Bars in Alykanas

Andrea F

Hi Lesley, Peter and Martin,

We're now back home in sunny (not) Wales.  We just wanted to say cheers for a great friendly welcome which really made our holiday fab.   We had great laughs playing Mike's quizzes - although we are yet to win one. Cheers again and we hope to see you again next year although I think I'll have to give Martin's cocktails a miss next time because I blamed them for falling out of there each night.
From Andrea and Terry (the Welsh couple)

Tony C          10/10

 hello martin lesley and peter we are now back to the good english weather [ not] . we would like to thank u all for the hospitality shown to us by you all, fantastic pub good beer  the best english breakfast in alykanas, and most of all the good laughs we had playing mikes quizes   well done. myself and margaret will definately be back in the future and we have told all our friends about you. good luck from  tony and margaret who where staying at [elenis studios] 

Hayley A          10/10

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Just a quick message to let you all know Katie Leigh was born on the 2nd July 2008.

Shes a little princess, we have booked to come over next year on the 14th May and are bringing baby with us.
Cant wait to get back over now though.
Luv Hayley, Lee and Katie xx

Ann A          8/10

Great freindly bar and in our opinion, the best breakfast in Alykanas!  Didnt try the big one (3 of everything, your name goes onto wall of fame if you eat it!), standard one was enuf for us, especially as it included fried potatoes.  Excellent quiz nights, different theme almost every night.  Takes a while to get around to the actual quiz tho, you usually have to sit thru a few games of click, which i liked but hubby got bit bored.  Only small negative, it was so hot in there, wish they had a few more fans around the place. 

Aaron B          10/10

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m8, me, natalie :D.

hope shes there

Aaron B          10/10

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oi oi busters, its aaron from last year in augest/september. u should member me as i were da 1 dat stood up 4 ure neice n granddaughter natalie from them dirty algerians on 1 of me 1st nyts n wen martin purposefully put tmf tearjerkers on wen i was drowning ma sorrows wen 1 of ma holiday gf's had 2 go home lmfao. well u look at da news (n its not good) bout ova here in london mostly south n south east n its me so warn dem dirty algerians im c*mming coz wen im there no funny business is appening wid ma pals i make out there, play by ma rules. c*mming ova wid mum n dad again n dey r bringing 2 of our gr8 old m8s just da same n u'll love em. im bringing 1 of ma best m8s dis year aswell as whoeva i c out there dis year so all is gd ill c u soon.

p.s. cnt wait 4 click
luv ya all x

Hayley T          10/10

Hi everyone

Was getting excited last nite thought baby was coming but false alarm!!
Never mind, Hope the season is going well, really wish we could come over this year but lee being a grump and wont let me bring her till shes a little older lol!!!
Speak soon
Hayley, lee and bump xxx

Chris +          10/10

Hi there Martin,Lesley and Peter,

     Well we just got back from a wonderfull week in the beautifull resort of Alykanas and it's safe to say we're not pleased to be home. The time we spent with you at Busters was just what we needed. You are very warm,friendly and helpfull people thankyou for everything. Hope to be back in September. Was really nice to be introduced to Bruce who has a heart of gold.
   Very warm regards
  Chris + Deb

David T          10/10

Hi Everyone

Thanks to you all especially martin for a fantastic time spent with you
and for keeping tyler amused he still has'nt stoped going on about click
 A big must for everyone to visit BUSTERS good food uk beers and larger
and great quizes with mike
Keep up with the magic martin

Wayne G          9/10

Great bar, freindly staff,we ended up there every night after using the excellent local restaurants[ great food ]Just what you need when your far from home,a British outpost in what is a very Greek resort.We will definately holiday there again.A great bar to visit,we had some really good nights at busters,especially playing the naff bar games,what a laugh !

Wayne & Chris. 

Chris W

   Hi there Martin and family, Chris and Deb here. We couldn't make it last year but we're on our way to you next Sunday ( June 1st I think it is ) and we can't wait!! We've missed you're warm welcome, great food and brilliant Bloody Mary's. Your's is our first port of call and probably our last.
  See you soon
  Chris and Deb.

John S          10/10

The best bar on the Island. The people and bar staff are really friendly Especially martin. You can get a great full English breakfast or go for the Buster breakfast which if you manage to eat it all you get a certificate. All the food here is really good. We enjoyed it so much we are going to find a home to move to alykanas Just so i can have the breakfast everey morning. If you visit zante you must visit this bar.

Michelle O          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlargewe miss you guys loads, sorry we cant come back this year! we will hopefully see you  soon xxxx   

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Hayley T

Hi Lesley, Peter, Martin and Paul,

Hope you are well, i want to come back this year but its gonna be next May 09!
Have a good season speak soon luv

Donkeys Y          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargelooking forward to seeing you all in sept

Amanda S

Me and my family are coming to Alykanas at the end of July for 2 weeks in 2008. And want to know if Busters will be trading then, as it sounds like the sort of kerazyyy place that would suit us all. With the added bonus of a full english brekkie (which will ensure one VERY happy hubby). Also (wandering if im gonna regret asking this) what is click????

Hayley T          10/10

I want to come back!!!! I can't wait to go back to busters even if i am gonna have to wait a year, at least i know everyone will be just as welcoming and helpful which will be great as i will have a little baby with me.  Hope everyone is doing well and im sure everyone who has visited busters will be looking forward to going back

Hayley and lee

Michelle O          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge hello all at busters
Had a wicked time on holiday and if we didnt walk into your bar because it was cold it wouldnt have been half as fun but so glad we did we definatly found the best bar!
Thanks for putting up with our drunken antics i think 'michelles mix' had something to do with it!
I think the best part was having to watch England lose on Welsh TV!!! ha
Thinking of you all and hope to see you next year
Keep Smiling!
Love Tracy x
p.s Nine Of Diamonds

Michelle O          10/10

hiya all at the best bar ever, me and my sis had the best fun ever.. we are back safely home but missing you all hope ur all ok
i find myself bursting into laughs thinking of all the mad nightsxxx
take care all cu next yr

nine diamonds,
welsh gals xx

Donkeys Y          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge more pictures from busters ,all having a great time

Sonya F          10/10

hiya lesley, pete, n martin, missing you all  really had some good nights, even tho i never won click really close tho. am hoping to come back with my husband and kids leaving r clare at home lol no only joking. hope ya missing us,

 will prob be quiet there now without us laughing. sure i saw martin crying wen he said bye hehe. bye 4 now xxx

Isobel B          10/10

hi to everyone at Busters.  thanks for the laughs and the OUZO.Smile bet u know who it is before i tell u .G reat fun with the quizes and i even won a game of click.Hope u looked after the girls when we left.see u july next year.Keep the morgans Martin dont be drinking it.Tell Pete i wont be needing the ouzo and thanks to Lesely for the great meals especially the pukka pies

Jim Issy xxx

Tommy & Lynn          10/10

Just returned, see you next year on the bike!!!!!

Aaron B          10/10

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best bar on da island by far n da nicest family i met on da island. click is da best game eva i actually 1 once lol but had 2 split it wid 3 people. thier breakfast is lovely n filling yummmmmm. i member da 1st nyt i met them wen i stuck up 4 thier grandaughter / niece. dey met my family n dats where ma parents were most nyts. dey were there wen i were sober n wen i were drunk, dey were there wen i were happy n dey were there wen i were sad, dey done me lil favours but its da small things dat make a big difference n i felt very happy n welcome here. im definately c*ming bck nxt year. if u read dis "da busters crew" lol say hi 2 natalie n give her ma e-mail plz. c ya nxt year x

Fiona S

click is the best game ever hope to win someday

Karen M          10/10

Hiya to all the guys at Busters  FANTASTIC english Sausage butties mmmm ! Hope to see you all in a few years & please get Julie to email me back this year ! xx chelsea xx

Neil C          10/10

hello everyone. thanks for them dvds there rubbish lol. Martin if you read this me and Trev want you to STOP IT.  He's just pluckin his eyebrows at the minute. ha ha. see you all next year.   the birmingham boys.

Neil C          10/10

Definitely the best place to go for a good night.  Friendly people, good food and a great entertainment for all ages. The click game is a MUST for everyone. Thanks to everyone for making my holiday.  Will be back next year for definite. 

Jim A          10/10

-2nd year on the trot at alykanes,just like to thank everybody at Busters,food,company,great nights never won on clic or any quizzes but great to take part.the nine of diamonds saying is etched in my mind.

   once again thanks to everyone,
   jim and deb ayres
     leicester (the big city)

Shona-leanne F          10/10

Hi ya everyone, its Shona. Thank you for everything i had an amazing time and cant wait to come back next year. I will put the pictures up of Paul and Martin the milkshake men soon. Everyone when you go to Busters ask for a milkshake they make the best milkshakes and they have even got the t-shirts to prove it lol. Counting down the days till we all return i know you will be long term friends. Say thank you to Brenda for the water that was a big help. Missing everyone already. cya next year lots of love Shona and family. miss you nan and grandad!

Elaine P          10/10

Hi Lesley Pete and Martin

   Had a great time this year as allways,we liked Micheal very much,i wondered if you have heard how Pearl is,i tried your web site but could not get it,george and glennis say hello,hope to see you all next year Elaine and Barry

Dave B

Hi Pete and Les, Dave from Somerset here, looking to come mid Sept, lost your direct number would you be able to speak to Jerry with regard to booking a couple of rooms, when and if you see him can you ask him if he has a room free in caretta. Can you e-mail me as soon as poss.

All the best Dave and family

Madeleine B

One of the Jungle Juice gals here from the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Edinburgh.  Thank you so much for adding to our experience. You have such a great bar, with wonderful staff and even better measures.  We had a truly wonderful time and your games of celebrity faces and click were fantastic.  Thank you too to Martin for recommending lemon for my mosquito bites, good call. 

Claire W          10/10

Had a great time at Busters Bar.

Really enjoyed the quizzes.
Really friendly atmosphere in the bar.

Sue R          10/10

Had a great time, if you enjoy the quizes that are held at Busters in the evening you may be lucky to win breakfast for two  -  they are the best in Alikanas.  If you don't win I'd recommend them anyway.    

Steve B          10/10

Two weeks of paradise. Had a great time with the family May/June. Geordies on tour 2007. Enjoyed click and the hospitality. Many thanx Steve,Anne,Michael and the twins....

Tracy H          10/10

busters bar, fantastic, breakfast was fab and price good. martin and crew were so friendly and made you feel welcome right from the beginning. kids thought martin was great were sad to leave, they thought your hot chocolates were the best. good luck for the future x hickmans/godfreys(all ten of us)

p.s do you have any more butter

Dave T          9/10

If you want to eat early doors and not bother for the rest of the day, then have the busters breakfast.  3 egg, 4 bacon, 2 sausage, beans, tomato, mushrooms, 2 toast, fried bread, orange juice and a huge tea (or coffee if you like drinking cack).  Very pleasent place to eat as well.

Corrine G          10/10

 busters bar ,great place good food the breakfast was spot on ,staff (martin&team many thanxs).
 very friendly ,pricing was good and very clean !!!!! couldn`t do enough for us and there was 10 to feed !!
 we wish you all the very best for the future
 xx 10/10

Chris W          10/10

Just got back to UK. And YES all are still there! We were worried at first as the bar wasn't opened when we first arrived. AND horror of horrors we had to wait a couple of days before Breakfasts were served!
But as usual breakfasts were brill and well worth waiting for.
Thanks guys

Zoe N          9/10

Cant wait to return for our fourth year on May 31st for another 2 weeks of bliss.  Booked twice this year - back in September 07 as well!
Really looking forward to the Busters Breakfast and all the fun in the evening. 
Everyone at Busters really friendly and welcoming.
See you all soon.
Zoe and John.

Nicola P           

Message for Peter & Lesley,

 Would it be possible for you to post you full email address please.

Kay C           

Hiya all, Hope your ok? We're all back home in the rain!!!! Thanks for such a good 2 weeks we had the best time! Already looking for next year. Have a brill 6 months off and we will see u all soon! Kay and Ty xxxx
P.S Bet u new who that was underneath straight away lol xxx

Richard M           

The best bar in Alikanas and Alikes for that matter. Nice friendly quiet bar.

Barb P           

You must visit Busters Bar (best bar in Alykanas) Peter and Lesley are the very best hosts - so helpful and friendly and as for Martin - an absolute STAR.   The 'belly buster' brekkies were outstanding and as for the evenings - just fun all the way.  Can't wait to come back (hopefully they'll sort out the Airport sooner rather than later).
'The Royals'  Barb and Jim x

Hayley A           

 We are home again after another fantastic week!!!!!

Thanks to all of you for making our holiday fantastic again!!!
Martin you make the most lethal cocktails!!!!
Thanks to Pete and lesley for everything!!
I would recomend the evening meals to anyone they are fantastic especially when you feel home sick!!!
See you all in May 07  Cant wait!!!! 
ps in danny's so now trek home lol

Jackie and rob S           

  Hi  Martin we got home wednesday after just7 days in alykanas and Martin helped our stay along so much with good tips and advice, a real warm genuine bloke. We felt very welcomed and im sure we will return with the family next time. My husband felt so at home he didnt know why he had to pay for his very promt brecky!! He also loved his akido chats every morning it saved him having to talk to me bless. Keep doing what your doing at busters it feels a very warm enviroment!!!! enjoy your winter and Martin chill. Thanks for being so welcoming  Jackie and Rob xx

Ada F           

hi all i know we have only been back for 3 weeks but guess what GET THE BREKKIES READY we are coming back on the 8 oct  AND ITS ONLY THE 2 OF US all kids can stop at home.

  see you all on the 8th

Keith F           

I just don't know what to do with myself of an evening now i'm home. no quizzes, none of martin's electrocutory household objects and noone's exclaimed 'you're jokin'!'.

it's just no right. i'll need tae come back.
Take care youse guys and err..

Kelly M           

I have been going to Busters for many years now, and i have to say that it just gets better every year!! Ron is just as great as he always has been, and after very thorough and detailed testing of every bar in the resort, Martin makes THE strongest cocktails!! Many of our nights walking home are just a blur.  Highly recommend the Golden Dream and Mudslide! Hope to sample them again in the very near future!

Louise F           

hey everyone at busters bar in zante

     ive just got home from my holiday in zante . i had the most amazing time and going in busters bar every night made my holiday even better. i went with my parents and i think that it was my last holiday with my parents, but i will DEFINATELY be going back to zante and busters bar . i'd like to thank all the staff in busters who made sure that there was a great atmosphere every night and they were all really friendly and laid back who you could have a laugh with. i'd like to give a special mention to Ron who worked every other night at busters dping the quiz and CLICK!!!  he was a great guy who made me and my family feel very welcome and he was great at doing click and the quiz, we had so many laughs. i think us pie eater lost every quiz, oh well!! we still had a great time. hope to see you again soon Ron and thanks to his wife for her lovely hand printed cards THANKS BUSTERS BAR for a fantastic holiday!!!!
loadza love from louise, josh and our family (i'm sure they'll all remember josh haha)

Jason F           

click to enlarge Hi Pete, Lesley, Martin and Dave, hope you are all well. We are missing the place like crazy and we have only been back one day !! Thanks for making the holiday really fun. See you all soon !! Jason, Mel and Bump !!

Steven C           


Gillian H           

Thanks for a great 2 weeks, everyone very friendly and gave us a warm welcome. Enjoyed the quizzes(just because we-the terrible two kept winning). I think i enjoyed the night of my drunken stupper even though i cant remenber but the photos were good!so you dont need to send them to Corrina. Hope to come back if get the chance.    

lots of love
The Terrible Two, The Girls or Gillian & Carol  xx 

Dave T           

we had a good laugh when we were in the bar (just watch out for the "false" John Smiths!!!) i got caught.but it was all in good fun (at least i hope it was!)

the breakfasts are something else.
all in all we really ahd a good time there and we will see you again soon

Adrian F           

Well done. you made our holiday yet again. keep the breakfast and black pudding on order will be there in five weeks.

John P           

    Hi Guys,

Just thought I would let you know how much I am missing Zante, The Buster breakfast was excellant even though I only maqnaged 2 whilst I was there!!  The Cup Final was a real nail biter but the Reds perseved and won through (never mind DAVE) Well hope to be coming back soon but until then take care because I care,  All the best John  

Louise S           

hi nat just want 2 say il miss u loads n i hope u read this  message. i was cryimg last nite n i knw wevr ad opur troubles but that dont mean we cant be m8s i av loads 2 thank u 4 n i do aprrecialte u. youl av a great life in greece lv u 2 bits i hope ill see u again c u soon louise xxx

Maz C           

Its been 2 years since we last visited you, and Phil came away with the well known busters bar certificate for eating that huge breakfast!!  We miss your wonderful wit Ron, and I doubt you remember Phil & Mazzie, but I reckon you will if we turn up again,  Just remember the couple who danced down the road, (after a few shots) and promptly landed in a ditch!!
 hate to admit we visited your sister island last year and went to Kefalonia, beautiful scenery, but the nightlife wasnt half as entertaining...sooooooo be afraid, be very afraid, cos we might be back this year!!
Only if Chick creates a new game though cos we were clicking all the way home, we reckon he should do Mr. & Mrs again  and maybe next time I will get the answers right.
love to all in Busters, Phil & Mazzie xxxx

Paul M           

Busters in a nice bar, run by really nice people, I have visited the Bar several times during my holidays to Zante and have always been more than happy with the service and company.  I also like to visit Greek establishments (Bars Taverna's, etc.) I really enjoy the entire Greek experience. Buster provide a safe place for me to take my children and I get entertained too, I don't honestly care if its an English export - whats wrong with that? After all - the Greek's dont traditionally have anything like a pub, the nearest thing they have would maybe be a kafenio or ouzeri, so the bars run by Greeks have been invented for our "holiday makers".  I LIKE BUSTERS - LONG MAY THEY TRADE!!

Garry C           

Hi again Mike,

if i offended you in my comments im sorry but you did the same with your original comments.This is the end of the matter and i hope you have many more happy times in Zante cos i know i will.

Avril W           

Hi again to all in Buster's.
Just reading through the latest comment's. Have I misunderstood acomment by Mike Oldfield?
He refered to an earthquake around October 18th?
We were there mid September to 2nd October so this must have happened after we left.
Hope everyone ok.

Garry C           

I think its me whos hit a nerve Mike.If you dont want to be " negative " as you put it keep your comments based around whether you liked the bar or otherwise not on the people who like to go there.If i really didn't like going abroad would i want to go.....DOH!!!. I always go flight only so i'm not making your hol cheap, sorry old boy.{p.s do you know the price is going up next year mmm curious}.And on the burger thing if your gonna buy me one better make it early on cos your probably tucked up in bed by 9pm thinking of what you can "moan" about,maybe " a slightly fussy child " or very loud and irritating neighbours" { of which you wouldn't get on Meteora }or " over zealous salespeople " with " chicken in spit" { this time the greeks get ridiculed for not being able to spell correctly in english,hows your greek???}.All the previous statements and theres probably more, you might have thought would want to make you stay at home ????? mmmm curious!! Happy days!!

Mike O           

Oh dear, the “some of my best friends” apologists are here again, must have touched a nerve. I’m delighted people like Garry exist and indeed make up the majority of “Brits abroad.” Like a bit of local colour, a contrived “Greek” night and an occasional plate of tsatziki but need the reassuring security blanket of pukka pie, chips and a pint. I think that you'll find that the hugely witty sheep analogy more accurately fits those that go with the crowd, leaving the "real" Zakynthos to those that want to spend their entire holiday there rather than just dip their toes in. Having said that my holiday wouldn't exist at the price it does were it not for Garry and his flock so long may you continue to enjoy it.

As for Meteora (leaving aside your arrogant and incorrect assumption that I would need to look it up), you assume that because I don't enjoy Busters I belong in a hermitage (the blissful ignorance of those too blinkered and narrow minded to see any viewpoint other than their own). It's equivalent to me suggesting that because you don't share my taste in holiday you belong in Laganas (which I assume you won't have to look up).

As I said in my last post, I'm just putting my view, sorry if you disagree with it. Happy holidays and if I ever see you in Busters Garry I'll buy you a burger, just as long as I don't have to stop and eat one with you.

Garry C           

Oh dear!! the " when in rome " bleaters are here again.I've been all over Greece and i like to eat 'stifado,dolmades,mousaka,saganaki,greek salads etc.I like to sit in a greek taverna by the waters edge drinking ouzo or metaxa.But i also like to eat the odd nice english meal and have a pint of beer and be entertained,not to mention meeting new friends and socialising.Many mums and dads with young kids find a place like busters a godsend because it keeps their kids happy and means they can enjoy themselves too.This is a tourist resort with bars and restaurants purposely built for tourists,there are plenty of other places within Greece where these bleaters can go if they want to experience the real Greece but they might have to share with the other bleaters!!! Baa baa


Mike O           

Don't want to be negative but just to put another viewpoint on here. Busters bar is a perfectly nice place run by nice people but it has nothing whatever to do with Alykanas, Zakynthos or Greece. You might just as well be in Tenerife, Torquay, Torremolinos or Telford..a little slice of England designed for people who like to go somewhere hot but can't stand really being abroad.

Garry C           

Been to busters on numerous occasions over the years from the time of opening to present.Know Lesley,Peter,Ron and Jackie from when they worked at the greedy greek in 1996,when we went back in 98 they had their own bar.Even on the last three times that i've stayed in tsilivi i've always been over to say hi.Food is still as good as ever and lesley always does me a wicked j.d & coke.If your reading this Lesley say hi to everyone and no doubt i will be seeing you again sometime.Cheers to the best bar in Alykanas from Garry {Halifax}.

Hayley T           

Hiya everyone got back ok had to fly through the storm.

Thankyou for making our holiday great again
C u all soon
Love Hayley and Lee 

Susan C           

apart from being a man u fan dave was great, needed a**enal shirt as no sun.  hope you have a good winter. no fifth state in america ending in 'o'. see you next year lots of luv sue + stephen

Avril W           

Just got back from our first holiday to Alykanas (Zante). And already wish we were back.
Busters Bar made our holiday, especially Chic.We enjoyed the quizzes and Chics click.
We won a couple of free breakfasts and won chics once (eventually). It was great we loved it.
As for Chic being so loud you could hear him in Alykes (Osborne family) He wasnt allowed a mic, something to do with the laws over there as I understand.So he HAD to shout. If you could here him in Alykes, WHY did you come in then?
Ronnie (Chics brother in law, and a Peter Stringfellow lookalike) was a laugh as well.
Anyway Chic if you read this Keep up the good work, and I hope you manage to get your flight home O.K, Oh and good luck on becomming a Grandad in new year.
     Avril&Mick (next table)

David S           

This Bar can only be described as one of the most welcoming in Alykanas. The standard of food compares with that of the best rated restaurants not only in Alykanas but also in Alykes. The breakfasts are excellent and in the evening when you get fed up eating Greek food try the Pukka pie chips and mushy peas and you will be very pleased you did because the quality is outstanding. Good Luck and best wishes to all and next year I have decided to eat at Busters and keep the wife as a pet 

Nicky O           

breakfast was great and well priced. did not like the card game on a night so went elsewhere.the bloke doing it was so loud you could have heard him in alikes

Peter and lesley W           


Pam S           

We`ve been home a week and are missing the Busters breakfasts loads, really friendly welcoming staff - thanx alot.  Had a fab time in Alykanas n also enjoyed watching the Ashes in Busters - what a result.  Once again to all at Busters, fantastic bar n see you next year.

Pam & Mark 

Mart & Kaz           

I can't say enough about this place, Busters is brilliant, but Lesley Peter and Paul are the best. Not to mention Dave who's a right laugh. Think they just about had enough of me taking photos! but I needed the reminders of a great holiday. Paul introduced us to Colin (lovely bloke) who took us round the north of the island in his disco, we had a brill day, went the scenic route. Brenda is lovely always had a smile on her face. If you like to sit round the bar in the good company of the people that run it then Busters is for you.

P.S. Hi to Kath, Chrissy & Dave, Kev, Ron, and Julie & Martin.
Mart & Kaz will be back!

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