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Chris W (26 May 2013)

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Anna B  (06 September 2012)        1/10

My friend and I had a very bad extleperience on our last night in Zakynthos. We had dinner in Premier Restaurant, and Jannis offered us a greek salad to sahre on the house. Before the salad were served, they served brushetta to us, and we just thought it was some extra for free. All the food was very tasty!

After our dinner Jannis offered us a bottle of greek wine on the house, and we thought it was very kind of him to offer us wine. (Every restaurant where we had dinner, gave us free starters and uso for free)
Around midnight we were the last people left, and the waiters sad down at our table and drank wine with us. They brought to more bottles to the table and drank it with us.
Jannis started to be flirting, and asked us to come with him to his house or going to the beach for bathing.. Of course we said no thanks.. He starting kissing, thouching and beeing inappropiate.
We asked for the bill, and when we got it was 37,50 euro!!!!
It was in greek, so we asked them to translate it, and suddenly we had to pay for greek salad and brushetta and 3 bottles of wine, which we were told was on the house!
I know that this is the "culture" in Greece that you sometimes end up paying extra, but this was way over the line!
We didnt wanna pay for the extra food and the wine, so Jannis started shouting on us and beeing very mean to us. We paid what we had - 28 euros - and left.. The other waiters look ashamed and apologized to us but Yannis just left..
Our last night ended like this, and this is our brightest memory from our holiday
I will never recommend this restaurant!

Averil R  (01 August 2012)        2/10

ran the gauntlet of the hill every night in the end we went in and wished we hadnt, food average service ok but not exceptional, when we was looking at the bill they came over and wanted to know why we was looking at it, we could not believe what we were being charged and said so, they did not like it, we payed and left but from then on they did not ask us to go in again had better meals in the local pub in the uk and for a lot less. would not recomend this restuarant to anybody unless i did not like them.

Lawrence K  (08 July 2012)        10/10

We were in Agrassi for the first 2 weeks in June. We ate at the Premier a number of times and absolutely couldn't fault the service or the food. John, Chico and Yannis were all amazing and the Chicken a la Creme was out of this world. We'll be back in Argassi next year again and the Premier will definitely be on the list of places to eat again.

Philip J  (05 June 2011)        10/10

Very friendly staff and fantastic food individually cooked to order from a great selection of menu.If you are a lover of red wine as i am then amoudi is a must.My wife and i were fortunate to attend a greek night at this restaurant and again i must recommend.We will definitely return to this restaurant next time we are in Zante.

Pamela D  (01 May 2011)        10/10

Been going to Argassi for 17years an we eat at the Premier everytime, what can I say but fab fab fab , food staff amazing, Hi to Dennis and family luv to you all Paul Pam Chantelle an Elicia

Alfa   (22 August 2010)        10/10

A very good restaurant serving nice freshly cooked food, there is a good selection on the menu all at very reasonable prices. We eat regularly when in Argassi & haven't had anything to complain about, the staff are very friendly & will go through the menu with you if you wish. Try to get in on their Greek Nights as the atmosphere is especially good

Melinda K  (23 October 2009)        10/10

It was very good.

Ágnes B (10 July 2009)

If somebody drops in into the premiere again possibly Say to Chicco I welcome from Hungary


Lesley S  (09 June 2009)        4/10

As per the previous comment, we also tried a variety of food, there were 9 of us in our party and no-one ordered the same!!! If this is one of the best in Argassi, in my opinion, I'm glad we ate in Kalamaki three times and Zante Town twice We are going back to Argassi next year for a week, but we most definitely won't be eating at Premier, we have it on good authority that Peppermint is THE place to eat, so we'll have to wait and see

Les   (09 June 2009)        10/10

Returned again to see Dennis, it was like we'd never been away.  Every meal we had was very good,as was the service, we had no comlaints whatsoever. We had a wide selection of different types of food although we have never tried a pizza in here  Can't really add much more, I've said it all in previous posts, it's definitely 1 of the best places in town

Lesley S  (25 May 2009)        4/10

Having read the reviews on here we decided to eat here after a very enjoyable evening playing crazy golf. I am sorry to say we were quite disappointed in the food, average really, apart from one of our party having a mushroom pizza that was, to be honest, inedible. He did tell the staff, but was not offered an alternative dish, neither was he offered a discount!!! The staff can't be faulted for their friendly service, but to be honest we expect friendly service AND edible food

Mariska W  (05 March 2009)        10/10

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The food is good the
service is friendly
and is super nice,
we sat there every day a top restaurant
xx maris

Kristina M  (23 August 2008)        10/10

Very good food
Very  nice and lovely staff 
We were really enjoy
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Rachel S  (15 July 2008)        6/10

Can't fault anything here really.

The food was nice and the service was okay, if a little slow, but when you are on holiday there should be no need to rush for anything.
All in all a good restuarant.  If you want good value then this is one of the places to go.
I didn't really feel that the people that worked there was overly friendly but they served the table and we got to eat our food so can't complain.

Les   (05 June 2008)        10/10

Just got back from Argassi. We only managed to get to Premier once this time & again we were greeted like old friends by Dennis. The food was excellent & the service brilliant (don't think we get special treatment although we have been going here for 8years, it was the first place we tried on the first night of our first visit) The place was busy every time we passed, although we usually ate earlier as we had a 5yearold with us this time. It was busy on the night we went in but Dennis still made time to chat with us & the staff took time with everyone. Now that the Big Plate has closed Yianni is back here also. We have eaten here on numerous occasions every year & can honestly say we have never been disappointed, & it was certainly the best meal we had in Argassi this year again. I would definitely recommend a visit  

Newcastle L  (04 June 2008)        10/10

Just come back from Argassi and had a fab holiday.

Ate in this restaurant 3 out of the 6 nights and it was beautiful.
Staff were so lovely and friendly and a pleasure to be around.
I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone going to eat out in Argassi.

Louise H  (12 September 2007)        6/10

Went ot premier whilst on holibobs in June
Service was good but wasnt as impressed with the food.
Lee had a mixed grill which didnt have much to it and I had meatballs which were ok.
Wouldnt go here again.
Lee and Lou

Seth H  (10 September 2007)        10/10

 top marks for friendliness, especially ZEN. dennis was also good craic, even though he lies about his age ha ha. chateaubriand for two was well worth 30 yo yos and the desserts are spot on. great smell of mint from the wall. we loved this place and the staff  know how to have a laugh. don't walk past it. 

Les   (26 August 2007)        10/10

Returned again this year & it was like going to an old friend's. We were welcomed like family by Dennis!! The service we had was first rate & the quality of the food was excellent on both occasions, the saganaki cheese starter was very good & the fish really was the best we have had in Argassi We really can't praise premier too much & we'll certainly eat there next time. We've said it all in our previous reviews

Jillian M  (22 August 2007)        9/10

ate here on 2 occasions and i must say it was brill if you go try there beefburgers from main menu they are mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm    staff are brill and its nice to have fans blowing so u r cool whilst u r eating

Amy M  (10 August 2007)        10/10

I ate here last year and again this year and i was not disappointed. I love seafood and some of my friends didn't so a minority of us came here to sample the seafood. I got a seafood platter and my friend got shrimps and the other swordfish. It was so delicious. The portions were generous, so much so i couldnt finish mine, and the service was friendly and prompt. Be sure to go here

Ashley P  (27 June 2007)        10/10

i did write a comment wen i got back in may but its ben deleated?!?!?!?! so have my pictures....

well u guysno wot i fort.. i lovd ya, yet again was treated as 1 of the family!
 xxx lots of love spaghetti x

Les   (09 November 2006)         

We ate twice here between 6th-13th October & both times found everything excellent. The staff were very friendly if a little pushy although nothing like some places & it was very quiet at night in all the restaurants & bars. The food was brilliant both times. On our second visit we had seabass & it was perfect!! The starters & desserts were brilliant also.Overall there was nothing to criticise& this was the only restaurant we went to twice. It was certainly the best we visited all week & seems to have improved since we were last in Argassi. We will definitely keep returning, especially as Dennis remembered us from our last visit in 2004!!!!

Debbie E  (29 October 2006)         

Nice food,nice staff and nice wall paintings..!

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