La Marinara

Restaurants in Agios Sostis

Laura B           

I visited this restaurant several times last year with my boyfriend and we thought the food was good.  In particular the pizzas were very good and reasonably priced.

Regarding the service - it's Greece!  You can't expect the same standard of service as you get in the UK.  The owner of the restaurant was always very pleasant and the food was hot when it arrrived.
I am returning to Zante this year and will be paying La Marinara a visit again!

Kelvin S           

The worst meal in Zante and in Greece, Bad service, Food in one small portion when asked for big, Told someone, they came back with the same dish,Very Poor

Julie B           

This was the worst meal I've ever had, burnt lasagne with cubed ham instead of mince, our bill came to 16 euros we gave them 20 and expected change but we didn't get any, plus we left most of our food and were asked 'why were we leaving such 'nice' food?' DO NOT GO!

David R           


Father and son who didn't have a clue what they were doing!! My girlfriend ordered soup and got her's straight away I had to wait 5 mins until my starter arrived and when it did it was just a plate of meatballs with no garnish or sauce whatsoever! Asked young boy for some ketchup (it was that bad) by the time he came back, 10mins later, I was finished!

Collected plates and took knife and fork off plate and placed them back on table for main course!!! Pizza was burnt - didn't stick around for desserts!! Shocking!!

Joanna S           

well i did order grilled chicken and jacket potato but i got salty chicken it was so salty however my boyfriend loved his peppered steak but we never went back cos i didnt like my meal

Niklas R           

The only thing my grade is based on is the pizza. They may not have the best food outherwise, but they shore have the best pizza on the island

Wesley D           

Keep away. Starters - Prawn cocktail: Prawns were brown and chewy, looked like they had died about a year ago and tasted like it too. Main - Peppered steak: Meat wasnt nice and the pepper sauce was thick and lumpy, I could lift it up with my knive. Filth.