Granada - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Declan M           

Granada is without doubt the best restaurant in Argassi, with exceptional food, great friendly service and great prices. We ate there 6 nights out of 13 and had superb Stifado, Lamb Chops,Kleftico and Beef Stamnas...not all on the same night. The Greek Night was great fun and the Greek Musicians on Tuesdays and Saturday nights gave the place a lovely ambience.

The staff were brilliant and we will definately be back next year....might even have the wedding there!!

Blue Caves and Shipwreck Cruise - (Zante Excursions)

Declan M           

we went on the alexandros, thinking it was a boat trip that would inform us about the island and at least give us the opportunity to enjoy seeing the island. however, what it turned out to be was an 8 hour party boat, especially on the top deck, with the most inane techno pap being played as bikini clad girls pranced about, while the macho males looked on. after the first hour i could not wait for it to end. halfway through, there were a good few people glumly sitting looking bored rigid. the commentary was spa**e and totally uninformative. i have no issue with people enjoying themselves and indeed if i knew it was going to 8 hours non stop eurotrash music, i could have decided not to go or give my brain the day off and join in the "fun". zante is a lovely island with great views and the next time, i will be make sure i get on a trip that informs and allows people to enjoy the island, rather than 8 hours of noise!! the snack bar was a rip off as well, with that well known greek dish of nuggets and chips readily available.

Contessa Hotel - (Accommodation in Argassi)

Declan M           

We stayed at the Contessa in late July /early August. We found it to be fine, the room was ok- ensuite twin room.The Air conditioning was a bit of a joke though, as it barely worked and we were sweltering in 40 degree heat. Breakfast consisted of bread, processed cheese, processed ham, cake and tinned fruit- not very good- we only ate there 3 times over the two weeks.  The staff were fine, friendly enough and the bed linen/towels were changed almost every day. The pool was clean and even though we went to the beach most of the time, it was handy to be able to sit out some mornings before the sun really broiled us all. All in all, the Contessa is a decent enough hotel, but if they sorted out the air con, and had a bit more variety at breakfast, it would be even better. 6/10

Piccadilly - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Declan M           

We ate at the Piccadilly once over our hols. Thought it was ok, nowhere newar as good as Granada or Ethnic. The food was ok, without being memorable. Nice atmosphere with the water fountain, but not a place I would rush back to.

Ethnic - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Declan M           

The food in Ethnic was excellent. Had the most wonderful half chicken. Without doubt the best I have tasted. The kebabs were excaellent and the Ethnic Chilli Chicken superb as well. Service was good, only complaint was it did not have good air con, but a small quibble really. Will definitely go back next year.

Edem - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Declan M           

Edem is a real treat, off the beaten track, it has a lovely ambience and is a place to sit back and relax. We went there twice over our hols and had excellent food and wine. Good attaentive service and excellent value for money- 26 euros for the works for 2 people- cannot beat that! We will return.

Snack Academy - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Declan M           

Snack Academy was a good stop for breakfast. Good crepes and waffles. Did not have dinner there, but the service and food was good.

Aresti - (Restaurants in Zante Town)

Declan M           

We ate in Aresti on outr 2nd last night in Zante. Great location and the food was excellent. The paino/synth singer murered a few MOR songs, but was inmpressed with Aresti. A bit pricier that other restaurants but worth it.

Tropicana Cocktail Bar - (Bars in Argassi)

Declan M  (August 16, 2005)         

tropicana is the best in argassi, loads of cool music- damien demspey etc. great cocktails and all sup**vised by the unofficial mayor of argassi- kev. plenty of room, laid back atmosphere and good drinks- what more can you ask for....elvis i hear you say.??..they even had him too!!!