Deanos Places - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Cally B  (19 June 2007)        8/10

Deanos was great. Friendly staff, Good cocktails, Live music (Look out for the police you guys!!!!!!! )

Hope everything is running smoothly. I'll ba back!

Basils Bar - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Cally B  (19 June 2007)        10/10

Had a great time in Basils and would like to wish Kim & Craig all the best for the future. Kim & Craig are two friendly people, always willing to help, even offered us somewhere to store suitcases, get changed etc when we weren't sure if our hotel could accommodate us until our early morning flight departure (had to leave room at 12noon, flight pick-up not till 3am!).

Thanks and keep it up you guys!

Alamis Apartments - (Accommodation in Tsilivi)

Cally B          6/10

Great Location, Good Sized Rooms but Cleanliness Needs Improving!


The Alamis Studios are in a great location, only a few minutes stroll from both the beach and the bars/restaurants. The rooms are spacious and of a fairly good standard. The staff are friendly and helpful and the pool area looked nice.


My main complaint is the cleanliness of the room and laundry.


On arrival in the early hours of the morning a room was already prepared for us, but the sheets had huge muddy marks on them, not difficult to see, but apparently the cleaning staff had missed it!


The overall standard of cleanliness was terrible, the towels must have been washed in mud and it was unusual to get anything that resembled white! Good job we took our own towels!

The room was constantly gritty underfoot, even on arrival and stayed this way throughout the holiday.


Thankfully, someone turned up daily to empty the bins but did not sweep and mop the room. I doubt that the room got wept at all before, during or after our stay and any mopping must have been done with dirty water as not only was the floor gritty but also tacky! I ended up cleaning the floor myself just so that I could stop sticking to it and I can tell you that the cloth was filthy afterwards!


Another great annoyance was the disgusting smell in the rear yard from the rotting lemons and chicken dirt! Not very nice to breathe in during a hot summers' day!


Overall, due to the lack of hygiene, I wouldn't recommend this as a place to stay, which is a terrible shame as it is an ideal location for anyone that wants to be near to the beach and nightlife but not be bothered with the noise from it.

Sunset Bar - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Cally B          9/10

Mmm, Breakfast! 5euros for a feast!

Enjoyed the odd Mythos or three in there on the way out and back to the apartments.
Great friendly staff, would shout 'hello' even when we were passing.

Levante Speedboat Trip - (Zante Excursions)

Cally B          10/10

click to enlarge 

THE BEST boat trip on Zante!

Captain Spiros is a fantastic & funny guy, he really makes the trip worthwhile!


Because he leaves early from Tsilivi harbour (08:30), he's the 1st boat at the ship wreck and one of the few boats that can and will enter most of the Blue Caves, you get the opportunity to photograph some great views.


click to enlargeThis trip is well worth every cent and comes highly recommended. We certainly recommended it to everyone at every opportunity, even when we'd just stepped off the boat!


Near the end of the trip Spiros asks each individual if they have enjoyed themselves and offers to take your photo, what I think is a lovely personal touch.



click to enlarge

Don't forget to wave to him as he beeps his way back into harbour!!!

Keep it up Crazy Captain!
Love from Caroline & Sylvia xxx

Giorgios Restaurant - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Cally B          10/10

We ate at Georgios a few times during our visit in early June 07.

Itís a busy place but the staff are friendly and attentive. Our meal was served quickly (maybe they've improved from the last review) and was piping hot. The food tastes great and the portion sizes are good as well.


Great restaurant with good prices.


Dionysos Taverna - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Cally B          10/10

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This thread/review is going to be a little confusing because of the two restaurants that have similar names!!!


I am commenting on Dionisios Grill (as the picture shows). This is the one next door to the Alamis Apts and NOT the one set back off the main road (haven't heard very good reviews about that one at all!)


Our apartment looked out onto the Dionisios Grill and it was busy every night (the picture doesn't exactly show this because it was only about 5pm when the photo was taken! Most people tend to eat about 8pm).

We had to find an alternative place to eat the first time we tried, as it was so busy. We were hungry so didn't take them up on the offer to wait!

The next night we turned up fairly early so got a seat, but it wasn't long until it was full again. My advice would be to turn up earlier to avoid disappointment!


The food is very nice, good portion sizes and very cheap. They do specials everynight and have them listed at the front of the menu. I tried the Sea Bass and Lamb Kleftiko which were both very nice indeed.

They also have the cheapest bottled wine in the area at 3.90euros (we chose the medium Rose which was served cold and tasted pleasant. There are some disgusting wines about so watch out!!!).


All in all, Dionisios Grill is a great restaurant with fantastic food and even better prices.

Manos Grill - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Cally B  (20 June 2007)        8/10

Manos grill has got a fantastic reputation. Itís always busy so can be difficult to get a seat so either go early or be prepared to wait.


The night we went was no exception, we were lucky enough to turn up just as others were leaving so managed to get a table very quickly.

We ordered a mixed grill, which when it came, was absolutely huge and a challenge for anyone. Glad we didnít indulge in a starter or we wouldnít have been able to come close to finishing it! The meal tasted lovely but the only disappointment was that I think they may have forgotten to bring it to the table when it was 1st served as it wasnít very warm and the table that sat and ordered after us were served 1st, something that they themselves questioned!


The prices are average, the staff pleasant and the food tasty, with good portion sizes; it was just a shame about the temperature!

Menir - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Cally B          10/10

Visited the Menir in June this year but only had time to go once because there are just sooooo many places to eat in Tsilivi and variety is the spice of life, but had we have had more time, we would definitely have eaten there again.


The waiters are welcoming and the service is efficient. Our meal was very nice indeed, ample portion size and a good price. They even brought us a complimentary carafe of wine when they brought us the bill.

Nemesis - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Cally B  (20 June 2007)        10/10

Visited the Nemesis in June this year. The restaurant was very busy but the staff were extremely friendly and efficient.


We ordered a starter (which looked more like a main meal!) and a main meal (which was even bigger!). Not surprisingly, we didn't have room for dessert.


The meal was gorgeous, very generous portion sizes, great taste and piping hot. Thankfully, it wasn't served with chips either! :o)


The house white wine was abit dodgy but what do expect for about 5euros!


I would definitely recommend Nemesis to anyone with a big appetite that's looking for good quality, tasty food at a very good price.


Zeus - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Cally B  (20 June 2007)        10/10

click to enlarge

By far THE best restaurant in Tsilivi!


George and Spiros are fantastic; extremely welcoming to everyone, chivalrous, funny and quite mischievous.


They don't hassle anyone to come into the restaurant, wishing you an enjoyable night should you choose to pass by, but they are obviously very pleased if you do come in.


The food here is absolutely superb; it's fantastic quality, flavoursome, generous size, piping hot and served with a smile.

The traditional dishes come with vegetables, rice and gorgeous Greek potatoes, MMM! (making my mouth water just thinking about it!)


The restaurant is always very busy but you get to pick whatever table you want from those available.


Absolutely love this place and would recommend Zeus without a second thought. We would have eaten here more times (squeezed in 3 visits) if we had been in earlier during our stay (was busy the first few times we passed) shame we didn't know that it was well worth the wait!


(Other holidaymakers were recommending this restaurant but calling it ZEVS, assuming that it's because they misread the sign! Misreading aside, they were certainly recommending a great place to eat!)


Should be awarded 5stars!