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Sammy L

 Myself and a girlfriend are in Zante from 1st June for a week of sun, sea and......... partying.

Who's going and wants to party with us?

x     x

Becky and rosie K

We are going Zante 1st-7th many other people going around that time? we are worried it is too early!

Charles .          9/10

Going to Zante (Zakynthos) June 23rd 2014 with 3 friends (Nicola I am sure we will see you there :)

are you on facebook?

Michael Mckeever

hey im going to zante on the 1st of june up to the 9th of june i am just writing to see if there is many people what go to zante aroung then.

Nicola L

6 of us coming to Tsilivi on June 23rd , just wondering what the weather is like around this time? I have been before around July/August and the sun is glorious, hoping June isn't too much different *fingers crossed*


Lola C

Me and my friend are thinking about going to zante, late june about the 23rd for a week? but the thing is we love to party and love a crowded atmosphere I was just wondering if anyones been and could tell me what the clubs/atmposhphere is like?

Allegra N          10/10

Hi I just went to Zante with a group of 5 girls and we stayed in a small hotel just out of the way of the main strip in Laganas. When we first got there we were worried it would be too much of a trek but it was actually such a good decision as we were off the main strip for when we did want sleep at 4 am

Laganas is amazing in June, it's when all the young people go after exams etc and we met so many lovely people out there. It was a little disappointing that it did actually rain once but that was apparently forecast as there were meant to be storms.
All the clubs were so good and the bar men/dj's were excellent.
I would recommend Laganas for any young (I would say 18-25) people around mid-late June when it all kicks off.
You also can't miss 'The white party' on a cute island just off the side of the beach.
Ally x
Oh and also it was crazyyy cheap! We got so many free drinks and things and you usually get given free shots in most places, food was cheap and you could walk most places. Out of 250 Euros I came back with atleast 80!

Jackie G

Hi alice,

I have just come back from Zante, i stayed in Tsilivi. It was a lovely place and i would recommend it to anyone. The weather was fantastic, very sunny and hot. I have heard that all the islands are nice and Laganas is the place for young people with lots of bars and nightclubs.

Paula C

I've been to zante 5 times before and im going again in june this year. I've been in june, august, september and october and cant ever remember there being a problem with wasps. Last time i even wore a body lotion made of honey so if anyone was going to attract them it would have been me!


Am looking to go to Zante for 2 weeks next year in either June or September, have heard that they have a bit of a wasp problem going on though, can anyone who has been in either of those months confirm or deny this

Katie B          10/10

june if defo best time!!! not too busy!!! and is still boiling hot... 40-45 degrees most days when i went!!! just got back... 2nd time! love it!!

and in june its cheaper  x

Steve M          10/10

June is the best time to be on Zakynthos, great weather, not too busy and the days are soooooo long.....I was there for two weeks and in my mind it felt like a month....realy great time to visit. Hire a car and get about a bit...the flowers are so beautiful and fill the world with colour .....and the island is so green and the roads are quiet.....get up in tree line on the mountains and breath in.......so pretty

Steve McDine

Isobel B

I asked yesterday whether anyone knew the distance between Alykes and Argassi because I'm going to Alykes on 29th June and my son is actually working in Argassi. Obviously I want to see as much of him as I can when I'm there so I need to know what transport there is ie bus/train/taxi's. I'm staying at Mario Studios - anyone stayed there recently - how is it?


We have just booked to go for two weeks from 1st-15th June next year..last time we went was from 10th-24th of May in 05..we were worried that the weather would be cold..how wrong weere we!! it was fab..

 weather should be even better in June

Natasha R

hiyaaa people me and my fella r goin laganas on 1st june til 15th just wanna know if anyone knows any good places to visit and has anyone been or goin in june??? jus pray that the weathers nice ne fin beats the manchester rain!!!

luv tasha x

Amber M          9/10

Been to zante 6 times in June and 2 times in August June is defenitly a great time to go.    Not 2 hot but really really nice. I was so sad when going home    


Pete G          10/10

click to enlarge Go here and forget the UK. Enjoy

Georgia M          10/10

i went to laganas last year in june and it was scorching hot and really busy for the whole 2 weeks!! one thing everyone forgot to mention to me is the little pickpocketers on the street!!!there is hundreds of little albanian kids on the streets at night time that just pinch anything they can get their hands on!!my boyfriend had his digital camera and a load of money nicked out his pockets n they pass them onto loads of different kids n run away so there is no chance of gettin them back so if anyone is goin to laganas its absolutley amazin - best holiday ive ever had but watch your pockets!!!

Shumi B           

Me and my mate went to Tsilivi on the last week of June and came back on first week of July. Weather was fab and we came back with a tan which looked like we had been there for over a month!

Liz G           

we went june 26th and came back 10th of july 1st week it was over 40 degrees but after few days u do get used to it and the way of life!!! great thunderstorm on sat with lightening it had not rained for two months but next day was hot again take lots of mostiquo cream etc got bitten lots!!!

Nat D           

Went to Laganas, Zante from 26th June-3rd July and the weather was gorgeous, very very hot, 40 degrees most days, wicked tan!!

Lee C           

Been to Zanté a few times now - always in June! weather gets better towards the end of June.. This year was a little cloudy for the first day and then got hotter each day from then.. Also, the place starts gettin a lot busier towards the end of june which is better because there's nowt more boring than sittin in an empty bar

Leah M           

Hi All

I got back from Zante last week and had the best holiday ever with my mates.
The nightlife is brilliant and there are soooo many bars to work your way down. We watched the footy in the day in The Three lions, which had the best screen and seats! Make sure you go to Wakiki club at 2am its a good bar to end the night on.
BUT beware of the gypsie kids....I got a bracelet stolen and my mate had his digital camera stolen, so be careful when they try talk to you!!!!! Oh and if someone tries get you pay 35 euros for the Baywatch beach party - Dont bother its crap- they say you can drink all you want which is basically 2 flavours of cocktail and gross gross BBQ food, we stayed for one drink! Even if the girl who tries sell you the ticket is goregous (my male mates got duped by her pretty face) Say NO NO NO!
Other than that I would highly reccomend Laganas (only if ur a singleton tho).
It was 25 degrees when I was there and some days it was a little cloudy but we are all nice and tanned.
Have a good time  Leah xx


Hi Stacey

 Myself and my family went to Zante on the 10th of May last year,we were worreid that it would be cold then...no worries,fantastic hot sunny weather every day,you will have no problems with getting a tan in June lol
 Have a great time..you will love it
 Sarah x

Helen O           

We stayed in Kalamaki between 20-27th June 2005 and thoroughly enjoyed. It was very hot and sunny all week averaging 35degrees most days. It isn't the busiest resort but is just nice, ideal for couples and families but does have enough bars and clubs for the more livelier to enjoy. A lot of the bars are very "English" with huge televisions for the sport and english food galore but there are enough quieter bars and restaurants with a more authentic feel if you wish (try Elena's Garden greek restaurant for good food and the Apollon Bar for a quiet drink). The locals speak very good english and are extremely friendly. It's worth a visit to Zykynthos town, its small but there is much more of a feel of the local way of life there (taxi 8Euros). Enjoy!!! 

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