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Joolz I  (10 October 2007)        10/10

    Well done Manos!! Good vaue for money..rep at Timotheos and in Argassi was lovely..and was where she was upposed to be when she said sh was!!! Thanx for recomending Legends for the Sunday dinner Couldn't eat another thing the rest of the day!!! Timotheos we brill and all in all had a nice time!!!

Phil E  (16 July 2007)        5/10

same as dawn really. no problems but nothing special.

Dawn S  (29 May 2007)        8/10

No probs really and would def book with them again

Julie I  (26 October 2006)         


   Manos..well..they are good value for money!! Flights with Mytravel comfortable and on time..almost!! Transfers quick..once the coach turned up..which it did after about 15 mins..and this was after about 30 mins waiting for the luggage!! Accomodation..well we liked it..but others were a bit disappointed The Emily..brilliant location..but needs a bit of a interior new knives..forks cups etc!!! But we enjoyed we neva cooked in there..really only used it for sleeping and showering! a funny thing..they were noticable by their abscence!! Transfer girl..nice enuff..welcome meeting girl  Felicity..nice enuff..but was moving resort the next neva saw her again..supposedly new girl Naomi taking over!! Strange..but we never saw Naomi..although she did manage to pop round the nite before we left (when we were out!!) to leave us the obligitory holiday questionaire!! Also didn't leave the pickup times  for the flights we were on..luckily they hadn't changed during our 3 week stay..had to phone the office just to make sure Also had to phone the office when friends mozzie bites got infected and had to find a pharmacy!! So Manos..think you need to find peeps for reps who don't like to do an impression of THE INVISIBLE MAN!!
  But generally..we had a lovely holiday...just glad nothing major happened

Kelly W  (21 July 2006)         

the flight out was good, not too much of a delay. the transfers were well organised and on time. they dropped us right to our appartment and the next day the welcome meeting with andy in tsilivi was helpful. he was new at the place but he was very helpful, polite and was there when he said he would be. the transfer back was a little less organised and the bus turned up an hour late. the reps at the airport do their best but anyone who's been to zante airport knows why they have their work cut out! i've never seen anything like that airport!! all in all, can't complain about manos!

Sam & Peter  (06 January 2006)         

manos have always been brilliant I think!

Kerri A  (06 October 2005)         

The holidays I have had with Manos have been fabulos price wise and all the apartments they used have been brilliant.  The rep I had this year was brilliant and was always there when she said she would and was able to sort me with a flight home as I wasn't able to do the full 2 weeks of my holiday. 

I would recommend manos to anyone.

Debbie T  (26 September 2005)         

we visited zante for the first time ever in june 05 stayed at elite studios which comes highly recommended and found manos to be really greatour rep warren was fantastic and the bbq nights great fun. my sister has been 6 or 7 times and always uses manos so they must be doing a lot right and we have booked through these again for 06

Hayley A  (14 September 2005)         

In 2003 August, me and my partner went to Zante, Alikanas for the 5th time that year so we knew what to expect accomadation wise and also we had traveelled with Manos a few time and never had any problems. 

This time though was very different, we stayed at Antonia and thought it would be fine it was filthy, it was noisy, the rep never arrived at the times stated on the notice board.  In our welcome meeting she talked non stop about Tsilivi which angered me as although we knew a lot about Zante and Alikanas other people may not have done. 
I know how hard reps work but i feel our rep was lazy and many people including some people we knew on the island said this.  Many people complained, even simple things like spare sheets which normally reps provide me with at the beginning of our holiday including a first choice rep.  However when i asked our rep she said she would provide them and never did.
Although she made some of my holiday difficult she does not stop me travelling with Manos as they as a large company and a rep is a rep who is monitered and will not be offered a job if they are crap.
I feel in part a lot of comments on here regarding Manos are unfair if the rep is crap and lies they will believe them to save face. 
I am travelling with My Travel on Sunday for three weeks and intent to have a great time although i'm staying in a Manos property.

Gillian W  (07 September 2005)         

We thought Manos were great reps.  Stepped off the plane and everything was taken care off.  Our rep, Clare was great and although we didn't book any trips with her she was pleased to help with any questions we had.  Been with Airtours in the past, and they were just as good, cos after all its the same company.

Julia M  (04 September 2005)         

A mixed bag here. The rep in our resort gave us incorrect information. She didn't book us onto the Greek night as requested and very rarely showed up at the apartments. The vegetarian meals we booked for the flights did not materialise. The only saving grace was that with a 4 hour delay on our return flight we were very well looked after. We were taken to the airport where we checked in our suitcases and then we were taken to a restaurant for a meal and a drink. We were kept informed about the delay and after about 3 1/2 hours the same coaches returned to take us back to the airport, where we went straight through to passport control.  If it hadn't been for the efficeint way that Manos dealt with the delay we would have slated them as it is, I guess we just had a bad rep in Tsilivi. 

Jenna F  (31 August 2005)         

Me and my parents went by Manos last yearfrom the moment we stepped off our plane the manos reps at the airport were very helpful and when we arrived in our accomadation the rep was there nearly everday giving us up to date information and she also provided us with her direct number so if we needed to speak to her we could. i would recommend Manos to everyone .

Benjamin T  (22 August 2005)         

Manos is part of the MyTravel Group which does incorporate Airtours - however they are nothing to do with First Choice Holidays. Trips are often upto half price cheaper with the local "bucketshops" BUT please be fully aware you may not have adequate insurance if using these firms. Excursions Manos offer include:

*Voyage Of Discovery - island cruise of Zante incl shipwreck,blue caves and turtle bay
*Discover Zante - island tour by coach
*Zakfari - 4x4 jeep safari going off the beaten track up in the mountains
*Zante Shopping Trip
*Athens incl acropolis etc
*Day trip to Kefalonia
*Turtle watching boat trip
*Greek Night

David   (31 July 2005)         

Don't touch trips via the tour operators as they are expensive. Most trips can be booked in the shops for a lot less.

Gill W (28 July 2005)

Can anyone tell me what excursions/tours Manos do as there is no info on this in the brochure?! Surely Manos can't be that bad cos they are owned by Airtours, which is owned by First Choice and they were brilliant! Thanks

Zoe P  (19 November 2004)         

We travelled with manos at the end of august this year, and its the company we normally use to travel to greece. The only fault i could find was that we were puicked up really early when going home, and when got to the airport it was a while before a rep could be found to tell us where to go. The transfer to the resort was great, we were there in 20 minutes, as we were put in a mini bus. The rep at the resort was very knowledgeable. And the avouris apartments, were lovely, with a clean pool. I cannot fault them, and id recommmend them to anyone.

Dave T  (15 November 2004)         

No welcome pack, no upto date info posted on board, reps on coach from airport didn't have a clue. Never saw resort rep, had to search out the day before return to find where and when coach pick up. However, the rep on coach to airport was excellent.

Jane & Nick  (01 November 2004)         

WE stayed at the valais, we had no welcome pack but we did not really need it as the satff there were very helpful. We arrived 8pm at night and was told our meeting was 6pm the next evening. We found everything we needed to before then, still went to the meeting the rep was late he apologised as he had now got 11 properties to look after, tried to sell us trips, told history of the Island. Spoke to other people who had terrible trouble to get in touch with the rep. No real problems for us, but there was for others.

Nichola C  (22 October 2004)         

Arrived at airport with 2 poorly children. Told to see bloke over there for Taxi to resort. He was told to find a rep outside to give us info. The rep shrugged and said "I don't work that area, so just get in the car it'll get sorted at that end". Got to resort and no-one to greet. Took 20 minutes to find owner, 11at night in dark with 2 sick children. Never got a welcome pack or details of welcome meeting. Rep was difficult to find at visit times. Overall we were not impressed with the service from Manos. Maybe it was just end of season blues, but regardless will not be using them again

Chris C  (07 October 2004)         

see post below, I couldnt fault Manos or their reps in any way!

A R  (04 October 2004)         

Rachel Johnston, would you like to explain yourself further? I'm sure we would all like to hear what you have to say if you think Manos is that appaling!!! by the way the rude word you are trying to spell only has 2** not 3!

David B  (27 September 2004)         

The flight with Excel wasa fine and the resort Hotel - Dannys at ALIKANAS was excellent. The in resort rep (Iain) was very pleasant and helpful but the courier who took us from Zante Airport on 12/09/2004 was a total joke. The buses were held up - we stood in the blazing sun for 45 mins and we didnt even get either an apology or an explanation. We were then unceremoniously dumped at the hotel without an explanation about anything and only got to the Welcome meet by finding the notice board ourselves.

Rachel J  (26 September 2004)         

it was s***t thats all i have to say

Louise W  (20 September 2004)         

an absolutely dreadful tour operator,on arrival we had no cot which had been prebooked, the welcome meeting was more of a sales pitch re day trips, when our apartment was burgled the rep and advice line were as helpful as a chocolate teapot, they even tried to charge us for an interpreter at the police station. manos are pants! we will never use them again and wouldn't even recommend them to our worst enemies.

Chris C  (17 September 2004)         

I cannot fault Manos in any way, the reps were fine and very friendly, the flat was superb, the flights and transfers very efficient, and thanks to the rep who at the airport made sure I was well away on the plane from a particular couple who reeked horrendously in the queue OUTSIDE Zante airport that would`ve been checking in in front of me and sitting next to me otherwise!!

Thanks again Manos, 324 for me for 2 weeks 2-16 Sept wit no suplements? Fantastic!

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