Bars in Alykanas

Steve G          10/10

Just got back from our first visit to the island, we had breakfast every day at busters and have to say that the hygiene standard in this bar is excellent, and the food was very tasty. It was busy for breakfast but still John had a chance to have a chat and gave us good advice on what to see and where to go. The ice cream van is called izzy and plans to do an ice cream run in a year or two (depending on the paperwork) but there is the best ever ice cream for sale in the bar itself, the flavours are fantastic and it is all made on the premises. Dont be put off by the name, call in and have an toffee ice cream ....

Ken W          4/10

went in busters

to see what changes have been made ,not many
there was an old ice cream van in the garden
 sorry but i was very disapointed
looks like all the life has been sucked out ov the place
all locked up by 9 pm
lets hope its better next season  

Kevlar           10/10

Busters Bar will be opening again shortly but with new owners and a new name, it will now be called "Izzys Ice Creams at Busters Bars" serving fresh homemade ice creams with some amazing different flavours. So if you fancy a relaxing day eating some of the best ice cream on the island then this will be the place also you can still get yourself a beer, Pop in and see John & Sue and see what a difference they have made to place but don't expect a quiz, karaoke or TV's. Your going to love it.

Sue W          10/10

click to enlargeHi everyone at Busters thanks for another great holiday you have the best bar in Alykanas your hospitality is fantastic and you all make our holidays such good fun because we have such a good laugh at the Busters Bar. We are both looking foward to seeing you all next year.

         Sue and Rob Walker

                  BUSTERS FOREVER 

Sarah B          10/10

Hi all,

All back home in one piece though we all wish we were back in Zante.
Glad we finally won the ouzo on our last night.!
Kids pestering to play click all the time now so will soon be buying up every pack of cards I see!!
Anyone reading this must  go to Busters! The cocktails are fab. I think we tried all of them between us!!
Wishing evryone there all the best - may come back some time!!
the Batemans (the 10 strong rabble that almost won the quiz most nights!!)

Kay B

hi lesley its dave from somerset (kristina) hope your all well. my friend andy and his dad wrer out there recently. im trying two get hold of spiros so i can arrange to get the deeds for my land, its possible that andys dad may buy the land. is there any way you can help get his contact details for me? my email address is davekeekorok@aol.com my mobile is 07771 760937 and land line is 01823 430330. many thanks, hope to speak soon 

Bill A          10/10

Hi to you all at Busters. Pete, Lesley,Martin,Paul, Mick.

Missing you already, weather ok here but we rather be with you lot .Hope Bill paid his beer money before he left. We had a great time and thank you all for making our holiday most memorable. hope to see you all soon. One last question before we go.IS IT THAT?
All our best Bill and Anita.

Cheryl A

to martin thanks for all the magic tricks doing well with them and are learning more all the time your bar is the best in zante we will come and see you in a few years from megan

Hayley T          10/10

Back from another great week

Thanks to all you for everything
Had a fab time yet again and i think kt loved it aswell

Aaron B          10/10

click to enlarge

heyyyyyyy busterssss, its aaron frm last year n da year b4 (da 1 dat stood up 4 ya niece n granddaughter wid dem albainians couple years ago n u put tear jerkers on wen i were drowning ma sorrows o ma holiday luv went home hahahah lol)

jus 2 say im missing zante so much im not bck dis year most probs coz mum n dad going thailand on there own n leaving me here wen i got work as a LIFEGUARD/GYM INSTRUCTOR/LEVEL 2 FOOTBALL COACH :P. yh im keeping maself busy but wid a decent income so im coming bck 4 a week wen i can jus not yet :(. but i do wanna b a rep 4 a year 2 bug u all in near future (got da right qualifications so y not).
 chow 4 now X

Karen A

Hi Martin, Lesley & Pete, and drunken Mike.  We are still talking about our holiday last year, we had a great time especially at Busters, we had a great laugh, and great shots, never been so drunk.  We still working hard.  Hope Lesley has recovered well.  Hope to see you soon.  Luv the swingers.  Do you remember us now!!!!    We still in touch with Gill & Terry from Tipsy Toad.  They back home now

Karen A

click to enlarge REMEMBER ME !!!!   (The swinger)

Karen A

click to enlarge

Karen A

click to enlarge Hi Guys.  Here is mike as promised, in his posing mood.  Thanks for a drunken holiday.  It was great.   The scousers

Hayley A

click to enlargeclick to enlarge Hiya all here are some recent pics ov KT shes getting big now 11lbs 8ozs last time she was weighed.


Amanda S

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

And there is more pics :) 

Me and Matthew hoping to win Click,
Poor Siobhan with Mike
And Jemma n Matthew helping Mike out :)

Amanda S          10/10

 click to enlargeHere is my angel being a help and not a hinderance.  Congratulations on the new grandchild, seen the pic and awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. <<<Trying hard not to get broody here.

Heard from Mike that Lesley you have broken your leg, hope you make a speedy recovery soon.
We are still all very Zante-sick...what the hell has that island done to us, we are never that depressed after a holiday?????
keep in touch and congrats again and get well soon.  Loveage Jerry, Amanda, Matthew, Siobhan, Jemma n Spencer.

Steve H          10/10

click to enlarge One day back home and missing you already.

Thanks to Pete, Lesley and Martin for making our stay memorable and also bearable with the other people in ths picture.
Hope the Guinness has returned to full flow and aar Budda's not causing you grief.
Has the nine a diamonds gone yet.
Had a superb holiday in Alykanas made all the better by your welcome and hospitality. Thanks again till the next time
Steve and Dawn. Guinness and Yacht Club

Wendy F          10/10

been back two weeks now....had another amazing time in alykanas. thanks to all you guys at busters...martin the cocktails are as good as ever!!!!!again met some wonderful people especially andy and june (toon army)  who our son josh thought were great company.  click and the quizzes always bring the holiday makers together....keep up the good work...hope to see  you all again soon.   wendy andrew and josh    x 

Jane W

click to enlargeclick to enlarge  gidday,

just to let you know i had baby xander jack on the 12/08/08 at 10.25am (  pete and lesleys new grandson )
 all is great and he is doing well.
from jane & co xxx

Andy S          10/10

 Thanks to Martin and everyone at busters!!!

We had a great time, really enjoyed click and the quizzes and excellent cocktails
Great to meet Josh and his family - come on the Toon!!!!!!!
Hope to be back, Andy and June

Amanda S          10/10

helloooooo to lesley, peter, martyn and of course the biggest tart of busters mike.

just wanna say big thanks to you all for some of the best evenings in zante. we will forward pics of us in busters when we are more organised here.
martyn and lesley thanks for your patients and kindness to matthew, i know he can be hard work but you both made him feel so very welcomed and made him feel useful when you allowed him to help you.
im figuring you are now a grandmum again lesley so hope that all went well, and that mother and baby are all doing well.
loved all the quizes, they were fun to do and click is a game we will be playing here without a doubt (you have us addicted).
this may sound sad, but we are zante-sick (bit like homesickness but the other way round). its peeing down with rain here and we have the heating on as its cold. the whole atmosphere between us all became miserable the min our plane took of and even more so when we could see cardiff international.
mike get practising with your swimming, jemma is gonna kick your a**e next time lmao.
lovage to you all and hopefully see you again next year
amanda,  jerry, siobhan, jemma, matthew n spencer xx

Jane W          10/10

click to enlargegidday all,

keep up the great work in the bar mum , dad & martyn. 
just wanted to say hi to everyone we have not seen in 2 years we do miss you ! ( hello colin, dave & lorna, chrissie & dave, etc etc. )
well my due date as you lot who had a bet on knew was today the 5th, sorry nothing as yet but will let you know.
everything is still great here in nz beautiful place but the kids do miss zante !!!!
love jane and co xxxx   

Dave T          10/10

click to enlarge

Martin, thanks for doing that little bit extra for our girls on another wonderful holiday.  Nothing was too much.  All the best.

Up the Potters
Dave & Mandy

Kim E          10/10

Hi lesley Martin and Peter

Don't know if you remeber ,but we ere at your bar nearly a month ago and had the best time ever! We really would like to come back to busters bar!
kim , christie , sue and steve
click to enlarge
P.s we got our puppies their really cute!
(say hi to mike from us!) 

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