in Argassi 28th September - hear you have taken up residence at the Toucan Bar. Is it far from your last place??
Have had 8 fantastic holidays in Zante and looking forward to this one.
Looking forward to seeing you all again
Lesley & Steve

Mandy S  (03 September 2006)         

hiya 2 u all. only 12 days 2 go b4 we arrive it can't come soon enough im in need of a black jack or grasshopper or both!!!!!!!!!!        love 2 u all, see u soon. mandy & steve xx

Susan S  (23 August 2006)         

Hi Ken,Jude and Mark just a big thanks for your great hospitality for my birthday party and me and Sandy will come in and see you again in october love from Susan,Sandy,Rebecca,Matty and natalie.

Jon E  (21 August 2006)         

Get the Mythos ready Jude we are on our way... see you Sunday at 3pm

Big kisses to you all from Chloe, and can you get the bucket & spade ready please.

Paul K  (16 August 2006)         

great bar great staff great drinks nice 2 the bar is getting well established this summer hope its gonna surpass the popularity of the old oasis bar by the way the newcastle brown on draught was awsome hope u still have it on in may wen i c*m over take care guy

Mandy L  (15 August 2006)         


Giuseppe G  (14 August 2006)         

Anybody who goes to Argassi MUST visit the Toucan...Best service, toilets, and most of all the BEST COCKTAILS EVER ( be warned your legs can stop working after only 3 ice teas!!!!)

Ken, Jude and family!!!!
Many, many thanks for your hospitality, think we would have starved through lack of meat if it hadn't been for you!!!!
You all made the holiday great for us. shall e mail soon re: chickens!!!!!
Keep up the excellent work, hope the rest of the season keeps busy for you.
All the best
Giuseppe, Donna, and children xxx

Moira M  (11 August 2006)         

Went to argassi on 13th July for 1 week. we found the Toucan bar 2 days before we came home.
we were made very welcome, and as a result stayed and got very. Doug ( long haired guy) was converted to vodka... especially chocolate and parma violet!!!!
just a pitty we didnt go earlier or it would definately have been our local!!
Worth a visit, especially for the hospitality and (toilets)!!! 

Andy G  (11 August 2006)         

click to enlarge

To Ken, Jude and Mark,

Thanks for a great two weeks !!
The best bar in Zante bar none.
Love from
Alison, Andy and Beth.

Darren G  (07 August 2006)         

Hi Guys

Not seen you since september 2004 when Donna was pregnant, well we have just booked to come back in Sept 2007, bringing our little girl Alex to Argassi for the first time.
Counting the days already!!!
Give me a quick email as your email address was on my old computer which gave up.
See you in just over a year
Darren Donna and Alex

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