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Dean M  (02 July 2008)        10/10

hey all the deanos faithful, yes its true Deanos place is clossed, but hey not for long we shall be relocating to the big apple in the very near future.

Deanos place Tsilivi is for sale completley ready to open lock stock and barrel including my beautiful harley.
If anyone would like to know more or would be interested in having Deanos place then get in touch via my email
thanks for all the great years folks and hopefully i will see you all again very soon, only this time your drinks will be in dollars not euro.
remember its just a ride.

Paul (13 June 2008)


Dj S  (05 January 2008)        10/10

hey deano sam here DJ Kalamaki happy new year i need to get in contact with munchie or youself cause im in ireland ont the lash get in touch 

Zoe F  (01 October 2007)        10/10

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deano's is wicked!!!

lots of fun, everytime they see a bottle without a label now theyre gonna think of me!!!

f**k getting any more tattoo's done over there though, mine's s**t! i gotta get it redone!


keep rocking guys!!

zoeeeeeeeeee xoxoxoxoxox



Cally B  (19 June 2007)        8/10

Deanos was great. Friendly staff, Good cocktails, Live music (Look out for the police you guys!!!!!!! )

Hope everything is running smoothly. I'll ba back!

Ben V  (16 May 2007)        2/10

Very poor !!! arrived in zante may 07 deanos is always dead !!!!!

Threatened by one of the waitresses first night for breakin a glass by mistake (the plump aussie with blonde hair).
Only good thing about deanos is the free pool.

Shrew   (24 April 2007)        10/10

have a good season folks - i'll be out sometime this year dont know when though?

but i will be there and i will be helping to drink you there in deanos dry!

Davy T  (21 March 2007)        10/10

goodluck to all the bais out in zante this year and hope it rocks all summer, was very tempted to come back but had a rough year so far and i think im bouncing back strong. will be out in the summer for a bit (on my own this time no nagging bags with me).hope all the bais keep the peace and make the most of it cause youll miss it when its gone ,take it from one who knows............... anyway go mental and enjoy 
goodluck deano

ps... be warned i could show up anyday anytime and dont think i wouldnt

Dean M  (09 March 2007)        10/10

Well folks only one month away from the launch of Deano`s 07, and we have a jam packed 6 months in front of us.

As always our fantastic LIVE entertainment available 7 nights a week will be our focus, not to mention great comfort and service, keeping us firmly on top as Zante`s Premier Live entertainment venue.
Deano`s is very please to announce that the Tsilivi Punk Rock Experience will be back This Year with Our Fantastic Rock Band The Ride Headlining as they sweep through Greece, Straight after their very successful Tour of Ireland in the winter time.
The Ride our really looking forward to playing again live on stage at Deano`s ( A fantastic show not to be misssed.
Making up the rest of our weekly program we have a large variety of shows from the worlds best entertainers, vocalists, live bands, and hypnotists to name but a few. Also this year at Deano`s Deal or no Deal will be back, yes folks the game as you have seen it on television, with absoloutly amazing prizes to be won, including large amounts of cash.
All the entertainment at Deano`s is completely free of charge so do come early to get the best seats.
We have also changed the line up this year behind the bar and on the floor, mixing some of the old faces you know and love with some new fresh faces just to brighten the place up even more for 2007.
Krystal, Shondra, and Leona, join the Deano`s family for the first time this year, and cant wait to take to the floor pamparing your every desire while you relax and enjoy the fantastic entertainmet.
Also this year we have Tom, Deano`s new Bar Manager. Tom is a great big lad, and will be delighted to see all our costumers old and new as they come through the door this season. Tom is of course assisted this year by the one and only Munchie. Yes i tried everything i could think of to get rid of him but i just couldnt do it, its like shootin a puppy, its just not right. and anyway i think he probably has squaters rights now and we couldnt remove him from the bar even if we wanted to.
That means then guys that Munchies Famous killer pool compition will take place every night at Deano`s and there will be great prizes to be won, plus a good laugh with the munch man himself, just make sure you get him to do the munchie dance.
Deano Himself takes to the dj booth this year, and will always be on hand to make sure that all of his customers are reciving only 100 percent quality at all times while at Deano`s, and doing his best to keep the party going long into the night.
Full refit this year as well folks and i can tell you the bar is looking beautiful, and we at Deano`s hope that you can join us while you are on Holiday on the beautiful Island of Zakynthos.
finally then guys just a word to say Welcome to Deano`s, 2 outside bars, inside club, live band stage, vip area, full size american pool table (free to play on for all our customers) not to mention our fully trainned British, Irish, and Australian Staff for both your comfort and service.
Welcome to Deano`s, Where Cocktails and Dreams, meet The Moulin Rouge.
(and sure the craic`s great.)
DEANO !   

Dean M  (20 November 2006)         

Deano`s place 2007 coming soon (and GOD its good) 

Lauramarie C  (25 September 2006)         

Hey Deano,munch,mikey and rich!!It's Laura,I didnt even realise this site was on here how bad is that!

Hope ur all well as i miss u all lots and sorry how not coming back but had alot to deal with since coming home.Which some of still hasn't been sorted out!!!!
Hope season was really good and hope mickey finally got his end away,and munch how many r u on now???
Say hi to everyone else for me.
Love ya all

Dean M  (24 September 2006)         

Well folks with just over a month before the end of the season, and with everybody winding down i just thought id take this chance to let you know whats coming up at Deano`s durring the month of October.

We shall still be offering all our customers the superb 7 nights of live entertainment which you would expect to find at omly peak season. every Monday night the One and only Deep Turtle play live on stage bringing you the Tsilivi punk rock Experience (not to be missed), on tueday, Thursday, saturday, and sunday, come and be a star with Jazzy Geoffs Karaoke, (over 5000 songs to choose from and a free shot for every singer). On Wednesday night DEAL OR NO DEAL, yes folks, the game show exactly as you have seen it in the uk, with a top prize of 250 euro to one of you lucky people. Friday night and its live entertainiment again, with the superb Zante Swing. (the Great sounds of the Rat Pack, Frank sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy davis Jnr. bobby Darren, plus much much more.
Come and join us at Deanos Place while your on Holiday in Tsilivi, and relax and enjoy Zante`s Premier live entertainment venue, with all british and irish staff for both your comfort and service.
looking forward to seeing you there, have a great holiday, and for anyone who has already visited us, i hope that Deanos Place helped to make it a great Holiday.

Stephen R  (08 September 2006)         

click to enlarge click to enlargeHiya Munchie the best "Best Man" we've ever had!

Thanks for doing a great job as our best man. We will keep you in mind for our next wedding!!! We had a super Honeymoon and would recommend Toronto to anyone. We are so disappointed we can't come to Tsilivi and visit Deanos again this year, but we are skint! Stephen is ripping he won't be able to try to beat you at Killer Pool! Enjoy Isobel's visit.

The Belfast Family Robinson
Shauna & Stephen

Ray &  (27 August 2006)         

Is that the place where Dean and Kate live and work?  If so, we had a fantastic time there on holiday last year and we are coming to Tsilivi and will be coming to Deanos Place again soon..........!!!!Tongue
We'd like a call back...........please.
Luv M & D

Netty M  (07 August 2006)         

hi to everyone especially dean

well u all sound like you are having fun
i still miss not being there but have responsabilities now im gonna be a mummy in 14 weeks and im having a girli cant wait am soooooo happy jodys sister lindsay had a little boy liam a few months ago havent seen him yet though but we are in touch x jody is engaged years ago when he met her he said he mould marry her and now he isbless him we still all remonis about our time there what a year that was !!!!!!!!!!!! i have been e mailing charley and am hoping we can can meet up when my little girl arrives as i miss her so much anyway happy hunting lads not that u need it u irish lads always seem to get what u want take care and every success will the bar love ya netty x

Marc L  (01 August 2006)         

having just returned yesterday i had to let everybody on there way to tsilivi how great deanos was.

my wife and i spent a week in tsilivi reliving our youth with our children back at home in england. everynight we where made feel very welcome and the entertainment and staff were great. can't wait too return, to see mikey, munchie, richtie and of coa**e deano. if we don't catch you guys there we will see you in new york
thanks for making our holiday so great

Tracey H  (22 July 2006)         

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My daughter Lauren and her two mates loved Denos, they were great mates with Richi the DJ who always had time for them.  We thought it was pretty cool too.

Tamara D  (16 July 2006)         

Hey guys

I can safely say deanos was a big part of our holiday!Munchie, my back was hurting a bit after wednesday night when you kept asking me to do a backbend(not as dodgy as it sounds)lol.Anyway thanks, fishbowls were great and you made us feel so comfortable.Rich, thanks for the truffle shuffle,hilarious!and you made becky very happy with, nici says she'l be back,we'll see.Thanks guys!!!
The four musketeers-
    Tamara,Becky,Nicola and Tracy

Shrew   (11 July 2006)         

Liz - tsilivi is quite lively, it's lively enough for you to have a great holiday, andlively enough for me to have worked there for 2 seasons, and i'm sure it will be made even more lively for you if you spend your time in deano's, the staff in there know how to party big style!!!!!

Nicola D  (10 July 2006)         

Hi to everyone at Deano's - Richie remember to text Mike!!  Brilliant bar - best one in Tsilivi.  We had a right laugh, entertainment was excellent.  Definately recommend going to this bar we had a brill time!  Met some great people - everyone was really friendly.



Carrie   (08 July 2006)         

hey, is richie the dj the one who was at enigma last year?

Tracey H  (03 July 2006)         

Just got back from two weeks in Tsilivi, we loved Richi the DJ at Deanos, and had a great laugh with him.  Go there for crazy nights out and try the red vodka shots ummmm...

Tara S  (30 June 2006)         

Great bar with a fantastic atmosphere.

Just watch out for the fire breather! 

Ange R  (19 June 2006)         

Just got home from a week in Tsilivi and spent many of the nights in Deanos. We were all made to feel EXTREMELY welcome and though they didn't stock my favourite tipple, Deano went and bought me a bottle!!

Pimms just doesn't taste the same back in the UK!!!
Great bar, great music, great entertainment and fantastic people!!
Missing it all!!

Chantelle R  (05 June 2006)         

hey micky, dean, ( kate if your back! )

wa great seein u gen, lol micky get the fishbowl out!
so glad u all remeberd me!
c u oct 3rd,
love me

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