Plaza Hotel - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Valerie A           

Hi Helen

You were looking for George's e-mail address. As far as I am aware the address is Hope the address I have given you gets you in touch with George before you go out on your holiday. Have a nice time.Val

Laganas Resort - (Resorts in Zante)

Valerie A           

I got back from a 3 week holiday last Sunday which I thoroughly enjoyed and did not want to come home as usual.

Whilst there a friend of mine was with me for the first 10 days of my hol. I was then on my own. Was rather down when my friend went home but I went on Trips i.e. Zante Town, Shipwreck & Tour of the Island by Coach. They were all very good. The rest of my time was spent sunbathing. I even still ate out at the Restaurants once I was left on my own. The Waiters always welcomed me and looked after me so I did not feel odd eating on my own. My last stop was usually drinking in The Persipolin Restaurant Bar. The staff in here were very friendly and nice to me, especially Zeros. Anyone who goes in here in there hols please say hi to Zeros from Val (Campari Scotland).

I so wish I was still in Laganas, miss the weather and the people very much. Would like to go back this year but think it will be next year or I can afford to return for the ninth time. 30 mins. rain for the whole of my 3 week holiday. Can't be bad!!

Does anyone know if you text a Greek Mobile No. from the UK do you have any other numbers to put in front of the mobile number first?

Anyone going to Laganas soon I am so jealous and hope you all have a wonderful time when you are there as it is usually very quick in passing so make the most of it. Remember you're not there for a long time so make it a "GOOD TIME".

Direct Holidays - (Tour Operators in Zante)

Valerie A  (16 August 2004)         

Can't believe Pierre is still there. My Sister & I had him as a Rep last year while staying at The Rania Apartments in July. He definitely has a chip on his shoulder. I had a Camera stolen last year at the beginning of my holiday and was promised a copy of the Incident Report I completed and gave to him. I asked him countless times in Laganas about this and gave up. As we got on the Coach to the Airport going home he told me he would give me this before my flight left for my Insurance Claim. He never turned up after waiting an hour on him beside Passport Control. To me I don't know what his purpose as a Rep is. He did a Welcome Meeting on the first day but I felt if you didn't book any trips with him he did not want to know you. Give him his due, he did his visits when he was supposed to be at my Apartments but all he wanted to do was sit and chat to people or watch Satellite TV. He was a waste of space. Makes you wonder what he would do in a proper Emergency happening while you were on holiday like ending up in hospital. He had to deal with a Break-In below our Apartments the day we left. We felt sorry to the people it happened to as they had just arrived there and we had not faith in him at all. Full of promises and nothing. Chased him for 2 weeks and never got my Insurance Claim fulfilled as Pierre never gave me my report. He's useless and lazy. I know Reps are not well paid but he took on the job so should fulfill his duties.

Laganas Resort - (Resorts in Zante)

Valerie A           

Hi Phil. Thanks for your help regarding Greek Mobile Number.

Have a wonderful time on 10th September. I so wish it was me going back this year. Since 1999 I have been going to Zante, usually twice a year. I am booked for going back but not until next year on 5th June for a week and then 3rd July for two weeks staying at Plaza 2. A couple of years ago I stayed in the Hotel Australia for a week as a late deal. I know where the Zante Dora Apartments are but have never stayed there.

I always feel that going to Laganas for your holiday is like going home. Over the years I have met many people who go every year. The place is so friendly.

Orange - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Valerie A  (23 August 2004)         

Down the Main Strip once you come to Cozy Corner, turn to your left, go up that side street and on your right at the end of this street opposite Bananas Bar you will find it.

Stasantas - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Valerie A           

This is nearer to the Strip.

Plaza Hotel - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Valerie A           

I have stayed in Plaza 1 & Plaza II Apartments.

Plaza 1 were the only apartments in 1999. I was impressed with these apartments at that time but all the action was on the spot there before Plaza II opened in 2000. My Sister & I stayed in these apartments again in 2000 but felt they went downhill after the Bar, Reception etc. and all the rest of the facilities were moved to Plaza II. George, the owner seemed to forget Plaza I existed. People had no consideration for other people on holiday there at that time as you have mentioned e.g. noise at all hours of the day or night, pool wasn't cleaned etc. I would not specifically book to stay in Plaza 1 now at all as I look on these apartments only as a place to put your head down and get sleep if your lucky from what I have heard of other guests that have stayed there in recent years.

I stayed in Plaza II Apartments in 2001. It was very nice then when we stayed there. Couldn't complain about the place at all.

This year I stayed in Plaza II again. Firstly, upon arriving the Fridge had not been defrosted on previous occupants departing. I defrosted the Fridge myself in error by pushing a button inside the Fridge, but in the end this was to my benefit. George did see to this problem immediately I reported it.

I also had a problem with the roof in my Bathroom. The first night I was there I saw a pool of water on the bathroom floor that was coming from the roof above. I reported this to George and he saw to the problem again immediately. The water was coming through to my room when the occupants in the room above me were having a shower. They were obviously having the water on at quite a force and their shower bowl was then overflowing. Blokes were above me at first. Once they went home the problem stopped. I was on the bottom floor of the apartments.

I was staying there the first 3 weeks of July. The first week was peaceful enough. I had a nice couple next door to me with a 3 year old. The next 2 weeks were terrible but more at night from 7 P.M. 3 Blokes were staying next door. They used to play their music really loudly and get absolutely wrecked with alcohol. Eventually at 12.30 P.M. they used to go out for the evening at last after disturbing everyone else staying within our block. I know people let their hair down when on holiday but this was beyond the joke. They had no consideration for other people at all. They also used to be shouting and banging doors until they went out. I never complained but other people next door to them did. They did get told off as the Rep. told me about it one day but obviously did no good so I was glad to get home for some peace at night once they arrived. Unfortunately, I had to put up with them for 2 weeks until my holiday ended. I was quite lucky that most nights I was never home until 2 A.M. from 9 P.M. but the few nights I did experience them was really irritating. To me they should have been told to be quieter and consider other people more or be thrown out of the apartments and put home. I was glad I had no young children with me as they would never have got any sleep but other families unfortunately did have to put up with this problem.

If I haven't been staying in George's Apartments I have always used his facilities since 1999. Up until this year I could not have complained at all about anything within his accommodation or facilities. This year there seemed to be a lot of 18-30s age group staying there. A lot of them were very loud and took over the pool etc. This place used to cater for all age groups and families without any problem. My Sister & I are more peach people which is just as well as the odd day or two it was not nice sitting at the pool due to rowdy people. A lot of people that come to these Apartments have came back year after year. I hope this year has not put people off staying there.

Apart from the above complaints I did have a good holiday here and would still go back again to this accommodation but would hope George is going to tighten things up a bit as regards the minority of rowdy people spoiling things for other guests. George and his family are all very nice friendly people and go out of their way to make their guests stay enjoyable so let's hope this place is not going to be taken over and ruined by 18-30s crowd. Not all were like this but a good majority of them were.

My Sister & I go to the Clubs etc. as well every night and enjoy a good drink on holiday the same as everyone else but let's respect other people on holiday as well.

At Plaza II, George and his family have Karaoke Nights, Weekly Barbacue Nights, Film Showings etc. Also, they do very good food during the day and evening. They try their best to cater for everyone and all age groups but let's respect the family as well.

Ollie (Manos Rep.) to me was a very good Rep. and I did not envy his job with all the complaints he was receiving from guests while I was there in July as they always seemed to be mainly about "rowdy guests".

Anyone thinking of booking a holiday at Plaza II don't hesitate to book as let's not let the 18-30s minority of people take over this accommodation.

Laganas Resort - (Resorts in Zante)

Valerie A           

I would agree with you that these "Albanian Gypsy Pickpockets" are a nuisance. Since 1999 my sister & I have been going to Laganas and they even come into the Restaurants while you are eating which is very irritating. They are thieves so be warned.

It is a disgrace that children of their age are roaming around Laganas until all the hrs. of early A.M. The older "Flowersellers" are just as bad and are very rude if you don't buy even if you are polite. Why would a Female buy another Female a Rose? They are very persistent. I got a whack from one of them on the back (Older Female) as I refused to buy so now totally ignore them all.

This year in July down the Beach and down the Strip at night there were about three young children playing "Bongo Drums" in your earhole while you were lying sunbathing looking for money. Most irritating. They were usually outside Stasantas/Marabou Snackbar/Baywatch.

Manos Holidays - (Tour Operators in Zante)

Valerie A  (08 September 2004)         

I was impressed with my Rep (Ollie) while staying at Plaza 2. On getting off the Bus from the Airport he even took my Case up to the Reception of my accommodation and it was really heavy. I really appreciated his help as it was also really hot at the time I got there late afternoon. He did the usual Welcome Meeting without being pushy about booking trips. I had booked a Coach Tour of the Island and the bus never showed up. On him doing his usual visit to the Apartments I told him what had happened later that A.M.. I then got a choice of either my money back or booking again the next week with no questions asked and the next week the Bus did show up and I had an enjoyable time. He got lots of complaints within Plaza 1 and Plaza 2 and I felt he dealt with them to the best of his ability.

Plaza Hotel - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Valerie A           

Hi Pinny & Mike

I note your comments about enjoying Steak Dinners in the first Restaurant at the end of the dirt track on the right whilst you stayed at this accommodation. Was this The Persipolis Restaurant? I enjoyed many a night there when I was on my own on holiday in July once my friend went home. The staff in there were all very friendly, especially Zeros the owner. I also got friendly with their PRs as well. They always took the time to chat to me even if I was by myself. I always felt relaxed in here and it was my last call for drinks in the evening before going back to Plaza II. The food in there was good and also reasonably priced.

I have stayed in Plaza I a while ago and Plaza II more recently and would agree that George and the family always make you welcome and any complaints I have ever had are always rectified A.S.A.P.

Next year I am booked to stay there in June (1 Week) and July (2 Weeks). I am really looking forward to it as usual and I have been staying at this family's apartments since 1999.

Pallas Hotel - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Val A           

Glad to see there is another female who travels to Laganas on her own.  A few people seem surprised at this being done.  I always travelled with company until I went a week on my own in 2003 and last year I went on my own for 3 weeks.  Last year I met with company for the first 10 days and then I was on my own for the rest of my holiday.  I thoroughly enjoyed both holidays.  At least you can do what you want and when you want when on your own.  Sometimes it can get a bit lonely in the evenings if you have not met with company but I can't remember being bored at all.   Have been going to Laganas since 1999 so have got to know a few of the locals by going into their Restaurants etc.  Haven't stayed in this Hotel but have found the people in Laganas very friendly over the years I have been going to this resort.  This year I intend going to Laganas once more but not sure when.  Will bear this Hotel in mind if travelling on my own in the future as I like a place that makes you feel at home.


Zante Doro Studios - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Valerie A           

Hi Alison

Note you have stayed here recently.  Am booked to stay here in August for a week.  Glad you enjoyed your stay.  I was wondering if you could be so kind as to answer some of questions below that I have about these apartments.  Hope you can put me at ease about having booked to stay here>
Do the rooms have a Kettle & Fridge?  How are the showers for hot water?  Are the bins in your room emptied every day and are the owners quite friendly?  Do they live within the Apartments?  Are there various age groups of people that stay here?  Is it quite peaceful for sleeping later on at night?

Apollon - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Valerie A           

This Restaurant is beside the Zante Park Hotel up the quieter end of Laganas.  The service and meal here that you get are both very good.  Have been going here since 2002 and always go back at some point while I am on holiday.  Last year I was on my own for 10 days after my friend had left the island and I was treated very well.  Their Vegetable Spring Rolls are excellent.  There is a varied menu to choose from.  You also get ample to eat and is certainly good value for money.  After your meal you also get a free drink as a thank you.  It is a peaceful setting to have your meal away from the hustle and bustle of  the main strip.  The Waiters are also very polite.   This restaurant is a short stroll from the main resort but well worth it.


Zante Doro Studios - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Valerie A           

Can anyone who has stayed here recently let me know if these Apartments have Air Conditioning or a Ceiling Fan as I know from experience that staying here in August could be rather hot trying to sleep at night?

Bolero - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Valerie A  (24 August 2005)         

Can well recommend this Restaurant for a meal.  Have ate in here a few times since last year.  I am just back from Laganas for a week on my own and was always made to feel welcome here.  Always got my usual table every night.  A special thank you to all the staff, especially Margaret and Dennis.  The food is to die for in here, especially the Grilled Prawns.  They are the best in Laganas.  The service in here was also very good as was the price.  Your meal  got served quickly and was always well presented.  Missing them all very much for their nice company and also the Campari & Soda.    

Akropolis Restaurant - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Valerie A           

Had a very enjoyable meal here in July.  The Zakynthian Chicken Dish was very very tasty.  Their Garlic Bread is also very nice.  It is a very peaceful setting to have your meal away from the hustle and bustle of the Main Strip.  The people serving here were also very nice and you did not have long to wait on your meal.  Good choice on the menu as well.  Would definitely recommend this place to eat out.

Agrillia Hotel - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Valerie A           

I stayed here in June 2003 for a week on my own.  The rooms were nice.  Cleaners emptied the bins every day and cleaned the room.  There was plenty hot water here for a shower.  The pool was very nice and around the pool was spotless.  With being on my own I was luckly to befriend two blokes from London who I went to the nightlife with.  If it hadn't been for them I would not have been there as to me for a woman on her own it was not safe at night to walk back late on at night to the hotel.  There are a few nice Restaurants close by to eat in.  Round the corner there is a Supermarket where you can exchange money.  The walk to the beach was too far in the heat.  It would have taken about 30 mins. to get there so I never bothered.  I just sunbathed at the pool and there was never a problem in getting a sunbed.  The Pool Snack Bar had nice food but wish there had been more of a variety.  At night the bar usually shut around  midnight depending on if there were a lot of people in or not.  You also got peace to sleep at night here as it is in a quiet area of the resort.  Taxis home to here cost 6 Euros.