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Accommodation in Vassilikos

Tom J


We also stayed a few years ago and believe no packages available unless T/cook.
Here though is the site to book direct. www.zanteionioholidays.gr/.../ 
Last 2 times in Vassilikos we travelled independant,easy although perhaps more expensive.

Melanie W          10/10

Hi we stayed here a few years ago and had a wonderful time and are trying to book again for next summer. I can't find it listed with any of the travel agents. Not Direct Greece or Thomson - or others. Please do you know how to book it now? We prefer a package thing if possible. Thanks Melanie x

Peter S          10/10

Just back from the best kept secret in zante,if its a holiday to take the stress away then this is the place to go for good food, good appartment,and great friendly people.The beech is just 2mins away and  is safe for kid's and grown up's or just stay by the pool,and let Kostas look to all your need's i, just hope its there next year then we take our grandchildren with us. So go and let you'r self get spoiled as we did .Reguards Peter and Anne.

Shona S

Information required.  We have booked thru direct greece to go to these apartments in Aug09.  Looking at the internet, there is a site for the Katerina Studios & apartments in Porto Roma Vassilikos, but the accommodation buildings are different. The blocks are pink and terracota and they don't mention a pool.  Is this the same place?  The pictures on direct greece show a while apartment block with the pool & theMarina bar.  Is this the same place or it it different? 

It seems a bit confusing?  Just wondered if anyone could clarify what was what?  Would be grateful for any information anyone can give.

John S          1/10

well thanks for all your opinion's of me and my dad. but i still say that holiday was crap and appartments where even worse than that.

if you like a half star hotel this is the one for you. We only stay in up to 3 star hotels/ appartments and this one was worse than one in morocco. which is in the 3rd world. I think i have said enuf. Good luck and all the best to you all.
P.S get out before the hotel falls down. with that biggggg crack all the way up it.

Denise L          10/10

Hi Will, that wonderful rep was Jenny Cassidy and she was the best rep I ever had anywhere. She went the extra mile all the time.

I'm sure you'll still love it there.I hate places like Laganas as well.
Janet has written that everything is still ok in Paradise.

Janet W          9/10

Do not despair, Kostas and co were  very friendly and helpful.

Having just returned from the Katerina, we have had a great holiday and this is on our list of possible future returns. Enjoy!

Will L

Hi Denise

Thank you for your prompt response.  Loved reading your posts too.  I must admit, I was sad to hear Joanna and Yannis (John) have moved on but more concerned with so many negative comments.  Admitedly, most of these were made by people that seem very reliant on the rep and typically they're not that good anywhere really.  That said there was an excellent rep who I believe lives on the island so standards were always going to be hard to maintain when she moved on.  I am puzzled that I booked through girect greece again but from notes on here it looks as though the rep or ownership is now Tompson??
I've also really talked this place up with my partner so hope it still meets my expectations as this will be her first time here.
In summary, I'm a little apprehensive but I am independant and always explore the island/town etc wherever I stay so, assuming I can still rent a relaible car, I will again enjoy the beauty of this area and the rest of the island.  I'll also sit back, pick up a book and enjoy the rest - but I will make a point of raising a glass of Matheus to dear John Smith.  For he is the reason I avoid the 'laganas' of the world.
Happy posting

Will L

I love this place and so want to go back but having problem identifying the apartments.  I need to know the number of the one on the top floor in the middle (the one that steps out) with pool view.  Stayed in it before and have a nostalgic reason for needing to go back to that same apartment.  Any help?


Janet W

 Many Thanks. Am really looking forward to our holiday, the reviews have been helpful and very entertaining! Will report back on our return

Denise L          10/10

H Janet,there are no safety deposit boxes at the Katerina but quite honestly it is crime free there.

You can change travellers cheques and money at the Marina bar,which is next to the Katerina.
Also just 5 minutes away on the main road are several supermarkets which exchange as well.
We usually used the deli next to the coffee house.
Have a great time.

Janet W

Please help as Direct Greece seem unable to answer any query. Are safety deposit boxes available at the Katerina? How close are the money exchange facilities? Smile

Denise L          10/10

Forgot to add a rating last time so thought I'd better go back in and put top marks in for them.

Denise L

John Smith, It is a beautiful area and the people are wonderful. You are obviously not the type of person who should be at this resort. It is a quiet village and this is explained in all the brochures I have read.

Maybe you should have gone to Laganas.
The strip of metal appeared on the apartments in about the year 2000.It was not there in 1999 and was the result of a small quake.The building is structually sound and it's just to cover the crack so as people don't worry about it.
The quakes happen all the time.We have always had tremors there.I'm sure we've had one every year we've been. We've had them on other islands too but then that's what happens in Greece.
It's a shame that Thomas Cook have taken over the area as we've heard bad reports about them from everyone who's been to Greece this year with them.
I'm sure all you long timers like us can remember the wonderful Jenny Cassidy, the best Rep. I've ever had anywhere.She was so caring and always remembered her regulars. She lives on the island still but has not been repping for a few years now. I miss her. We'll have to start a 'Bring back Jenny' campaign. Ha Ha
For all of you going for the 1st time do not take any notice of John Smith. If you like quiet places with beautiful people, you'll love it. The tavernas are fantastic and I'm envious of you all, as we're trying Lefkada this year. I'm sure I'll enjoy it but my heart is in Vasilikos.
Happy holidays,

Jim B          10/10

I'll second the comments by Sheila.
Vassilikos is an ideal resort for those of us who love Greece.
Those who want the nightlife can go to Lagannas, or better still somewhere other than Greece.
We did have an eartquake when we were there: about 35 miles away on the mainland and 6.4 on the Richter scale. The apartments rattled a bit but there were absolutely no problems as all the post 1953 buildings are designed to cope.
As far as ratings are concerned:
Vassilikos: 10
Thomas Cook: 0 (a big zero)
Rep: Less than zero.
Kostas at the Marina pool bar: 10
Flights: Night flight from Glasgow (originally booked with Direct Greece as day flight) Changed without any choice and didn't find out about day flight possibility until we saw it on the Departures notice board.
Many of our fellow passengers made us ashamed - load, foul-mouthed, drunk and obscene and no attempt by the cabin crew to control them.


Sheila A          10/10

Matthew, do NOT take any notice of John Smith.  We have been going to this resort for the last three years and were there when John and his father were (in May) and all he did was moan  He should have done his homework before he went to Vassilikos and found out just what the village and the resort was all about. His comment about the taxi ride and more lively place would have been horrible Argassi or Laganas We stayed in the Katerina and yes they do have earth tremors but as Gordon says it is no secret that the Greek Islands suffer from them - we still keep going back  The only positive thing John talked about was the views - fabulous.  The birds - well what can I say don't you have birds where you come from John?!!!  The gunshots were unusual but it was nothing more sinister than the locals out shooting in the forest.  Thomas Cook are now the agents and not Direct Greece and believe me it shows.  Their rep was not good at all, we had to tell her about Vassilikos and some of the apartments and she has lived in Argassi for 2 years!  We think Thomas Cook need to get their finger out and get a rep who loves this resort for what it is and not paying more attention to the livelier places.  There are still some of us out there who like quiet resorts  They also need to have a more regular presence at the resort (you had to make appointments when we were there and sometimes she didn't even show)  We really didn't need her as we've been before but there were a lot of newcomers arriving who needed to know things.  There was no welcome meeting like in the days of Direct Greece.  You are basically dumped and left to fend for yourselves.  If you need any help or information you would be better asking Kostas who now runs the Marine Pool Bar (John and Joanna are no longer there).  He is lovely and very, very helpful.  In fact Thomas Cook should pay him a wage as he did more than the rep!  We were perhaps the guinea pigs as this is the first season in Vassilikos for them, so hopefully they have taken on board some of the comments that were made by us and others whilst we were there.  Hopefully all the teething problems will have been sorted out by the time you are there in July Matthew, but don't let them put you off.   It's a fantastic place and I hope you return time and time again as a lot of us do.  We will be back next year - ENJOY

Gordon B          10/10

Oh dear John - My wife and I have been going to this village for more than 10 years. Yes it is quieter than a lot of resorts, but that is why we go back!!!! There is no secret that Greek Islands (and the mainland) suffer from occasional earth tremors - we've had a few - but there is never much damage. Tinika in the supermarket you mention is only safeguarding her stock. The holiday was simply the wrong choice FOR YOU.

Tom J          10/10


Before i give my opinion on this village and accommodation,please take the time to visit,
Zanteweb/forums/vassilikos.or,Zante messageboard/forums.
Here you will find views from those of us that were so impressed we return time and again.
These will be honest reviews,such as those you have read from Denise.
Have no fears for the holiday you have booked.  

Matthew C

Really worried about the comments of John Smith on May 12th.  I have booked a holiday there for July with Direct Greece.  Why should there be a crack in the building do they get earth tremours there??  Not too worried about it being quiet because that how I like it.  So has anyone else  been there and noticed the crack!!

John S          1/10

 Don't go to this hotel. there is no staff to help you out and no reception area if your flight is after the 12noon check out.

me and my dad tried to keep a room on as our flight didn't go till the next day at 07.30 and we had to check out at 12 noon the day before. As there are only nine rooms there you can't keep a room on. so we had to get a room at the hotel across the road.
Plus the hotel has a big crack in it all the way from the top to the bottom hidden by some metal strips and plastic ones at the back.
we got there on monday morning and the towels were changes on tuesday and thursday and that was it.
now taxi from there to a more lively place was 17 euro which is about 14 now and then it is 14 back.
so if i was you i would not go to this resort, as totally dead
And everyday we where woken by tens of bird singing and on 2 mornings we where awoken by GUNSHOTS yes gunshots.
One thing that was good was the views very very good, but when you went for a walk i have never seen so many plastic bottles ever i think it is the plastic bottle capital of the world they where everywhere.
worst  holiday i have ever had.

Denise L           

We've not been that late,but Tinika in the deli has told us it's quite alright still.

Obviously it's a green island so it does get rain.We've had storms there in mid August.
There's a big thunderstorm going on today, as I've just looked at the webcam that's overlooking Turtle Island in Laganas bay.
The people there are great and you'll really enjoy it.
We're off  to there on the 11th of Sept.

Elizabeth B

Going here mid October, what's the weather and resort like at this time?

Denise L           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeHi folks,just posting a few photos of the Katerina apartments.

Mandy G           

Just came back from Katerina Apartments - the place was very pretty and the John and Joanna at the Marina pool snack bar were lovely.  Spent a lot of time at the pool and it was very quiet.  Hope to go back again soon.

Sue S           

Very clean, maid service 3 times a week (change sheets and clean towells, etc). Our Reps Jenny and Gemma were brilliant.

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