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Accommodation in Vassilikos

Tony W           

We enjoyed our holiday at the louis imperial so much in 2005 that we are returning in 2006,the quality of the surroundings were tranquil during the day(we spent most days on the maveratsi beach).Evenings were very enjoyable,good shows for both juniors and adults and if you wanted peace you could choose between various bars.The rooms were kept very clean ,we had a family room which had three beds in ,not quite sure if they are available with four beds but there was room.Excursions were available every day(zakfari 4x4 trip recommended,great day out fun and exitng ,our excellent giude was simon from hastings)The staff at the hotel were polite and courtious and always there to help,the beach is down some quite steep steps but there was a lift available,we used the steps(good exercise after lazing on beach all day)The other holiday makers dutch,italalian and german,uk were a minority  and everyone was pleasant.All in all thoroughly recommended bit maybe not for the elderly or infirm.Thank you louis imperial beach staff.

Andrew J

I was looking at booking for next summer (2006) and wanted to know about the room sizes. A family room is more expecsive and wanted to know if the rooms are large enough to accomodate 2 adults and 2 children and the layout of the room? Are the rooms split to afford some privacy or are the 4 beds put into the 1 room. If we have to request a family room we will, but were interested to know if the 'normal' rooms were large enough. Many thanks.

Alan J           

Beautifully clean hotel, friendly staff, clean pool, would recommend louis hotels to anyone.

Location- one of the most beautiful parts of the island.
Quietness- Very quiet, ideal for a relaxing holiday, used the palazzo di zante pool during the day as it was easy to get sunbeds and was very quiet. The only lively area was the dionyssos bar (or dialysis bar as it became affectionately known) which was open till 1am. Which served as an ideal place to go after the animation team entertainment had finished.

Food and drink- little bit samey by the end of 2 weeks but the themed nights bought variety, bought there is always plenty of fresh salad and veg as well as a range of meat dishes. If you like curry have one before you leave on your trip is at was sadly never on the menu. Insane amounts of booze is always available for consumption,lowenbrau is the all inclusive lager, very nice as well.

Entertainment- this was organised by a lively bunch of italians and one fin when we were there. they did an excellent job and their work clearly meant a lot to them and this shone through in everything they did. (pea soup la la la la la la pea soup)

The greek sewerage system factor- it is not possible to flush paper down the loo over there, but bathroom bins are changed everyday so it generally isn't that vile.

Stephen M           

We came we saw we fell in love with. After being transfered to our hotel we were booked in and shown to our rooms with the help of the hotel porter. One of the things we noticed straight away was how cleen the hotel was in all areas and that all the staff were very friendly. We were very lucky to have a family room that was at the top of the hotel and when we opened the curtains onto the balcony the view was stunning. We could overlook the whole of the beach and surrounding bay. This view is not available from all the rooms. I would recomend that you take a walk round the hotels to help find your way around the complex as there are 3 hotels all in the same area.
FOOD. If you go and cant find anything to eat then get your taste buds checked by a doctor.I myself am a fussy eater but every day I was presented with a very wide range of food all fresly prepaired, meat ,veg and salads are all available the choice is yours. Let your taste buds run wild especially with the local dishes.
LOCATION. This hotel is located at the far end of the island and is very secluded. At night there is no road lighting and it is therefore very dificult to go for long walks, however the complex is well lit so a small relaxing stroll is posible.
ENTERTAINMENT. A small dedicated team of people provide a wide range of entertainment during the day and a stage show at night if you want to join in. We enjoyed every show we saw and were kept well entertained.
SUMMARY. If you want a quiet relaxing holiday then this is the place for you. If you want to see the island then daily excursions are available. We came home heavier than we went but extreamly well relaxed. The staff were fantastic and treated us well at all times.

Ellen L           

Hi - thanks to the people who bothered to put some information about this hotel. It's nice to see positive things about the hotel you have just booked. Am going on 7 September for a week. We havent booked a transfer from the airport to the hotel as travel agent told us it was about 12. Since then I have heard so many different stories - one being that it would take up to half an hour? I know the island isnt that big but I dont know roughly how long = can anyone help? Thanks

Theresa M

please can you tell the evening dress code for the restaurant eg smart but casual for the men long trousers or can they wear shorts thank you

Darran & Trudy           

Hi we are hopling to find all the above.

We are flying out of EAST midlands airport on 1/8/04 00:55 WITH jmc
if there is any one going around the same date please do drop us a line
If any one as any tips for us to make our stay better then please do let us know.


Elle B           

Myself (23)and my partner(29) have just returned home(11lb heavier!!) to sunny England(!) after a GREAT All Inclusive holiday at the Louis Imperial Beach Hotel. The hotel hosted predominantly English holiday makers who all spoke and had a giggle with each other which was nice. Weather was fantastic, hot and sunny every day which was suprising after reading the weather forecast for Zante before we went.
We had a very big bedroom (cleaned daily) consisting of twin beds pushed together along with a third bed along the wall, masses of storage and hanging space, a great big bathroom with bath and shower and balcony (fairly small). The bedroom that you get is picked from a hat we think as other couples that we met with the same holiday criteria as ourself had either similar to ours with a seaview, studio appartments with kitchen..or even rooms with their own private swimming pool!! If you are not happy with your room, the hotel staff are very happy for you to move providing they have rooms available.
The sea was amazing...crystal clear, shallow waters. Paying for sunbeds was annoying mind, 4euros each...but worth it for a comfy day on the beech. Watersports stupidly priced - 50euros for 15mins on the jetskis!
The food we found very satisfactory...and thats good coming from my partner who happens to be a chef! The lunchtime buffet meal in the very big beach bar we found much better than any other meal and generally consisted of freshly BBQ'd chicken/pork/chops, fresh salads and bread, fish, potatoes,chips and nuggets for the kids etc also a lots of brightly coloured calorific cakes that you can't help but eat!
The drinks and icecreams being free all day was great...especially as there is such a wide variety available (the fave tipple being pints of rum/coke and gin/tonic!!They also have lowenbrau lager on draft!) Also, if you brought a bottle of water from the supermarket (there is one about 10min walk from the hotel or a more expensive one in the next hotel) they will fill it up with mineral water for you at the bar!
We went for a quietish hol and there certainly isn't really anything interesting to see or do in the hotels in the evening apart from drink! Therefore one night took us on an adventure into Argassi which was a 15min taxi ride (10-12euros) for a bigger night out - and it was buzzing! Lots of bars (most of which turn into clubs come 12)and shops. Easy to get a taxi home at 4am too!
Anyway, we'd go back...there is something for everyone!

M F           

the hotel is beautiful, very nice staff,and the service is fantastic. wide variety of food, altough not much if you venture out of the hotel. lots of entertainment during the day - if your a good sport. lots of watersports on the beach. the restaurant on the beach is excellent and the beach party is one of the best nights. entertainment team are very good with the kids. overall brilliant holiday would definatley go back

Jaime-leigh P           

Some of the comments on this hotel don't do it justice. My family and I had a wonderful time and I personally thought it was the best holiday I have ever had. The hotel staff were wonderful, friendly, and most were very good speakers of english. The resaturant and pool bar staff in particular were very friendly. During the holiday I had a birthday. When the resaurant staff discovered this they baked a delicious cake especially for the occasion (sparklers, singing happy birthday, the works) and made it a truly memorable evening.
The animation team hired by the hotel were fluent in many languages and made a real effort to involve people in games. They had a great rapport with many of the guests and their enthusiasm was incredible! The evening shows they put on varied quite a bit. Some of them you had to think, ok, that was really cheesy, but others had people in hysterics. The fire show that they performed (involving huge displays of fire and amazing tricks) was absolutely incredible.
The location was a bit cut off from the rest of the island. It wasn't the best hotel for club goers but it did mean that it was quieter, and hotel guests had almost exclusive rights to Mavratzis beach (which also offered a wide selection of watersports.) The courtesy bus provided by the hotel was more than adequate to get you into town and back and made several trips in a day. The only shop in the hotel was, to be fair, very overpriced. However, going into town was not much trouble at all so it would only have really affected those too lazy to explore Zakynthos town and Argassi.
There were a great deal of steps down to the beach so this isnt really a hotel for those unable to walk many stairs. An elevator will take you most of the way but not all of it.
On the beach was a beach bar and a lunch time restaurant. All of the bars offered a wide selection of soft and alcoholic drinks to all inclusive guests, and the beach restaurant made a nice change to having to eat food in the same place all the time. The food itself was admittedly not much to shout about. There was a great selection of fresh fruit and desserts, and always bread and soup. However the main meals were quite repetitive and not exactly designed for the vegetarian.
If offered the chance to go back to this hotel, I would seize it with both hands. It was the best hotel I have ever stayed in and I would recommend it to anybody, especially those with a family and hose seeking a relaxing holiday!

Linda G           

not long been back, stayed here last 2 years. the food is good the hotel is superb, very clean and nicely decorated. entertainments not too good but a holiday is what you make of it, also good entertainment at the other hotels . is in a very quiet area but ther is enough going on between the 3 hotels. very nice beach and beach party held weekly- fantastic night. the entertainers are very friendly and will do anything to help. hotel staff are also very nice porters always at hand when arriving or leaving the hotel

Angela F           

Overall I was very disappointed with this hotel. The majority of staff weren't very friendly and a few imparticular were very ignorant. We went all-inclusive and found that even though the choice of drinks were good the food was poor and repetative. We were very disappointed that the sun loungers and parasols ( on beach) wasn't included in the all inclusive deal as they were 8 euro(each) a day to hire so we opted to lie on our beach towels and also more watersports should have been included in the deal. I wasn't impressed with the room which I was given as it was very small and you couln't even swing a cat round on the balcony in was that tiny, and there was a repulsive smell every evening coming from our bathroom. The daytime activities were ok if you like waterpolo, volleyball and splash aerobics but didn't appeal to my family. What can I say about the evening entertainment other than it was diabolical! It was so bad you had to laugh. The mini disco was enjoyed by my young daughter but was very short and played the same cheesy songs in the same predictable order every night for fourteen nights which was very boring indeed. If you need to purchase any items while you are here do go on the courtesy hotel bus into Argassi as the hotel supermarket is extortionate over double the price and the woman running the shop is completley rude as you will get tutted if you give her change. (She prefers notes). The location wasn't very good as there were tonnes of steps to climb back up if you spent the day at the beach and this included using the lift (which was always out of order by the way). This hotel would be fine if you were German or Italian as they do get preferential treatment were as the English people and their needs get completley ignored. Overall I was very disappointed with my holiday at the Louis Imperial Beach and won't be returing to any Louis Hotels in the future

Nina H           

We thought the Hotel was excellent. Food choice and quality excellent and friendliness of staff excellent. We read all comments on this hotel and location, so was really pleased with it being more than we expected. If you have a complaint about this hotel, you've booked the wrong holiday. This hotel and location is not suitable for very young or the infirm, as it has lots of steps (97 to beach below, which includes using the lift!!)it is also not the place for people who want to party all night, as it is quite isolated from the other tourist areas or any other form of life. This hotel is ideal for couples and families of children aged over 5 years. The evening entertainment is terrible, but kids enjoy it. Most of the day time activities didn't appeal to my kids(aged 11 and 16), but they were happy to play beach volley, table tennis and mess in the pool or on the beach; watersports on the beach are very expensive 18 euros for a pedalo for half hour, 8 euros for 2 sun loungers on the beach. We were all inclusive, which was brilliant as drinks are very expensive about 2 for coke and 4 for a cocktail.The pool slide costs 1 euro for 2 rides and is not included in "all inclusive" package.
We would definately go back there; comments from other guests included saying the choice of drinks was poor-we thought the opposite- 14 cocktails,4-5 beers,wine, umpteen spirits,pepsi, 7-up plus loads of other cold and hot drinks. If they wanted to drink their normal local tipple they should have stayed at home in their local pub!!
Part of holidaying abroad is eating and drinking like the local people.

Phil P           

I'm hoping it's going to be . .

Phil P           

We are staying here for two weeks from May 12th, 2002, will give assessment on return.

Nicola B

wheres the golden bay hotel?

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