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Kayleigh T

hi im going to zante kalamaki on the 8th/aug/2010 it will be my first time im 24 and im taking my daughter with me who is 5 im a bit worried as i have read a few bad feedback on the place i will be staying (denny apartments) please let me know what you think of dennys apartments and kalamaki thx

Janice W          10/10

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we went in august was hot but not unbearable nice breeze..and didnt need to buy air con while we was there..the only thing was the mossies but next year ill take vitamin b tablets and garlic tabs heard very good to fend of the pests!!!

John K          10/10

August is by far the best time to visit any place of zante!!!!it's tottaly amzing n' ur going to have a WONDERFUL TIME!!!!!!!!!

Claire P

We are flying out to the beautiful Kalamaki on the 3rd August - 15 weeks and can't wait!!!

We have been here 4 years running , but missed last year as we were on honeymoon in Cuba!
Been in all different months , July + August are by far the best!
Weather is amazing - but very very hot! even in the shade!
If you like it hot - but not too hot go in June ..
If you like it quiet as its downtime (in case nobody knows closes down in end of Oct) - and just warm go in September!
We're staying at Dennys Inn hotel - its amazing, so friendly - its like a 2nd home to us!

Michelle D          10/10

in zante right now!!!weather is great not had a bad day since we arrived 2 weeks on saturday not lookin forward to going back home. 1 problem is the hotel we stay in has no air con so if u visit zante at this time of year Make sure ur room has air conEmbarrassed

it is a great island to visit and to see turtles in the sea like i did todayTongue

Edward S           

we went early august and found it very hot on reflection probably too hot, but you can go in the pool to cool off. air con is a must.will probably go when it is a bit cooler next time.

Gemma E           

I've been to Laganas 3 times...October last year, May and August this year and August was by far the best time for us. Loads busier and better weather...although the streets are abit untidier due to all the drunkards!!

Anna B           

Just been for two fantastic weeks worth of weather got a great tan did not really have one bad day

Lisa M           

Arrived Back Monday 28th August after two glorious weeks in the sun

Temperature reaching 44 most days and a not so chillie 30-35 most evenings
had one morning a bit cloudly for about 3 hours, but then the sun came out
Lovely island to visit
Enjoyed to Festival of St Dennis on 24th August, which takes place every year in Zante Town, well worth the visit

Lucy C           

Good time to go if you like the heat! Got a good tan

Kat & Russ           

If you like it hot then this is the time to go, although we did experience one of the most spectacular thunder and lightening storms in our second week. Would recommend the boat trip out of Tsivili from the Levante Speedboat - details available on this website. I've posted comments re this trip. The water park is well worth a trip but do make your own arrangements as it is easily accesible and very much cheaper. Be warned that at Kalamaki you will get great views of the planes coming into land, but it is quite exciting. This year was our second trip to Zante after last year - we all fell in love with the island and will be returning next year - already booked. Have a good holiday!

Sarah M           

got back from lagana mon 14/08/06 - its red hot 38 - 40 deg every day in 2 weeks had 1 bad day which is not bad.

airport s**t though for your return home...
get yourself to cocktails and dreams, rescue bar and cherry bay club its ace...
sarah barnsley

Joan T           

Just got back from Zante yesterday (07/08/05) temperature was 38 Very hot!!!!


Genevieve H           


Jean C           

Just got back was slightly red hot 38 in the shade 40+ on beachGOOD NEWS  everybody on a return visit will be pleased to know the NEW ARRIVALS TERMINAL at the Airport is open.  HOORAY.  Two conveyorbelts NO MORE 2 hour waits for luggage for those of you that arrive on the really busy days of Sunday & Thursday and whats more it's fully air-condisioned (we nearly fainted) not with heat but SHOCK..  After 12 years of the hussle & bussle of the old terminal this Ultra Modern building is open.  MIND YOU it is not finished yet but is still massive improvement.

Sophie H           

August is the best time Zante laganas is buzzing and the weather is really hot great for tans

George T           

Just got back from Tsilivi on Monday. Weather is still scorching hot! The resort is ideal for families and older people at this time of year, because the main season has finished and it is a lot quieter, especially at night. The beaches were quite empty last week, in comparison to the first week that we were there. A truly beautiful place - the best holiday we have ever had. Forget the trips, use the local buses to Zante and Laganas. They are so cheap and you see more of the real Zakynthos.


last friday in alykes the temp was 45 degrees C and about 118 farenheit!

Sarah W           


Catherine K           

I am going to Zante on Sunday 29th August, the lady from the Netherlands asking if it was hot .. yes it will be .. forecast yesterday said it will be 33 degrees this weekend ....

Alex S           

really hot . fab time , kids never got bored . we stayed at diana palace argassi, really nice . try to avoid a little man from tiffanys across the road , he is so annoying , he chases you!would go to zante again A++

Tracey P           

Went to Tsilivi 12.08.03 for 2 weeks. Stayed at Zante Star Apartments and thought they were excellent. Tsilivi has a wonderful selection of bars and restaurants to coner every taste and age. We hired a car and explored the Island a bit. Found Tsilivi beach to have lots of dead sea-weed on it, which put me off at first, but it was so safe (shallow) for our two young children, that we soon forgot about that small issue. Food bar on beach excellent - good choice and excellent value for money, and the 'Fruit Salad & Doughnut' man was a godsend.
Anyone visiting will not be disappointed. Visit the Family Bar & Popeyes for the children, and also the Red Lion at the top of the hill.

Sophie F           

we returned on the 24th and it was extemely hot. lovelly. we stayed at the Maria Apartments, not impressed with it though. its not very busy for the hight of the season.

Sophie H           

Hello, i'm visitin Zante, and stayin in the Planos Bay apartments, for a week, startin the 26th August.
Is any1 around my age visitin at the same time?
Sophie (14)

Kay C           

for audrey
we are going with our little man on 28th of august you have chosen best vilage to go to we have been going for 1o years the first place we stayed was the merlis apartments now the antonis and thats where we are staying again this year
hope to see you there
kay and sam

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