Restaurants in Agios Sostis

Gwyneth W          10/10

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Just had our fourth visit to Bougainvillea and we're going back in October
Everything was as wonderful as always - the company, the beautiful surroundings and of course the food.
Thanks to Yianni and Lynda, Elvi and cook Yianni and everyone else, we can't wait to see you all again in a few months!

Melinda T          3/10


I stayed at Bougainvellea with my mom. We arrived at 11 o´clock in the morning and waited in the restaurant, not knowing how long it would take and feeling tired( we didnt sleep that night cause we had to be at the airport at 3)till 1 o´clock to check in!!!! My mom and I are pretty easygoing but not even a sorry from Yannes, he was mad with me for not beiing smiley enough! This gave the start of our holiday a bad tast!
Well, we decided not to have dinner there and we had very nice dinner in beautiful restaurants at the beach with very friendly people!
When we left my mom gave the key and he charged my mom 6 euro´s  for sunbedmatresses we only used once and we paid straight away then. I really think that was his way to pay us back for not eating there! What a shame for the island cause Zakynthos is beautiful and the people very friendly!I can recommend you the restaurant Ole Ole!!!

Gwyneth W           

We've just booked to go for our third time - can't wait.   Yiannis and Lynda are not with with Manos this summer but you can book directly with them through their website

Dave O           

My family ate here 4 times, each time we were pleased with the food, portion sizes, friendly service and atmosphere.

We recommend Moussaka, Grilled Swordfish, Special Pizza & Mixed Grill ..(not all on the same plate though) 

Paul T           

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happy holiday snap at the Bougainvillea

Paul T           

Another great holiday with Yiannis & Linda.Many thanx to all

Andrew H           

I thought the purpose of this web page was to leave comments about the restaurants food, service and price. However Gerry seems to be able to comment on the restaurant whilst openly admitting his group chose NOT TO EAT there.It seems as though he is attempting to corrupt the overall impression given by the majority of guests by constantly re-stating his opinion about issues two years old.  

Andrew H           

pizza was super, kleftico was fab, pastisada was great, special chicken was out of this world. I could go on, but as we ate everything on the menu during our two week stay I'd be typing all day !

Having travelled extensively throughout the world and taken holidays on many greek islands, it is the only restaurant and hotel that my family have returned to for a second year, and plan to go again next year. Yiannis, Linda and the staff will make you feel like a part of the family. 

Gwyneth W           

Well Gerry, all I can say is that I'm very glad I was able to have a fantastic holiday two years running - relaxing in beautiful surroundings, eating delicious food (which was no more expensive than any other restaurant in the area, and I was on a budget too) and best of all enjoying great company and getting a taste of the real Greece and Greek hospitality.



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I agree with you completely Gwyneth.  When we were there, there were new arrivals that had been to the Bougainvillea times before.  I think that speaks volumes.


Gwyneth W           

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Just had another two wonderful weeks at Bougainvillea with Yiannis and Lynda.  The rooms have all been upgraded with air conditioning and there are more tables in the restaurant area.  The food was as great as last year and just as good value.  I still don't accept the negative comments from other reviewers, all guests are treated in a very friendly way, especially the children!!  Once again I urge anyone thinking of going here not to be put off - go and see for yourself!  Also I think it is very wrong to wish ill on someone else's livelihood, especially when so unjustified!  

Sara F           

We stayed at the bougainvellea for 1 week 30th june to 7th july 2005 - and had a wonderful time yiannis and lynda were really friendly and worked very hard to ensure everyone had a great time.  I have a 6 year old daughter who was made really welcome and was given the run of the pool and play area.  Yiannis or lynda did not at any time indicate that children were not welcome - how could they when they have two of their own!  i would really recommend the bougainvellea - the food was excellent and the staff were great -(and we were not ignored for eating elsewhere which we did on numerous occassions) - the greek night was very entertaining and the whole of the complex was very clean. we stayed in the maisonette and it was huge.  The maid came in 3 times a week to clean. I would certainly stay there again.

Danny L           

As Gerry Slawson (November 19, 2004) has pointed out some people are missing the point. Yiannis isn't making money out of the hotel and only out of his restaurant, this is obvious. He doesn't like the fact that people from the UK have cheap package holidays and he makes sure you know it. Gwyneth Williams (November 24, 2004) said she was surprised by the negative comments but she is also missing the point, she says "we actually ate there 5 times" that is why Yiannis treated you differently, if you aren't seen eating there he makes sure all his staff make you as unwelcome as possible which is a strange way to run a hotel and not much fun if you are trying to enjoy a holiday. I would like to think that these comments do put people off staying there so they would give their money to someone who might actually appreciate it.

Gwyneth W           

We had two wonderful weeks at Bougainvillea in July and have already booked to go again next year. I'm very surprised by the negative comments, particularly about Yiannis as we found him to be very friendly, he always worked very hard, especially on Greek night (every other Tuesday)and only seemed to want the best for his guests. In the first week we only ate there once at night and just had snacks during the day, but this didn't seem to change his attitude towards us at all. We were staying in the "damp" basement apartment and found it so refreshingly cool that we've requested it again next year. The whole complex was kept to a very high standard and the pool was always beautifully clean.
The food in the restaurant was excellent and very reasonably priced (we actually ate there 5 times) and I can honestly say we found it the best place to eat in the whole of Agios Sostis. They had a children's menu which my ten-year-old daughter enjoyed very much and none of us had a bad meal there - which can't be said of some of the other places we went to!
If you're thinking of going here please don't be put off by some of the negative reviews - we can't wait to go again!

Gerry S           

I think Paul's missed the point here - if you eat at the Bougainvillea you are treated well - it is after all your money they want, and will go out of their way to get it!
However, if you stay there and eat elsewhere you are treated like dirt - I know, we stayed there 2 years ago and it was a nightmare. We'd booked three rooms, they wanted to try and squeeze us in to two. When we got the third room it wasn't finished. We got covered in plaster dust, the door wouldn't shut/lock - it swung and banged for a week before Yannis got off his lazy backside to fix it - this at 11.45pm!!! We didn't eat there either..........There are far better places in Aghios Sostis who's owners delight in your company whether you spend your hard earned cash there or not.

Paul T           

Liked is an understatement - we loved it and will be returning next year for sure! How Walker and Landon could say those things about the Bougainvillea is amazing - we found the place to be ideallic. Staff worked extremely hard to provide an excellent service especially Linda and Yiannis who worked from very early until late at night with a smile all the time. Food was superb, no need to eat elsewhere. We felt we were staying with family not in some hotel. We would thoroughly recommend this destination to anyone looking for a family holiday.

Danny L           

I Have just read Andrea Walker's comments (October 13, 2004) with great interest as my
wife and I experienced the exact same thing at Bougainvellea and we thought it was just
us. We had a nice welcome and then were blanked for the rest of the week. We had the
impression the owners weren’t interested in the hotel at all and as we didn’t use the
restaurant that much their attitude completely changed making our stay as unwelcome as
Our apartment was big but in the basement and was very damp, the maid didn’t go near
our room to empty bins (important in Greece) or change towels for 3 days. The only time
she did go near our room was to open windows obviously knowing how damp our room
was. If anything wasn’t damp at the start it was after being in the room for a few hours.
As we didn’t have a balcony but only a small area in the shade by the door we had no
dry clothes after a few days.
We also realised that as we didn’t use the restaurant we weren’t welcome by the
pool,conveniently closing it early when we went to use it and making us feel unwelcome
when we did get the chance to go in.
We were both so shocked that hotel owners treated their guests like this – when we
left they hardly said a word to us.
Put it this way we got a better welcome from the Chickens outside each day.

Andrea W           

My family and i stayed at the Bougainvellea for 2 weeks and found on the first night the food and attention from the owners quite welcoming, however, having been to Zante on several occasions, and exploring the other beautiful restaurants in Agios Sostis and Laganas a few nights, we found the attention was very much forgotten and were made to feel quite the opposite. It had been commented by the owners that we "British" get "too good" a deal for our holidays compared to the other holidaymakers staying there and we very much got the impression that you were not welcome there if you did not eat there. We spoke to quite a few other guests who shared in these opinions. The apartment was what we expected but as for "child friendly", which we requested, the standard was very poor. The children, who were the only ones there at the time, were told off for jumping into the pool, using 2 cocktail sticks and standing at a fan!!!! The owners need to remember we all work hard for our family holiday and certainly do not need it overcast by their attitudes and money-grabbing views. On leaving at the end of our holiday our suspicions were confirmed when not even a good-bye let alone a good-bye gift, which most of the others received, was not given. Instead, the water mysteriously went off in our apartment 2 hours prior to vacating it, meaning no showers until we were home!!!! No apology for the inconvenience was offered....... but by then we weren't surprised!

Evelyn C           

Bougainvillea serves very nice food, in quite a nice setting, overlooking the swimming pool, only gripe is its plastic chairs and tables not proper tables, but food is good

Christopher D