Barrage Club

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Rena X           

BaRrAgE CLuB Is ThE BeST I LoVe It ThERe The MuSiC iS AwSoMe I CaNt WaIt @ go BaC tHiS SuMmER....To Telio club sthn Zakyntho

Natasha S           

This is the best club on the entire island of Zante, it is where I spent my whole holiday at. The music is amazing, out f this world thanks to Niko K and Yanni, the decor is really cool and trendy. This is place is a must but only for the upper class people who do not mind spending a bit of money in return for a wild night out. Mainly for locals but soem in the know tourists pay a visit, this is the place i met the man of my dreams Kosta..... A definate must for everyone who really appreciates good house music and you will find barrage a winner.

Kostas X           

Η μουσική υπόκρουση του μαγαζιού είναι πάντα progressive χωρίς να λείπουν και τα εμπορικά κομμάτια!
Η θερμοκρασία και η διάθεση ανεβαίνει καθώς προχωράει η νύκτα και ανεβαίνουν τα vibes!
Χωρίς δεύτερη σκέψη ΜΟΝΟ BARRAGE!!!!!!

Tasos B           

εισαστε ατομα

P D           

This club along with Bilboe club is generally dominated by the greeks but tends 2 play a mixture of British and International house/dance music. Open till about 5/6 am. Just be warned entrance fee quite high, so is the price of drinks.

Shell *           

We loved in here!Hello to our mates in the bar - ben,Doug and will!Cya next year!


Enjoyed my night at the Barrage. Not sure about the music but it was a good atmosphere. Very busy at the weekends but don't bother getting here until after 1am. Not many tourists here as it caters mainly for Greeks. Still busy at 5am when I left, but the rest of Argassi had gone to bed. Will be back next year!

Heather H           

This was the best club on the entire island. The best part about it was the intense music that never got boring and the hot bartender, Alex, who works the outside bar. My friends Summer, Mary and I will be back to see him and to have more great times. Your club has somehing to offer everyone. There isn't any place quite like it.

Rachel L           

If I remember right...Barrage is on the main road out of Argassi towards Zakyhtnos town and is on the left had side somewhere...

Stephen C

Where is the barrage club?


Best club on the island..gonna spend my whole summer there

Zante Tourist Map

Zante Tourist Map