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Simon J  (16 June 2005)         

The comments from 2004 were correct and refered to the Dolphin behind the salt flats. I am older in years and prefer a quiet drink and conversation, but am also a very  out going person but I did not like it here and stayed for one drink. Sorry  

Dave W  (18 December 2004)         

Some confusion in the 2004 posts about "The Dolphin" /"Blue Dolphin"/"Golden Dolphin".
The "Golden Dolphin" is on the beach and run (was run) by Paula & Jon who took over in 2004 and were well on the way to to bringing it back up to to popular place it was a few years ago. Sadly they seem to have left, which is a great pity as they worked very hard and were very genuine, warm people and would do anything to help their customers.

The "Blue Dolphin", as was for several years; is now "The Dolphin" and located at the back of the salt flats. Tends to be quiet, but that's how we like it and the folk that do come in are among the most interesting people we meet when in Alykes. If your idea of a good night in Greece is watching footie on TV or listening to a tone deaf, would-be pop idol, blasting your eardrums using a karioke machine, give the place a miss. However if you enjoy decent conversation and meeting interesting people in a fairly quiet rural setting it might be worth giving the place a try.
The cocktails are probably the cheapest in the village.
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Diane & Trev (27 October 2004)

how do i change my comments, i didn't click on the thumbs up

Diane & Trev  (27 October 2004)         

New Chef and Wife here now, great home English cooking, friendly atmosphere, kiddy friendly
Family run bar, that can't do enough to make your holiday
We went in May and returned in October, thanks Paula and John for a GR8 holiday xxx

Wendy R  (26 June 2004)         

nice people running the show,they try very hard,my friend was quite hungover one morning and paula sent over good old scrambled egg on toast-it worked!i have little kids and she was helpful and gave us plastic cups(instead of glasses)and proper toast-well done!

Laura S  (14 January 2004)         

absolute rubbish. don't be tempted by their offer of cocktails for a
euro each-they only add the smell of alcohol!!!! VIRAGO RULES

Stephen C  (26 October 2003)         

it speaks for its self three reports in just over a year i am sure its ok if you are half gone or a complete a.... like sophie (see her Maria hotel update)but it looked a bit lost in the 1970s,i never saw anyone in there in the two weeks i was there and all the hotels nearby were fully booked.

Sophie F  (02 September 2003)         

this is the best bar on the resort. the cocktails are the dogs bollocks. and all for 2 euros a go

Blue B  (21 August 2002)         

got absolutely w**kered one night and ended up in the 'dolphin' at six in the morning with my girlfriend and friends. ordered a full english breakfast, was served cheese on toast. one of most surreal nights ever. amazing place, remember a man with a yellow t-shirt and facial hair. bob dillon goat???

Dave W  (08 June 2002)         

Quiet, set at the back of the salt flats up the road past the Apollo Hotel. If you enjoy a quiet drink under the stars away from the sound of traffic, this is it. Never very busy due to its location but you meet the most interesting people here. Eleni, the owner, is the warmest person imaginable. Paul, her son is a brilliant cocktail engineer and shares his mother's warmth.You can also find one of the best value/quality breakfasts in Alykes here. It took us three years to discover the Blue Dolphin, but now we can't stay away. GREEK MAGIC!!!

Dave   (23 March 2001)         

We don't just like it - we love it. Eleni produces the best value breakfast we have had anywhere and her food is only eclipsed by her beautiful personality. Paul creates superb cocktails that don't cost you an arm and a leg. The location, at the back of the salt flats, beyond the Appollo, in a large garden make it a super, quiet place to relax under the stars of an evening

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