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Debbie E           

Nana's horses-It will break your heart to see the condition of some of those horses.I am also an experienced horse-rider and have worked with horses for many years but even if you're not you cannot fail to notice the way some of them shy away from a human hand as though they are being beaten.

It seemed the favourite horses were kept in decent conditions whilst the others were kept in absolute squalor.Around the back there is what seems to be a shed with 3 cows tied up standing in their own s**t,millions of flies and wasps,the stench is absolutely overpowering and at the back stand two young ponies also tied standing up with head-collars on that have seemingly never been removed and actually growing into their skins.They are all standing in their own s**t and p**s and have NO bedding at all,cannot even lie down...
Anyway,you get the picture-if this was in UK they would be prosecuted and never be allowed to keep animals again but sadly it is in a country where animals welfare counts for very little.PLEASE avoid this place as it will make your holiday a memorable one for all the wrong reasons.

Gemma P           

We went to Akrotiri riding stables in Tsilvi, it was brilliant!. The horses are well looked after and lovely to ride. Phone when you get there and you can be picked up and dropped off near your hotel. Good riding hats are provided. The ride went up through olive groves over Tsilvi town, the view was amazing. I recommen you go at sunset, so lovely.  

Moira F           

Such a shame you picked the wrong place to enjoy horse riding on holiday Sam. Next time you visit I would really recommend you contact Marie at Akrotiri stables - you'll be guaranteed a good trip out. 

Sam D           

Sorry i forgot to do the Excellent (Nana wishes), good(again, just a wish) Average (she'd be lucky). However, om a better note Dora Studio in Argassi is a must to stay when visiting Zante, you'll love love it there

Sam D           

Simply DO NOT go horse riding to Nana'a Horses. I am an experienced horse rider as is my daughter and we were horrifed at tee condition of the horses, the tack (if thats what you called it). The litle guy who can't speak a word of English, so if your in trouble with the horse your on you won't be able to understand what he's telling you to do to get back control of the horse. It was awful, never would a set up like that be ever allowed in England. Please i could write a book of why not to go, just take it from some one that knows

Ange J           

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Myself and my 14 year old daughter went riding for the second year with Marie at Akrotiri Horse riding farm at the end of August.We had a fantastic mornings ride. I can not recommend the trip highly enough, it is a fantastic way to see the beautifull scenery that Zante has to offer.Marie really looks after her horses well and they obviously enjoy what they do.

 As promised here are a couple of pictures that were taken last year. I didn't take any this year,sorry.A big thank you to Maries' scottish helper, she was a great guide.No doubt, we will come back for another ride if we come to Tsilivi next year.
Thanks again Marie for a memorable morning.
Ange and Amy  

John R           

Had read reviews on the Akrotiri Horse Riding on this website and wanted to definetly give it a try when we got there. Got the number of a poster which were put up everywhere. Marie came and picked us up from our hotel and took us just outside the town to where the horses were kept.

It is a really nice part of the country side. The horses were all extremely well kept, especially when you see some of the others around the town and they were all very well trained and eaily managed.
It is a really nice start to your day and we would have liked to go back again before we left but just didn't have time.

Angela B           

 Well done Maria!  We thoroughly enjoyed our trek with you, and your little scottish helper (sorry can't remember her name!). The ride was comfortable on , what were obviously, well cared for and loved horses. My nine year old daughter fell in love with Phoebe and felt confident on her, especially as she received praise and support all the way round, and I was more than happy to bring up the rear on Montana - even when she decided at one point that food was more important!! In our party we had people of varying experience and this was carefully considered. We had a wonderful trek through peaceful surroundings (NO ROADS!) - just the job to start off the day! Also happy to accomodate a party of 6 at the last minute too!! Most definitley recommened and when we return to Tsilivi we will book again. Thanks again and keep up the good work!


oops sorry forgot to put in my ratings...


Would definitely recommend a trek with AKROTIRI horse riding....had a fantastic hour up there , early evening it was cooler and lovely to be in the olive groves. Marie runs a fabulous stables, the horses are well cared for, and they are bullet proof for the inexperienced .Non riders are led by girls who love the horses. My six year old is still telling everyone about her experience . I will be booking another trek as soon as I return.

Moira F           


We had a lovely evening trek in July - great scenery. Hubbie and 2 kids had hardly ridden before and were given horses to suit there lack of ability. We were really glad to have booked a trek with Marie and will be back next year for another shot! The horses are all well looked after by Marie and her troup of helpers. Thanks for the pick-up and drop off. I recommend this adventure to anyone!


We booked to visit Marie's farm (via Tony at Dionisus - v. helpful.  Cost 20 Euros per hour and Marie will collect you and drop you back - not inc in the hour's ride).

Marie was friendly and very competent (she had a baby boy, by the way).  I rode Xena who seemed to be a bit frisky!  Overally she was fine (just liked to stop and nibble anything in her way - we were probably well matched actually).
Very relaxing ride.  My fella's not ridden and he really enjoyed it too.  Did feel a bit saddle sore the next day though!
Was one of the highlights of our holiday - if you think you might want to go, definitely do!  I felt safe, looked after (despite Xena offroading to various bushes to nibble every now and then!) and thought the horses looked happy and well.

Shereen C

I'm coming to stay in Tsvilli in June for 1 week and would love find out what horse riding excursions are available. Please can someone let me know how I can go about booking this and what costs are involved.

Kelly B           

FANTASTIC ... An absolute must ... totally agree with the last comments.  In fact I think you may have been the girls there Thursday morning when we came over (me & my boyfriend).     Wink

The views were brilliant.  Jo Jo the horse I rode was brilliant, well tempered and lovely, my boyfriend got Baby, ah bless, he's not to experienced.  Maria was great she matched the horses perfectly.
It was more than a ride, it was a total experience
Good luck with the baby, hope all goes well Maria, Clap

Steve C           

Excellent. Arrived back in the UK on the 29th Sept. I've never even touched a horse before so this was a great experience for me.  I was given Iraklis. I think he knew i was a novice and took advantage of my inexperience.  Great trek though with some great views. highly reccomended thanx marie

Angela B           

I agree with your comment Charlotte, but you could say the same for Scuba Diving (holiday trial dives), Waterskiing, Kayaking, Jet Ski's and just about every other holiday sport on offer!

Its from trial sessions that new hobbies back home are often started. We can all be responsible for our safety by ensuring you use a reputable company and that the excursion/event leader is accomplished in their field. 

Charlotte C           

My comment is that horse riding is highly enjoyable I agree, but I would say that before going horse riding on holiday it's worth giving some serious consideration to your safety and possible injury.  Horses are unpredictable, and it would be very unfortunate to suffer a serious/minor injury whilst on your holiday.  I'd say take lessons in the UK first and learn how to ride.  Even the most experienced riders have accidents - the danger for novices is much higher. 

Ange J           

We went horse riding at the Akrotiri, with Marie. It was an excellent morning, although Marie wasn't riding herself, as she was heavily pregnant.

The horses were very well looked after and very easy to ride.It was my 7 year old nieces 1st time riding and she was led around by an American woman( sorry, forgotten her name!)and she was brilliant. There were some 5 week old puppies and i think the kids enjoyed them just as much as the horses.
I would highly recommend this trip. Marie was really good about the booking and picks you up and drops you back off again.
Thanks Marie and good luck with the baby

Gemma W

I have been reading your posts about horse riding in Zante and am veryinterested in trying this out. I am due to fly to Zante in a week for a fortnight and would love to do some horse riding while i am there. Can you please offer any advice as to how or where i can book it please. I will be staying at kalamaki.

Brown B           

We went horse riding with Marie at Akrotiri.  We were having breakfast at Fawlty Towers and speaking to the owner about going horse riding,  he made the phone call for us.  She picked us up from Fawlty towers and dropped us back.

She was excellent, the horses we rode were within our capability.  My husband was very nervous but Marie put him on a horse that only had one gear 1st!!  on the way back he managed a trot (mainly cos his horse was so slow he wanted to catch up!!)
You get taken through the olive groves for an hour and the views are amazing.  I would definately give this a go and definately worth the 20.00 euros.

Tina G           



Zowie A           

 Marie runs the horse riding excursions in Tsilivi. The place is called Akrotiri. It is beautiful, Marie is lovely and the horses are really well looked after. I have been there several times and will definately go back. I maybe able to dig out her number in the next day or so.

Kathryn L           

i am due to go to laganas on 4rth of august 2005 and really fancy going hoa**e riding. the lady marie that people talk about sounds great how do we contact her or find her when we are there? any help would be good please email


Dawn D           

My boyfriend and I have just got back from Zante and we went riding with Marie at her stables Akrotiri horse riding centre twice. I am an experienced rider, and my boyfriend has never been on a horse before but Marie picked out the perfect horses for us both, we had a great time,  you ride through the olive groves and the views are amazing! She picked us up and dropped us off. She is a really lovely woman and her horses are all great! If you want to go horse riding whilst in Zante definately give Marie a ring!


June M           

 Just got back from  two week holiday to Laganas. Zante Horse Riding centre run by Natasha and Yiannis was recommended so we decided to go with them We are beginners although we have been horseriding before a few times on holiday. I took my daughters who are 11 and 12 with me as they had been on a two and a half hour trek in Turkey before and we had a great time. Yannis collected us in a pick up truck and took us to the stables he knew we were beginners. We were half way through our ride and for no reason the horseI was riding jumped upright and through me off I landed with a heavy thud on my bag onto a load of stones and boulders I knew I had really hurt  myself. Yannis told my eldest daughter to get off her horse she got her foot stuck in the stirrup and then fell onto some thorns she was upset. I was in pain and Yannis made me go and chase after my horse I was just thinking what a complete nightmare this has turned out to be. Ended up walking the horse back to the stables s I wouldnt get back on it again. I paid for my younger daughter which was 20 euro. 

He did ask if I was okay but the worst was to come ll my back was grazed and scratched and below my spine I couldnt even touch. I could not lay on my back for 5 days after two days I had an enormous black bruise. I guess I was lucky tht I hadnt broke my back. I will never go riding again. When I look back now I wish I had just told my other daughter to get off and walked home. I cant believe now that he let me run around after the horse when I was in pain.

I would not go on these horses if you are a beginner or a novice look what happened to me. Maybe I was just unlucky but be very careful. Better to be safe than sorry and spoil your holiday. Apart from this the holiday was fabulous.

June, Jaye and Laurie.



Siobhan P           

Booked to go horse riding through Smileys Tours in Kalamaki and loved it. A woman picked us up and took us to Tsvilli and we had an hour on the horses. We went through some orchards and up a big hill and got some lovely views. The horses were good natured and well looked after too. Excellent fun, although I think I sat on the horse wrongly as I felt sore for a couple of days afterwards.

Great relaxing way to spend your morning!


Akrotiri Horse Riding I went one day and took my partner back the next. Marie has such a remarkable knack of picking the right horse to suit your needs and abilities.  She's a canny lass from Whitley Bay a fellow Geordie so we felt right at home.

Thanks Marie I recommend anyone wanting to go horse riding visit these stables  the hack is great and the views fantastic. We were caught in a thunderstorm but it still didnt spoil the enjoyment.

Natasha V           

Just to let our future customers know, there is only one Zante Horse Riding Centre in Laganas.  You will find on the corner of the road leading to our stables opposite Louis Zante Beach land with horses on claiming to be Zante Horse Riding Centre.  They have very slyly used our name and have been claiming to be part of our stables and stopping people as they walk down to us saying we ride from that corner. We definately are not linked to these horses on the corner.

If you wish to book and be picked up from your hotel call me on 6978 199764

Natasha V           

We are a UK charity approved english riding centre based in Laganas.  We cater for complete beginners through to the more experienced rider.  All our horses are safe and reliable and we have good quality english tack.  We do beach rides and rides through the valley.  We will pick you up from your hotel and drop you back.  BHS safety standard hats are available and a must for under 16yr olds.  If you are getting married in Zakynthos, we can arrange a horse & carriage for your special day.

If you book a ride through The Sandwich Bar in Argassi or Aloe Fleur de Jouvence Facials in Laganas pick up a free pack lunch & drink.  Also find our advert in the Budget Tours leaflet or look out for our blue posters on the streets.
Contact Natasha on 6978 199764 or email

Marie G           

Thank you everyone for your nice comments, makes it all worth while! Just wish I had your pictures with the comments so I could remember you all. x

Darryl H           

Akrotiri Horse Riding was fantastic!

Managed by a lady from Whitley Bay with so much love and passion for her horses!

It was a priviledge to ride with her in the evening when the sun was setting on Zante! Amazing!

You must find this place if you intend on horse riding!

Brian R           

We went riding with Marie twice. The girls were aged 5, 9 and 11 do we were very apprehensive! Marie and the horses were brilliant - put us at our ease and showed us the beautiful olive groves. Even got my wife on a horse.
My 9 year old is now totally mad about horses and that little excursion is costing me a lesson a week ........ thanks Marie - see you in 2005 when she expects to be cantering!!!!

Sara C           

Marie is lovely and looks after her horses, i was unable to have a trek with her this year but met her and her horses who were very friendly.
Definately worth a visit whenever your out there. Don't forget to check out her website too!!!

Roy L           

my stepdaughter and i visited akrotiri stables on 12th october and all i can say is that is is the best 15 euros i have ever spent. on arrival marie put me at ease and sophia was the most lovely docile horse. over all a fantastic hour withj some beautiful views of island. marie is a lovely woman and cares passionatly about her horses.
thank you marie
aimee and roy

Belinda P           

AKROTIRI horse riding was well worth the money (20euros for one hour ride)we went just over a week ago when the temp was well in the hundreds but you didnt notice the heat as you go through the olive groves. you got to see some wonderful views and even though i hadnt ridden for years it all came flooding back .my daughter had a great time also and the horses were easy going (well they are greek after all)would recommend this to any one and would use again when we go back next year.
ps horses well looked after here as you would see for yourself if you go

Emma M

We have just booked to go to Zante for next year. Can anybody tell me how much the horse riding cost as I really fancy doing this.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Mandi X           

Went horse riding in alykanas with Yiannis who does the horse and carriage rides in the evening , me and my son really enjoyed it and we were picked up from the hotel and brought back again , it cost 15 euros each for an hours riding

Julie Y           


Marie G           

Oops error, number should read... (0030) 6976394408 Sorry..

Akrotiri Horse Riding Farm
Nr Tsilivi

Marie G           

contact Marie on (0030) 6978394408 to book your ride, please give as much notice as possible, rides are taken in the mornings and early evenings. look forward to hearing from you.

Charlotte D           

Everybody who is anybody should most definately go riding at Akrotiri Horse Riding Farm! I was there only last week and enjoyed myself most thoroughly. You get picked up from your resort and taken home again which makes everything a lot easier. Marie(she owns the stables)is really experienced and obviously cares a lot about her horses which is great to see. So all in all, its a safe environment, great fun, equipped for all ages and experiences, so why would you go anywhere else?!?!!!!!! You also get to see some great views!

Natasha V           


Tel: 6978 199764 (contact us when you arrive to book) or

Steph C           

my husband and I are visiting zante in three weeks time I would like more info if possible on yannis and natasha's horse riding, ie approx prices also we have never been horse riding before and we are both mid 50's we are only there for one week can you pre book or book in resort we are staing in kalamaki what do we need

Ann B           

having returned from my fourth visit to zante, i have to say i have now found the best riding establishment on the island, zante horse riding centre, run by natasha and yiannis vithoulka, not to be confused with the other stables of the same name, you will find safe, quiet horses and bhs standards, you are picked up from your accommodation and taken back, but it is the care and attention you receive at the stables and on the rides that far outways anyother stables i have ridden at, i will certainly be back there on my next visit, you can contact them on 6978 199764 or 6937 984074, just be aware that the place were you are staying are not always advertising the best stables to visit in the area, make your own mind up.

Charlotte S           

i went horse riding at akrotiri horse riding farm while i was on hoiday in zante. It was absolutey brilliant. The horse were really well kept and marie was the best instructor i could i ask. I recommend anyone to visit

Jan B           

My husband and I have just return from Zante and would like to recommend the ZANTE HORSE RIDING CENTRE to everyone. We are both in our mid 50's and I will admit my husband did have to talk me into this excursion...I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The owners, Natasha and Yannis both put me at ease and my horse, Era, was perfect, very large though! These horses are very well looked after, which is more than can be said for the stray cats and dogs on the island.


I booked me and the kids with zante horse riding centre in laganas. None of us has ever been on a horse before, so was a little nervous as they were so big. needn't have worried, had a brill time. Yianis and Natasha led the kids and they loved it. Definately would recommend this stables to anyone, horses just plodding along great way to see the island. All the best for the summer guys!

Nicola C           

We went to the ZANTE HORSE RIDING CENTRE for the 2nd time this year and I have to say that they run fantastic stables. My partner and I do not ride but Natasha and Yiannis put us at ease straight away and we really enjoyed it. It is obvious that they adore their horses...and each other!!
We'd like to wish them both many more happy years of 'Greek Marriage' Yammas!
One more point - if you are thinking of going riding, make sure that you go to the correct stables (their's is the one further down the road and over the little bridge) Don't make the mistake of going to the mingin one on the corner opposite Louis Beach Hotel where the horses are tethered to the trees all day.


We go to Zante horse riding centre with natasha and yannis 2 times on our holidays. Very good ride and we come back next year. We also thank you for natahsa and yannis foe helping us find our lost bag with police. good luck to you.

Tina K           

Went horse riding through Dionossis tours for 15 euros for one hour with Yannis horse riding. The farm was fantastic, i would love to live there although their puppy bit me. The horse riding itself was fine although I found it rather boring and slow and my partner wouldn't let us go faster. My horse got a fright on the road and for a split second my heart was in my mouth, but everything was ok.


A group of us went out riding with natasha and yiannis and I have to say they run a well kept stable. The horses are treated with respect and love and at all times and the riders are well looked after too. Our group had people of differing experience, ranging from the first timer to the weekend rider and we were all very impressed. It's comforting to know that a stable like the ZANTE HORSE RIDING CENTRE exists on the island, especially with so many less than reputable stables around. For anyone thinking of going on a horse riding excursion I strongly suggest you go out with ZANTE HORSE RIDING CENTRE...thanks again for a fantastic morning out!!!

Alison C           

I have just returned from a last minute holiday, where I took a couple a rides out with the ZANTE HORSE RIDING CENTRE, Natasha and Yainnis who run the stables I rode with, Discussed my abilities, confidence and then chose for me a suitable mount and took me on an appropriate ride. They were very friendly,knowlegable and genuinly cared for both their horses and clients.
Having ridden regularly in the UK and being BHS trained to AI standard the overall appearance was very different, but then so was the country I was in, my accomodation,the food and the weather! So if you fancy a ride out experienced or total beginer don't let it put you off.

Natasha V           


Just to put the record straight we are not part of another stables as some may have you believe. It seems that the stables on the corner opposite Louis Zante Beach used our name last year and because people had to walk past their horses (tethered on the land)to get to ours, they were running over to them and saying we were the same stables. WE DEFINATELY ARE NOT. If in any doubt look for our flyers outside or in your hotels or ask your reps. Like most things riding is a high risk sport, don't spoil your holiday by going to disreputable yards with ill-kept tack. My husband and I take our own rides inexperienced guides at our yard.

Contact: Natasha or Yiannis 0030 26950 24193/0030 6978 199764

Natasha V           

We are a UK charity approved english riding centre based in Laganas. We cater for complete novices through to the more experienced rider. All our horses are safe and reliable with good quality english tack (no string holding your saddles on!). We do beach rides and rides through the valley. We will also pick you up from your hotel and drop you back (in 1 piece). British safety standard hats are available and a must for under 16yrs old. If you are getting married in Zakynthos we can arrange a horse and carriage for your special day.
Contact Natasha at

Rachel F           

just returned from a two week stay in argassi and me and my boyfriend have to make you all aware of "nanna's horses" in kalamaki. the sign stated that they had horse riding for beginners to those more advanced, and due to the fact that ive been riddin since i was 7, but my boyfriend has never even sat on a horse we thought it soundd great. let me tell u, never judge a book by its cover, or in this case a sign. when we arrived we told the woman who owned the place "nanna" that my boyfriend was a begginer and she said that was fine. she then told my boyfriend mathew to go and smooth the horses so that he felt more comfortable, at this point it resulted in him getting bit on the hand!!
mathew was told that as he was a begginer our guide would be made aware and would look after him, and obviously take it easy and go slow. we were given our horses, and got ready to go. there was only the two of us and another girl who was also a begginer going on the treck, and lets just say we were totally horrified when our guide turned out to be a 15 year old boy. at first mathew was tied to the guides horse but as soon as the boy got out of sight of the stables he took the rope off mathews horse and let him ride alone. i could see that mathew was nervouse and even more so when the young lad started wipping his horse to make the thing canter!!
we were led onto the road as part of the rouite, our guide didnt belive in letting cars go, just walked right out in front of the cars and expected them to stop for us. lucky for us they did. we were heading for the beach, and the guide t this point started losing control of the horse it was ridding. it started to buck and whenever he would c*m near one of us his hourse would start to kick out and charge at the other horses.
we canterd to the beach with mathew clinging on for dear life as his legs c*m free of the stirrups!! although the guide didnt seem to care!
at the beach we were told to take the horses into the water, which i thought would be great, trotting along the surf. ok that didnt happen, the horses in greece actually like to wade all the way into the water with you still mounted on top. i mean, i had water around my waste at one point, and the young guide was being bucked almost falling into the water. at this point both dripping wet me and mathew had had enough. it was way to dangerouse, so we head back to the stables ourselves. the guide still had him and the other girl waste deep in water! we were about half way back when the guide came charging towards us, obviously trying to slowe the horse down but having now such luck, lucky form me i got myself outta the way but unfortunatly for the guide he fall off. this just sounds like one big joke doesnt it!! anyway thats about it, a whole two hours of rivertin fun!
the young lad still continued to whip mats horse as he said it was too slow to walk and he must learn how to gallop. at the end he soon put therope back on the horses and got us to walk in single file so that nanna thought hed looked after us and kept us in control.
ive been riddin for a few years on and off and know how to canter and the main skills, but that was not enough for this excursion. you must be john wane with a death wish otherwise definatley give this trip a miss.
i did feel sorry for the young boy who led us as he couldnt even control his own horse let alone anybody elses!! its discusting to think you pay good money (50 euros for 2) and expect it to be enjoyable and safe. it was definatley none of the above and i would just like to say, if youve never rode before, go on this trip and you'll never want to ride again.

Marie G           

Visit http:\\ for the best horse riding treks. Situated near Tsilivi, Zante.

Peter N           

We booked through Mamfredas in Tsilivi. Grannny on old plodding boy oss, wife on feisty grey boy 'oss with lady walking alongside holding the bridle, 8 year old on steady little oss 5 year old on great big girl oss with me.(give me a break I ride a Yamaha not an oss..ok?)Quite a dear do at 15 Euros each for an hours walk about..but the kids absolutely loved it. Fantastic views from the high ground then back through olive groves. Nice to see proper riding hats available..not old cycle helmets and bungee straps like last year in Turkey!

Kate K           

We thought this was great, although may seem a lot 25 euros for 2 hours, definately worth the money. We even got to go to a private beach!! I can't remember the name of the centre but if you look on the adverts for horseriding it is the one with the horse stood on back legs!! The instructor is called Nicholas and was very helpful.They even pick you up and take you back for free. Very highly recommended.

Sarah B           

A good website for Horseriding, is
If that dosent work, just do the first part, and click on horriding through sports and recreation. Its a good site

Rachell B           

Hi Toni,

I would firstly suggest checking with the email below for their details. If not then definately contact Frances at Tsilivi Travel I am actually getting married in Tsilivi in July and Frances is organising everything - including the horse-riding excursions I am planning taking my guests on! She can be contacted on

Good Luck.

Toni T

i will be working in zakynthos for the summer and would like to find out prices for horseriding and what kind of rides are available

Stephanie P           

I am an English girl currently running a horse riding farm in zante with have horses to suit all ages and abilities we also do horse and carriage for weddings and special occasions so call me for more details. 00 30 26950 48002 and ask for stephanie or nikos
or e-mail me at horseriding farm

Nicola B

We are staying in Kalamaki next year for our honeymoon and would really like to go horse riding can anyone suggest anywhere nearby thats safe and reasonably priced.

Shirley C           

We couldn't go because it wasn't available.Perhaps the horses had been served up for meals in the less well liked restaurants?