Amoudi Taverna

Restaurants in Amoudi

Suzi D           

this place was s**t. it took an hour to get our food at a dead time in the middle of the day. there were 3 couples in there, all looking pissed off with waiting!

Charles D           

I can't recommend this place too highly. Whilst the food was good it wasn't the best you can get but it was in my mind the pick of the places in Amoudi. What made the place special were the owners/waiters. We ate there with our 20 month toddler who they kept entertained and fed all evening. If your travelling with small children this is the place to go. One couple who had a child of about 18 months had just received there meal when the child started to act up (why do they do that?), one of the waiters (Andreas) stepped in to take the child off in its pushchair for about 20 minutes to let the parents and the rest of us eat in peace. Now thats what I call service. The menu is good with an excellent selection of mainly greek dishes. The seafood is very good and is to be prefered to the meat dishes. 10/10