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(Best time to visit Zante)
 Naomi and sian T

Two girls going 8-15 September both 20:D

1 post by Naomi and sian T ip - GB
 Kylie A
Heading to laganas 15-21 September . Going alone, 26
1 post by Kylie A ip - GB
 John L

any reccomondations for good tavernas and bars in tsilivi please

1 post by John L ip - GB
10/10 John L

going out to tsilivi on the 21st september any idea what the weather will be like, will it be hot and sunny

1 post by John L ip - GB
 Chris Callaghan
2 guys mid-20s flying out on 11th September. Anyone around then?
1 post by Chris Callaghan ip - GB
 Rebekah M
Anyone going out on the 21st of September for a week?
1 post by Rebekah M ip - GB
 Jenks J
Now then guys two lads going zante on 12th september for fortnight for a blow whos about :-) could do with meeting friends and having one all mighty blow out :-)
1 post by Jenks J ip - GB
 Sunny B
5 guys coming down from South London, on 22nd Sept looking to party every night & get smashed & have a good time, staying at Bozkis Hotel in Zante, whose gonna be aorund & wants to have a good time with us & what clubs & bars will still be open.!!!

instagram - me sunny_b_mr_moet
1 post by Sunny B ip - GB
 Daniel Murdoch
I am going to laganas again 21st September until the 29th flying from glasgow Is there any others going at this time that fancy meeting and having a British night out(cause we do it better) lol Is there any clubs etc that anyone would recommend as last time I was there I was staying in aggrassi
1 post by Daniel Murdoch ip - GB
9/10 Saph B
going zante 21st september for a week with boyfriend sister and mate .. hope its still buys cant wait !!!
1 post by Saph B ip - GB
 Cory M

Me and my mate just booked in for a week turn up on 21st! don't mind it being quite just wanna get messssy and have a laugh!

1 post by Cory M ip - United States
8/10 Dona S
going to zante on 22nd september staying at mon repos! cant wait dont care if its quiet aslong as there is sun & booze :)its the people yr with that make the holiday! :D
1 post by Dona S ip - GB
8/10 Saiko T
Me and a few of the dons flying out on the 19th sept! Staying at mon repos! #TurnUp
1 post by Saiko T ip - GB
10/10 Keznmike Martin
My wife and I are heading to Laganas on 18th Sept ,looking forward to the food the culture and of meeting the locals . If any one wants to drop us some advice of good restaurants or bars then please do .
1 post by Keznmike Martin ip - GB
 Tony Higson
We are flying out on the 22nd of september 4 lads just wondering if anyone no if quite a few places are still open and what the weather is like ?
1 post by Tony Higson ip - GB
9/10 Michelle I

I was in Laganas last year, flew out on 16th Sept. Although Cherry Bay and Wild Coyote had closed for the season (gert sadness), heaps of bars were still open. Zeros, Pink Panther, Linekers etc. Going back on the 19th this year, I may see you (I'll be the short one with the puple hair!!)

Have a fab time,
Shell x x x x
View 2 posts by Michelle I ip - GB
 Michael Hobbs
Me & the boiz going on the 12th Sep 2013. Buzzing my man pecks off!!! :) Look out for us guys!! :)
1 post by Michael Hobbs ip - GB
 Jake R
Going to Laganas on the 19th is it still busy or is it dying out by that time? Anyone else going?
1 post by Jake R ip - GB
 Tonestar14 S
Is zante still busy mid september? Going there on the 15th for a week
1 post by Tonestar14 S ip - GB
 Sherri M
Is laganas still full of life around the 19th is September?
1 post by Sherri M ip - GB
 Lol H
howdyyy, me and my besty are going to zante on september 10th for the week can't wait! is the nightlife still good there cause we want to get incredibly boozy and have a laugh! anyone else going then? x x x
1 post by Lol H ip - GB
 Zoe S

hey im stayin in zante lagnas 29th at the mariana ill be there its what u make it lets get drunk and have gd time:)

1 post by Zoe S ip - GB
 Lucy C
Me and my sister going out 22nd Sept, and hoping weather still decent and there is some form of nightlife after reading that it maybe rather quiet!! Staying in Laganas and up for a drink and a boogie. Hope to see some of you out there. :)
1 post by Lucy C ip - GB
 Pauline L
Im getting married on 17th September and flying to Zante on Sunday I hope the weather is going to be good and there is things to do! anybody from Yorkshire or Manchester who will be in argassi if you see two loved up people it will be us
View 2 posts by Pauline L ip - --
 Hayley S

Got back yesterday from Laganas it was amazing! but so you all know everything is closing down within the next week or so and it was getting pretty quiet when we left, all the reps and workers are leaving around the 20th and half the clubs are closing this week! there were a few that were closed already when we was there! so anyone going end of september you may have to make your own entertainment coz it is going to be dead! x

View 7 posts by Hayley S ip - GB
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