Bouka Beach

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Location: In the next bay north of Tsilivi Beach

Getting There: For anyone staying at the top end of Tsilivi near to the Caravel Hotel this is the local beach

Access: Three roads lead down to the beach with easy access

Sunbeds: Yes plenty

Toilets: Yes

Watersports: No

Safe for Kids: Yes, the water is shallow

Food & Drinks: There are bars and restaurants next to the beach

Turtles: No

Seaweed: Not usually a problem

Sand or Pebbles: Fine sand

Car Parking: Not many parking spaces next to the beach but you can park on the road and walk a short distance

Beaches near to Bouka Beach:

Ampoula Beach - Tragaki  (7 Comments)
Ampoula BeachA small sandy beach used mainly by the residents of the neighbouring Plagos Beach Hotel.
Bouka Beach  (7 Comments)
Bouka BeachRight next door to Tsilivi, Bouka beach is usually quieter and more laid-back than its big brother.
Drosia Beach - Zante  (1 Comment)
Tsilivi Beach  (231 Comments)
Tsilivi BeachA big sandy beach able to accommodate everyone from the neighbouring resort and more. Lots of tourist facilities on hand.

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