Fanari - (Restaurants in Laganas)

David R  (02 June 2004)         

Went there early on in the holiday and we both had steaks - my pepper steak lacked only one thing (pepper) but apart from that everything was lovely! Even got sparklers with our desserts!!

Friends - (Bars in Laganas)

David R           

One of the best Full English Breakfast you will get on the island - well worth a visit

Garden of Eden - (Restaurants in Laganas)

David R           

My girlfriend and I visited this place twice and rated it our fave restaurant for the holiday. Food was excellent, prices spot on & the service was efficient and friendly.

A must for all holiday makers!!

Georgios - (Restaurants in Laganas)

David R  (02 June 2004)         

We had a sunday roast in here and my god was the portions big!!! Only place where we could not find any room to finish our meals! The service was a bit slow but to be fair they were very busy. Higly recommended.

Ionian Sea - (Restaurants in Laganas)

David R           

Worst restaurant we visited!

Food was reheated rubbish! All dry and no flavour. Service was shockingly bad, all nice until they get you down at your table then they forget about you! Waiter couldn't open wine, cultery was dirty and generally poor.

La Marinara - (Restaurants in Agios Sostis)

David R           


Father and son who didn't have a clue what they were doing!! My girlfriend ordered soup and got her's straight away I had to wait 5 mins until my starter arrived and when it did it was just a plate of meatballs with no garnish or sauce whatsoever! Asked young boy for some ketchup (it was that bad) by the time he came back, 10mins later, I was finished!

Collected plates and took knife and fork off plate and placed them back on table for main course!!! Pizza was burnt - didn't stick around for desserts!! Shocking!!

Olympic Flame - (Restaurants in Laganas)

David R           

Surprised at the bad comments - must have improved a lot for the new season as my girlfriend and I had 2 lovely meals in here, the steaks were especially good.

Give it a try I say!

Tasos Restaurant - (Restaurants in Laganas)

David R           

Not a good start when my girlfriend found a beetle in her prawn cocktail, tho my starter (Spinach & cheese pancakes) was spot on.

Could be better.

Ilios Hotel - (Accommodation in Laganas)

David R           

The best apartments I have stayed in - and I have stayed in quite a few!!

Very clean, ideal location and pleasent staff