Annes Bar

Restaurants in Amoudi

Paul N           

went to watch the blackburn/wba game on sky, was made very welcome, food was good,and blackburn won

Martin F           

Sorry to say Anna has left Nickos during the winter and returned to England. What used to be an excelent eatery is now just mediocer with a very poor menu. A shame realy because last year it was excelemt

Lyndsey W           

We ate at Anna's Bar/Restaurant quite a lot, the food was the best in the resort, we loved our trip to Amoudi/Anna's so much we're returning to stay at Anna's Apartments in just a few weeks. The service is superb and all food is cooked freshly to order, so sometimes it takes a bit longer than other Greek Restaurants - but it is well worth the wait!!! For more information on Anna's/Billi's Apartments email

Leo A           

We went to Amoudi in'97, and stayed at the Isavella apt. up the hill but spent every day at the only pool then in the village at Anna's, with Anna's Studios next door. This sounds like the same place. We had a wonderful time, she and her family treated us - all - as friends. We didn't need credit cards, cos she let us run up a tab and trusted us to pay. Such a refreshing change. Anybody know who runs the apts. now? We would go back like a shot, such a great place to chill out.

Paul A           

very friendly,nice views out to sea,also rooms to rent next door in the villa which is owned by billi`s tourist shop next door, all same family. this is where i am going next year.

Baz P           

English proprietor, lovely food. Nice atmosphere in a lovely setting, with nice pool. Doesn't accept credit card payment though...