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Dave R  (18 August 2010)        1/10

Awful.  Overpriced.  Bland.

Paul K  (08 July 2009)        7/10

came here 4 a meal and really enjoyed it food was perfect but slightly on the expensive side at 44 euro for 2 meals but i spose u aint gonna go 4 a ruby every night lol as a one off great place 2 sample indian cuisine

Paul K  (07 June 2009)        10/10

allways enjoyed great food here over the years and will be eating here when am over in argassi in 3 weeks fantastic prices and food

Diane S (26 October 2008)

very dissapointed this week at prince of asia.I have eaten there for many years and the food has always been wonderful.Although the season is coming to a end we found it poor to of been served frozen chicken with our starters,curries and chinese.

Pete D  (06 June 2008)        10/10

well i have been proved wrong,i have allways said you cannot get a chef cooking indian and chinese and get it right,this place can.i fancied a curry and against my better instincts gave it a try.lamb madrass,popodoms,pilau rice, naan and bombay potatoes,the wife had sweet and sour cantonese and both meals were fantastic.we returned twice during our last week and bought friends with us who will like ourselves be dining there a few times in september.thanks for the hospitality and the great food boss.pete debs paul maria steve and jan

Michelle L  (01 November 2007)        10/10

Ended up eating here 3 times during our 2 week stay.  The staff were wonderful,  they were polite and wished you a good evening on the street and after we'd walked the length of the road we always felt like coming back here because they weren't pushy at all.

We tried the chinese on our 1st two visits,  Chicken and sweetcorn soup - yum, Chicken noodle soup - yum,  Spring rolls were tasty.  All the main course dishes were lovely and better than home,  Beef with black bean sauce,  Szcheun Chicken,  Sizzling beef in garlic.  chicken with chilli. 
On our 3rd visit we tried the indian,  i must admit i'm more of a chinese eater but the indian was equally nice.  I tried the jalfrezi which was nice without being too hot. 
Food 1st class
Staff - Excellent.

Alison W  (12 October 2007)        10/10

Visited this restaurant again this year and have to say the food is excellent and good value for money - will definitely visit again next year


Dave E  (04 June 2007)        10/10

For anyone who likes an excellent Chinese or Indian meal, this place is a MUST, to stop and sample the cuisine. Its location is on the main road of Argassi. Have ate both chinese and indian food, all excellent, no complaints.

Chicken madras, chicken korma, chicken tikka masala, pilau rice, onion bhaji's, naan bread, chinese bbq spare ribs, singapore fried rice, etc etc, all done to perfection.
The service is excellent and its very good value. last time we stayed in argassi for a week, and ate here 6 nights. That tells you something !

Simon M  (01 November 2006)         


had realy good meals here, both chinese and indian food very good and cheap too.
well worth a visit

Jon E  (19 September 2006)         

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The choice of food is overwhelming...which do I choose? Indian or Chinese no seriously they are both delicious especially the Ken & Jude sauce on the sizzling chicken tikka.  Our little girl loved the vegetable rice.

We had both an Indian and a Chinese meal here and can honestly say that it is as  nice and as cheap as any restaurant at home.
Loooking forward to our next visit just for the prawn crackers and sweet & sour chicken.
The waiters are so friendly and don't hassle you to eat there.

Angela B  (05 August 2006)         

click to enlarge The best chinese & indian we have tasted for a long time, you must try the cripsy duck with pancakes. bombay potatoes, chicken in oyster sauce, bbq ribs etc too many more to mention, we ate here 8 times in a fortnight!!!! See you in October

Claire & Drew  (02 July 2006)         

 Fantastic resturant, we ate there 3 times in the week we stayed, service was fantastic, very friendly, food amazing and price very reasonable. Definatly  a resturant to visit. We will be back next year.

You should have more star's !!!!!

David C  (19 June 2006)         

Excellent meals both times we ate there.  Staff very friendly especially with the children (Free ice cream with sparkler)  Dishes we had were Cantonese Chicken,  Beef Chow mein, Chicken chow mein.  Stongly recomend. 

Michelle J  (18 June 2006)         

This is the nicest place to eat in Argassi. The staff are so friendly. We ate here twice - we tried both the Indian and Chinese. Can not fault it one bit! It is definitnely worth a visit, or amybe two or three! So much choice!

Dave E  (14 June 2006)         

Just got back after a week long stay in Argassi. For the 1st time traveller to Argassi, the Prince of Asia is located on the Main Street, about 100 yds up on the right from the Magic Mushroom bar. For the repeat visitor to Argassi, do not confuse the new location compared with old location on the side street. On the side street restaurant, they will even try and tell you that its the same restaurant but with a name change. Trust me its NOT ! The quality of food is totally inferior. The REAL Prince of Asia is a must for the person who enjoys Chinese and/or Indian cuisine. We ate here 3 times in the week, sampling a wide range from chinese dishes such as beef fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, crispy duck, prawn crackers etc. The indian dishes such as chicken korma, madras, tikka masala, onion bhajis, popadoms, a variety of indian rices, etc. Both the chinese and the indian selection were all cooked to perfection. The service and hospitality could not be faulted, very warming and friendly. The prices were very competitive, especially considering the excellent and wide range choice of both Indian and Chinese cuisine. We hope to visit Zante again sometime in the near future, and the Prince of Asia will be our 1st stop for a meal, without a shadow of doubt.

Jenny S  (09 June 2006)         

Just to say that this was the best chinese food that i have every tasted. This restaurant actually had a chinese chef and an indian chef where as the others didnt.  We were treated like kings and on the way home from the bars at 1am were always offered to come in for another drink. They couldnt have been more friendly. They put every Chinese i have eaten in this country to shame.  Thanks guys 

Paul K  (10 September 2005)         

eccelent place for an indian meal and resonably priced  less xpensive than sajna and better food as well  i eat here quite often when in argassi  thumbs up from me  give it a try

Joanne S  (04 August 2005)         

food was great chicken korma mmm but once sreved our drinks we waited around 20mins to bve served they were fathing around cleaning coaster & tables & kept saying one min one min 20mins later but i can honestly say it was worth the wait.

Dave E  (10 August 2004)         

Excellent is the only way it can be described. Ate here 3 times in 7 nights, once a Chinese, twice an Indian. The chinese was ok, tasty, good value. Crispy Duck, Sweet and Sour Chicken, and Curried Special Fried Rice were all cooked to perfection. The Indian was fabulous. Poppadom starter, Onion Bhajis were very spicy, Chicken Korma was perfect, Chicken medium curry had a kick better and stronger than some Madras ive eaten in the past. Nothing was too much trouble, as we found out when the chef did us a special keema rice to accompany our curries. Couldnt ask for any more from the staff ..... fabulous. Very good value for money when considering that all of it was edible and plentiful, and a lot of competition for trade in Argassi. If you like a curry or a chinese, this place is a MUST !

Dave and Lyn from Blackpool

Maria F  (13 June 2004)         

We had 2 takeaways from here during our 1 week saty in Argassi.
I have to say that this is the best Indian food I have tasted.I thought our local Indian at home was good but it does not compare to the Prince of Asia. The staff were lovely too very friendly. Will definatly go back when we return to argassi, you must try it.

Paul K  (21 January 2004)         

we ate at this restaurant 2wice in july last year fantastic food very cheap good food spot on

Chris & Ros  (25 August 2003)         

Ate here twice, had set meal's for two chinese one night and indian the next.The chinese meal was excellent and also great value, but the indian meal definateley wasn't up to scratch (very dissapointed).Service was excellent.

Jens M  (13 August 2003)         

Been eating there 3 times during our stay and I must say we were not
disapointed. My girlfriend and I enjoyed the meal and the service there and when our friends arrived to Zykanthos, the 4 of us went there and they liked a lot too. So if you like spicy food I can recommend Prince of Asia and especially the "Samber Beef" and "Beef Madras" ...

Vikki L  (03 November 2002)         

The worst meal we have ever had. The food did't taste of anything and we even got a piece of metal in our rice and when we complained we didn't get anything accept a 48 euro bill. DO NOT EAT HERE

Gordon P  (20 September 2002)         

very nice place to eat the staff are friendly the food is good if you like chinese or indian this is the place to go

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