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10/10 Natasha V
click to enlarge Previously called Zante Horse Trekking Centre - HAPPY HORSES riding in Lagana offers beautiful, safe and well looked after horses for beach and mountain rides. We cater for total beginners through to the more experienced riders. We offer free pick up, to and from your hotel. Check us out on Facebook and Tripadvisor. For bookings call: Yiannis (0030) 699 234 6633
1 post by Natasha V ip -
10/10 Elizabeth P
click to enlargeI have been visiting Zante the past 7 summers in a row and have gone riding at Laganas Riding Centre every time for at least two rides each visit. I must say that it is always the highlight of my holiday . The horses are very well taken care of and the family that run it , Nikos , his wife and children are lovely people. it is very obvious how much they love their horses and how well taken care of they are. Reading the previous negative comments , I must say it is very unfair for the riding stables ( 7 or 8 in total) in Zante . It would be a good idea to state the name of the riding stables that the comments are intended for.
1 post by Elizabeth P ip -
1/10 Agnieszka M
this place is so corruptet. I was so disapointet about the ride. the people who worked there seemed like they were in a really bad mood and it affected the horseride ! :(
1 post by Agnieszka M ip - Denmark
1/10 Zante D
Very disappointing horseride !
1 post by Zante D ip - Denmark
 Julie T
Is the Akrotiri horse riding farm still operational? I am visiting Zante TOMORROW!!!! and was looking forward to visiting this fabulous stables for a trek. Last time I visited Zante we went here and had a fab time Please tell me it's still there????
1 post by Julie T ip - GB
 Juli J
this is a very bad place dont go !
1 post by Juli J ip - Denmark
1/10 Sara S
Very bad service the guy who was riding with us was very angry and unpleasant he was just sitting with his earplugs and listening to music and we couldn't get in contact with him .. when we finally did we asked him to go back and explained the situation to the owner and even thoug we had to pay the full price..
1 post by Sara S ip - Greece
 Marcel V
click to enlarge
1 post by Marcel V ip - Netherlands
10/10 Abbie K
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

Me and my friend visited Zakynthos last summer and had great time!

One of our most pleasant experiences was riding with "Nana's horses". Beautiful horses, very well treated, very safe environment, great fun, equipped for all ages and experiences! The lady who owns the stables, nana, picked us up (free of charge) and brought us to the stables where the stuff prepared the horses for us. My friend was inexperienced so they chose for us easygoing horses to feel safe with! It was great fun!  

I arranged a long trip ride two days later and we went to the nearby beach where we had the opportunity to see the seaside on horseback!! Amazing!!! 


Excellent horses and very friendly people Nana and her family! I certainly recommend it to all!!!!



1 post by Abbie K ip - Greece
10/10 Richard T
I've been visiting Zante for many years.In fact,i met my wife there and we are living in Greece,since 2009.Every time i visit Zante i feel like i have to go to Nana's horses.Nana and her family,who run the business,are really friendly and ready to welcome you as part of their family.The horses are really well-trained and all the safety standards are kept.The prices are really affordable too.I was really suprised to see Kim's comment.Firstly,because all the facts that she states are wrong,and secondly because i was there the day she went horse riding(we spent the whole August in Zante).Nana's family business runs for more than 40 years and is one of the most well-known and respected in Zante.The horses are kept in a really clean enviroment and are treated really well.Now,as far as Kim experience is concerned,i never saw her complain about her tour,in fact she tried to "bond" a little too much with her guide(who is married).The truth is that if you are looking to mate,then Nana's horses is not the place you should visit.But if you are looking for an original horse-riding experience coupled with greek tradional hospitality then Nana's horses is the place for you.
1 post by Richard T ip - Greece
1/10 Kim F
click to enlarge

nana's horse riding, had a trip today. really bad. poor tired horses. i had booked an advanced tour..

had to wait for almost an hour, it was porely planned.

but i just went with some kids (who are defintely not advanced) to a nearby field!! and had to ride there in circles.. some men walked with the horses of the inexperienced drivers..and run with them.
i really feel bulls**ted, this was no advanced tour, and the horses looked very tired and said.
so be warned don't spent your money here..

is there better horseriding possible in zante? i dont know, but dont go to nana's!!!!!
1 post by Kim F ip - Greece
10/10 Danni
Me and my family aposultly loved horse riding in Zante. The staff there was amazing. There is one downer of it that a member of staff will have to come with you but except from that it is amazing. You would be lucky to experience the horse riding. You will be took through the country side and it is amazing views. You will be able to stop and take pictures and just chill out. When you are on the horses you will just feel relaxed and calm. You will have an apsolutly brilliant time going horse riding.
1 post by Danni ip - GB
 Dianne K
Julie the horse riding in Lagana has a pick up service so call and book your ride with them  and they pick you up and drop you off again . Ride goes down onto the sand dunes along the beach. Hope this helps .
1 post by Dianne K ip - Greece
 Julie P

Hi, I'm going to stay in Kalamaki in Sept but don't intend on renting a car.  Is the horse trekking based in Kalamaki as I'm really keen to experience this but won't be able to if it's else where

1 post by Julie P ip - GB
10/10 Kate S

Me and my boyfriend have recently just got back from our holiday in Zante we had an amazing time, and one of our main highlights was when we went horse riding at zante horse trekking centre which is run by Natasha and Yannis. Not only are the horses beautiful and extremly well trained and you get to ride them in a beautiful location, but Natasha is so lovely and friendly and really makes you feel very welcome in her company. The whole experience was truely amazing and we are definetly going to book another session with them when we go back to Zante as we feel it really is the best place to go! Thank you once again Natasha and Yannis.    Kate & Nathan

1 post by Kate S ip - GB
10/10 Marietta V
click to enlarge As a Greek American I was hesitant to have a wedding in Zakynthos (MAY 2004).  However, since my father is from Katastari and my husband from Lagadakia, I didn't have much choice.  I had been to plenty of wedding prior to mine and wasn't very hopeful of having a great time in Zakynthos.  Nana's horse riding excursion made the trip.  Not only was our wedding everything I imagined and then some, Nana had us over the next day, decorated the horse and carriage and took us for AN AWESOME RIDE IN THE CITY!!!!!  Her family welcomed us into their home afterwords for coffee and cake, we even hung out in the stable area for a while and had a few drinks.  I would like to publicly thank her for a great day after the wedding, for her awesome generosity and hospitality.  Now that I have a son and baby on the way, I look forward to visiting Zakynthos again, this time taking the kids for a ride.  My sister is a seasoned rider and thinks the world of Nana's Horses and so do I.  THANK YOU NANA & FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ME POLLI AGAPI APO: Oikoyennia Xakailis (PSIRIS!)
1 post by Marietta V ip - Australia
10/10 Beth M
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

loved the horsriding with zante horse trekking centre run by nat and yannis.  Had saved for ages to go on this holiday, iam 11 and love horses, and nat took me great rides along the beach and she really helped me gain confidence with this aspect of my riding.  I loved melina the horse i rode most often, but also loved george and his wee cheeky streak.  i cant wait to get back there, it was the one thing i really loved, about zante and the whole family at the stables made my holiday.  if you want to ride go there, its a great wee stable, and the horses are well loved and cared for.  Beth McMahon

1 post by Beth M ip - GB
10/10 Angie A

I have been going to Zakynthos every summer for several years now.  Nana's horses has one of the oldest and most experienced horse ranch in Zante.   Nana and her family are very much animal activists and love their horses like people.  They take special measures to be sure that their horses are taken care of properly. Indeed, they have some of the most beautiful horses on the island.  I think their success and the many people and friends that return each year like myself speaks for itself. 

1 post by Angie A ip - United States
10/10 Lynda J

Just got back from a holiday at Alexandra Beach Hotel.  Went riding with Marie at Akrotiri Riding Stables in Tsilivi.  We had a great time.  I can ride but my friend was a novice so we did not go faster than trot.  Nevertheless it was delightful and the horses extremely well schooled.  We enjoyed it that much that we went back the next day for two hours.  If we go back next year we will definitely spend more time there.  Marie is a lovely person and makes everyone welcome.  I have nohesitation in recommending  her stables whether you can ride or not.

Good Luck for the season Marie
Lynda and Audrey
June 08
1 post by Lynda J ip - Switzerland
10/10 Andrew M

well last week my wife my four children and I visited Zante and we were advised to go for horse riding.We chose to go nana's horses.I can tell you that we had the time of our life.Nana and all the people there were very polite and ready to help us.I forgot to mention that we have never riden a horse before.There were also ponnys  for our children there.We also had the chance to have a look at all sorts of animals a farm has.My kids loved the place and we went there next morning.This time however nana came herself and picked us up (free of charge). Since it was morning nana offered to treat us greek coffee and other greek delicacies that her mother had made earlier in the morning.We went horse riding again only this time we went with a guide named Andreas.This guy was even more polite and explained us everything about horses and horse riding.the price was good and certainly worthed it!! If you visit Zante you have to visit nanas horses.The place is amazing and if you have kids they will surely love it!!I wont give you her phone number because if you do a little research you will find it(Zante is full of signs showing the directions!!!)

I am really curious about the previous posts because of two things.Firstly, some of them give even the phone number of the place like the own the place!!!! and secondly the previous posts about nanas horses are really bashing her with what i think fake reasons.
Well you cant tell until you visit it so!!!

then again really good work nana and thank you again for giving our vacation a memorable moment

1 post by Andrew M ip - Germany
10/10 Myra Q
horse riding in zakinthos i,ve been riding for many years my advice if on hoilday go with the best akrotiri horse farm above tsilivi.fone marie on pick up and you,ll have a great time.
1 post by Myra Q ip - GB
10/10 Mark B

we went horse riding in kalamaki in june 07 to ZANTE HORSE TREKKING CENTRE please do not get confused by the cowboy outfit on the corner by the louis zante hotel who stole there name,the horses are genuine and are ideal for the experienced or novice rider,if you would like to book a horse ride ring this number 0030 6938173216 ask for yanni or natasha they will pick you up from your hotel and return you after your ride like they done with us ,we had a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute of the 1hr ride.

View 9 posts by Mark B ip - GB
9/10 Chloe R
1 post by Chloe R ip - GB
  Lynn W


View 7 posts by Lynn W ip - GB
  Debbie E

Nana's horses-It will break your heart to see the condition of some of those horses.I am also an experienced horse-rider and have worked with horses for many years but even if you're not you cannot fail to notice the way some of them shy away from a human hand as though they are being beaten.

It seemed the favourite horses were kept in decent conditions whilst the others were kept in absolute squalor.Around the back there is what seems to be a shed with 3 cows tied up standing in their own s**t,millions of flies and wasps,the stench is absolutely overpowering and at the back stand two young ponies also tied standing up with head-collars on that have seemingly never been removed and actually growing into their skins.They are all standing in their own s**t and p**s and have NO bedding at all,cannot even lie down...
Anyway,you get the picture-if this was in UK they would be prosecuted and never be allowed to keep animals again but sadly it is in a country where animals welfare counts for very little.PLEASE avoid this place as it will make your holiday a memorable one for all the wrong reasons.
View 8 posts by Debbie E ip - GB
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