Bars in Zante Town

Takis F          10/10

base is a very good place to sit and chat also is one of my favorite places in zakynthos is the only g*y bar in the island(not only for gays)where you can find people with the same interests .in the summer is fool of people and i love it


Visited base on holiday this year and had a frappe. It was great, definately a greek place but i found it to be very good. No snottiness while i was there but i was dressed respectably so maybe thats why (i want sat there in bikini i mean!)

Great place, give it a try

Rena X           

GuYs ThE ReAsON Y ThE WaItReSeSs R SnoBBY iS BcUz Sum of U ouR oUt of tOwNerS If Ur GrEeK iTs DiFfeRnT AnD PeRsOnAllY WuT dUz It MaTtER iF ThE WaItReSs Is SnObBy oR NoT? JuS TeLL HiM/Her ThE DrInK u WaNt N he/she WIll GeT iT.... BaSe Is DeFNaNtLy A Go0d PlaCe 2 JuSt SiT aNd CHaT....MaInLy PeoPlE of 16 and Up PeopLe Go ... and it Is MainLy BuSy @ nIte LeSs DuRiNg ThE aFtERNoon

Daniella S           

hey guys how are you??? well i'm from canada but i lived in zakinthos for 4 years (mom is from there)
i hate this place...the waitresses are snobby b***hes and everyone is always checking you out...don not go there.the best place is aqua cafe in me....

Dan P           

Went here one nite and altho it looks like a smart place it is very snooty. The waitress who served me and my mates was the rudest person ive ever met. She gave us filthy looks and grunted. Infact i felt like chukin my frappe all over her.mainly locals who go here.

Kay C           

This must defenetly be my favourite places for going out and drink coffee, before partying.. - This places works best if you're either together with locals, or not looking very much like a turist, cuz this is the places all the locals go.. - but despite the bad attitude from greek and albanian girls, it is so much worth going there.. - order a frappe or a fredo, it is very nice here.. - the music is very nice too, so my advice, don't miss out on this place..

Jonathan M           

This is THE place to see and be seen at in town. Feel like a local and have a frappe while you people watch for ours on end! And for better service try not to act and look like a tourist (even if you're from Athens)!!!

Alan S           

Superb bar - excellent music - cocktails expensive but good - very good atmosphere!

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Zante Tourist Map