Golden Dolphin - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Dave W  (27 July 2004)         

Great place, great view, great food. And the new owners Paula and Richard are lovely people. The food and service here had really gone down the tube over the last couple of years - it was once one of the best places to eat and will soon regain that reputation.
The Friday BBQ we attended was really quite outstanding. We've never had such a quantity of good quality food available for a fixed price 'event'. The follow-up 'quiz' was an absolute hoot!
Breakfasts & snacks are excellent too and Paula and John will go out of their way to make your visit something special.

We'll be back!!!!!

Blue Dolphin Bar - (Bars in Alykes)

Dave W  (18 December 2004)         

Some confusion in the 2004 posts about "The Dolphin" /"Blue Dolphin"/"Golden Dolphin".
The "Golden Dolphin" is on the beach and run (was run) by Paula & Jon who took over in 2004 and were well on the way to to bringing it back up to to popular place it was a few years ago. Sadly they seem to have left, which is a great pity as they worked very hard and were very genuine, warm people and would do anything to help their customers.

The "Blue Dolphin", as was for several years; is now "The Dolphin" and located at the back of the salt flats. Tends to be quiet, but that's how we like it and the folk that do come in are among the most interesting people we meet when in Alykes. If your idea of a good night in Greece is watching footie on TV or listening to a tone deaf, would-be pop idol, blasting your eardrums using a karioke machine, give the place a miss. However if you enjoy decent conversation and meeting interesting people in a fairly quiet rural setting it might be worth giving the place a try.
The cocktails are probably the cheapest in the village.
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Virago Bar - (Bars in Alykes)

Dave W           

Hi Spiro & Vicky.
Do you realise that there are only 3 bars in Alykes rated at 10/10!!! I'm sure you would be right out in front if the rating system went higher.
Have a really good Christmas & New Year.
See you in June '05 and it looks like several other 'regulars will too!
Thanks for adding so much much to our last holiday.

Mr & Mrs 'Roosty Nail' ;-)

Anatolikos - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Dave W           

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Great food. Super service. FANTASTIC location. We always try to have our first meal here just to feel "we've arrived". Also have our final meal and several others too. A super place to eat run by really nice people.

Thanks Olga and Spiros for  adding so much to our annual holiday in Alykes. See you again in June 2006.