Zeus - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

John R  (August 26, 2006)         

This place was quite nearby our hotel. We walked past it most nights and were always greeted by friendly staff wanting us to come in for a meal. We tended to walk on down the street but made a point of calling in during our second week. The staff in Zeus were all unbelievably friendly and we recieved some of the best service of our whole holiday. They were quick to take our orders, fast to serve the food and when it came it was of very high standard and we really enjoyed the meal.  The price was excellent!

The only thing that would fault the place is that it is next store to quite a noisy bar (Deano's) ahnd although this place was pratically empty they still insisted on playing music very loudly, even though the staff in Zeus seemed to be asking them to turn it down. It didn't ruin the meal but was a bit annoying at times.

The Med - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

John R  (August 26, 2006)         

We visited here regularly most mornings for breastfast as our hotel was a short walk away. We had already tried a lot of places for breakfast in the area but once we tried the Med we found it hard to go anywhere else.

The food was lovely and was always served quickly. The med was extremely good value and the staff were always very friendly. Probably the best breakfast on the island.

Miami Beach Bar - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

John R           

If you are looking for a good spot on the beach, grab a couple of beds in front of the Miami Beach Bar. It is a really nice wee place for breakfast or lunch, has a good menu and great service. We visited here most days when we went to the beach and always enjoyed it. Portions are huge and everything is served very quickly. 

Koukos - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

John R           

Wanted to visit here on their Greek night. We had passed by the week before and it looked good and when we got their on the night it didn't dissapoint. Great traditional greek dancing and music which carried on for several hours while we enjoyed our meal. The food was excellent and served quickly especially when you considor how busy the place was. We would recommend getting there early as possible to ensure that you get a good seat to see the show!

Nemesis - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

John R  (August 26, 2006)         

We visited here on our first night in Tsilivi and really enjoyed our meal. We made a point of going back a second time before the end of our stay. Again the meal and service was excellent. Quite a large menu to choose from. Very reasonable prices and a really nice atmosphere. We would definetly go back!

Asian Feast - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

John R           

Walked past the Asian Feast most nights when we were going out. Always had a chinese woman at the door greeting people and trying to encourage them to call in. Eventually we felt bad walking past and decided to go in.

They had a good choice of indian and chinese cuisine and when it was served it was lovely. It was all very nice and we really enjoyed the meal. The only thing I would say is that in terms of value for money there are so many more unique restaurants in the area and when you go for a chinese it wasn't anything different to what you would get at home. But if you are in the mood for it, it's fine.

Horse Riding - (Zante Excursions)

John R           

Had read reviews on the Akrotiri Horse Riding on this website and wanted to definetly give it a try when we got there. Got the number of a poster which were put up everywhere. Marie came and picked us up from our hotel and took us just outside the town to where the horses were kept.

It is a really nice part of the country side. The horses were all extremely well kept, especially when you see some of the others around the town and they were all very well trained and eaily managed.
It is a really nice start to your day and we would have liked to go back again before we left but just didn't have time.

Levante Speedboat Trip - (Zante Excursions)

John R           

We really wanted to go on the Levante Speedboat Trip. We had read all about it online and it definetly seemed to be the best trip on the island. When we got there we shocked to hear that the trip wasn't running  because they had been increasing the number of seats on the boat. We looked at other trips and private boat hire but none of them seemed as good. Lucky enough just before the end of our stay we checked back and found that the first trip of the year was running on our last day there.

The day was absolutely brilliant. Everybody met up on the pier, jumped on the boat and set off for the shipwreck. Spyros was a great guide, really funny and really good with all the kids on board, letting them have a go at driving his boat. Think it made their day. We visited the shipwreck (take flipflops off the boat with you as the beach is really stoney!), viewed the lighthouse and then stopped for lunch in a nice little port. He then took us round all the caves, going inside each one, giving a really good look at what was there, telling us a lot about the unique features of each and it was really enjoyable. We stopped for a swim on the way back in a little bay which was great and helped us all to cool down in the hot sun.
Definetly think this trip made our holiday and if you are going to take a boat trip your mad if you don't do it with levante.

Margaris Car Hire - (Car Rental in Zante)

John R           

Had a dissapointing experience with another car hire firm so when we seen this centre thought it looked good, everything was included for a reasonable price but they were very busy and availability was a problem. I said that the only things I wanted was power steering and good air conditioning and we were shown a very new, think it was alto or atos. Went to pick up the car on the day we booked it for but were then told the car we wanted wasn't available and were told that they had a fiat punto for us.

At this stage we weren't going to say no as we wouldn't have been able to get another car at such late notice from anywhere else. But when we set off in it, although  it was quite quick which helped when driving up the steep roads it didn;t have the power steering which I specifically asked for and the air conditioning did not work and meant we had to travel with the windows down in the boiling heat all day.
All I can say is when you are hiring a car in Tsilivi - confirm exactly what you are getting, what is included and what is now and check it properly before you drive away!