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Sinker K

Hi All, we are travelling to Kalamaki 20 May for 7 days with 2 children, 6 and 1 and a half years. Does anyone have any idea on whether pools or sea are warm enough for a dip. Also any experience of water park at this time. Much appreciated.

Rachel T

am going to Tsvili in Zante for the 1st time on 3rd May for a week. Am taking my 11 month old and have heard beaches are lovely and very child friendly so thats great. But just wondering if anyone knows what the weather is generally like that time of year as we have booked a villa with a pool and someone told me after I booked that it will be too cold to go in the pool and sea that time of year. Any advice from anyone thats been there early May would be greatly appreciated.

Becky H          10/10

me and my fiance have just come back from alykes. we would definatly go in may again. weather was very lovely and reached 27'c most days. we had 1 day of wind but other then that no complaints.

we had a lovely week- just before the school hols. no where was crowded yet there was a great atmosphere.

Kim M

were flying to zante at 8 o clock 2moro mornin an just our luck it ses rain on here an the other weather website iv checked  im sooo hopin ther both rong there wil be nothin worse than landin in zante in the rain.  cant wait 4 my hol tho yayyyyy!! kim xxxxxx

Louise G          10/10


I have been to Zakynthos 3 time, twice in May and once in August over the last 12 years.  We go again 29th May 2008 and I am very excited.
May is the best time I think as the island is still very green and justifies its name "the flower of the levenant"  Staying in Alykes for the 3rd time.  Hiring a car from Junior Autos who we have used every time we visit.  Very reliable and good cars. 
Any new places to visit?  I have not been for 5 years now so I guess it has changed.  Glad to hear they have a new airport!
If anyone is staying at Nikos Appartments early June, see you there
Louise and Paul

Lynn and craig *          10/10

 may is a lovely time to go to zante.  the weather early may is  a bit erratic  but the  futher into may you go  the  warmer it gets  roughly  25-27 in the day time  alot warmer than that  if  u hit one of the many heat waves that hit greece.   may finds  zante greener than usual  and theres lots to do like turtle spotting on one of the many trips. to the jeep safaris  of course the bars  opening  all the time  during the month of may. if you like  a good laugh  try out the pink panther bar  which  does karaoke   with jessie and bones (always good for a  real laugh with the entertainment also   the relax bar   with  bobby  who  does everything  from drag acts  and karaoke  both these bars  are at the  upper end of the  main strip and drinks in both places alot  cheaper than those in  the  bars and clubs closer to the beach.  if you fancy a tattoo  avoid the  tattoo shop next door to the  pink anther  but   go to the one  further  down   which is very close to big boys. i can recommend there  as me my hubby and  our daughter have al had tattoos from there  at  various imes  and have never needed  any  madical assistance  or recolouring.  

Alexandria B

Me and my boyfriend are heading out to Zante on the 20th May for 2 weeks. It will be our first time there. Anyone know what the weather will be like and any tips on what we could do while were there??

Any info would be appreciated.

Maureen M          9/10

On my way to Tsilivi 29th may, 4th time on the island! Feels like going home! Little quietier than some resorts, but more relaxed locals around. Beach is clean, amazingly beautiful, and not too crowded! Would recommend at any time of year! Dont miss the 'paradise bar' - the guys know their cocktails! A walk up the hill past the Mavrikos hotel gives an insight to the real beauty of this area! Vineyards are everywhere! Also has a little pottery where the owners make you feel like guests not customers, just watch the retsina! All other resorts are less than an hours drive away but the mountains are cool and give an insight to the real people of this island. Have fun, relax and I promise you will return again and again!

Rachael B

hey im going on the 5th may to tsivilli ive bin going every yr 4 bout 4yrs, always go in may and sept! its still hot during the day but the nyt tym it cools dwn abit, theres be stuff open bcoz the hol season strts bout april time! i cant wait to get out there lol. hope u av fun tho xx

Kim M

hi everyone! me an 3 others have just booked a holiday 4 a week in tsilivi from 19th-26th may. we went last year from the 15th june for a week and it was gorgeous every day, very hot.  im just wondering if anyone has been round the time we are going in may this year? im so worried about the weather i luv it hot!!

kim x

Sophie W          10/10


i came to zante on the 24th may(2006) for a week and the weather was absolutely fantastic, got burnt so make sure you take ya sun tan lotion. the hotel koukounaria in Alykes was really busy and was sometimes hard to find a sun lounger. i also went back this year on the 30th may (2007) and the weather was nice although it had been raining the week prior to us arriving. at the beginning of the holiday the weather was hot but not unbearable and as the 2 weeks went on the weather did get hotter although we did have a thunder storm one day at the beginning. would defo recommend you go in late june to guarantee the best weather. cant wait to return on the 26th of june 2008 for another fantastic stay at the koukounaria

Steve U          8/10

Hi all,

My wife and I went to Greece for our honeymoon in 1995. Alright it wasn't Zante but we were in Halkidiki which is another island just round the coast. We went in last week in May first week in June and it was hot then. We are not very good tanners and both came back burnt but we enjoyed it. Have fun!!!

Avril B

hi me & a friend going to laganas in may we know the weather will be fine but we would like to know if anyone has heard of the pallas apartmentscant really find much info on it would like to know wat it is like and how far away from strip it is

Jane W

me and the old man are going to argassi may 4 for 2 weeks .stopping at noula studios does anyone know what they are like.will the weather be warm.

Danielle H           

zante!!! well we loved it its the best place ever all the people in our appartments and all the staff were lovely we went last year this year and we have booked up a gen for june next year we love it!!not very often a geordie finds sum were the lyke xx

Lisa G           

We went in May this year (2006) and it was absolutly fantastic! everything was open and the weather was brilliant! we came back with tans and looked like we'd been for more than a week!!

Hopefully going next year in July... hope it is as good as last time!!!

Daniel L           

i loved it  it was the best hoilday we has evry been on it was fantastic and  am looking forward to going back here (dan leyland )

Gemma C           

we went from 14th may until 28t may, we felt 2 tremors which were odd as we arent used to thembt just felt like someone pushing ur chair along floor....was amusng as was doin my make up and got shaky arm ha ha! its all pretty safe and at the end of the day we cant prevent them just like we cant make the sun shine in uk!!!! zante is a gorgoes place with the breath taking views and very warming community, i say put any worries behind u n enjoy the experience!

Sarah B           

Loved it, and will be back, just home from a week and it was constantly up high 30's but this was high a mini heat wave, would prob go a bit later in season as waass quieter, but means you got fantastic service and spoiled by all the lovely greek blokes  only had a couple of tremors but nothing major...


Just got back from 2 glorious weeks in Tsilivi (temperatures very hot - not usual for the time of year, but not complaining!!).  No earth tremors this time but as this is the sixth time we have been to Zante, have experienced them before and it has not put us off going there.  Would definitely go again. 

Anne S           

Just came back never felt any tremors and it was HOT.32-39 very hot for May and not 1 bad day

Michael H           

DON'T PANIC!  I don't want anyone to panic. The tremors only last a second or two and are very minor. Sounds a bit "Titanic" but true. The 2 weeks I was there only one was worthy of a mention by the Helenic seismology site. . . .  and we had 8 in one day. Honestly they are very very slight. Just odd at first., and quite interesting if you've never experienced it before. Sunset, our tour rep, put a notice up in reception at Arkadianos to say the building is regularly inspected, there is no structural damage, and the authorities have so many warning stations around the whole of Greece that if anything big was going to happen they'd know about it by the build up. These minor tremors really aren't worth worrying about. If you Google seismological station and find a site begining that will give more info.

Michael H           

click to enlargeWere there from 4th to 18th May. Weather was great, first week a little slow to warm up a great deal, and the sea was on the chilly side, but week 2 was fantastic. Evenings and nights were cool and a light jacket or "cardy" for the ladies would be advised. Don't know what temps were during the day but on the way back to Ag. Sostis we passed a garage in Kalamaki with a date/temp sign and it showed 33c and that was at 6pm! Certainly good tanning weather. Not all places open the first week but geared up for the second week. Just about everything open by then including Macdonalds KFC and Pizza Hut in Laganas! There were quite a lot of small tremors, mainly at night which were worrying at first, but these were very minor and nothing to cause damage etc. We had 8 in one day! The big plus was having the place to ourselves almost. Certainly that 1st week was quiet. The roads were deserted almost and we got upgraded on the car hire by 2 groups! (Brand new vehicles too)

Sam A           

To echo dave the kosmar reps words... if you decide that Zante is not the holiday for you, you will miss out on one of the most beutiful place around. i have been and stayed in alikanas for the past 2yr and have enjoyed every minute i have spent there, and am returning bring more of my frineds to enjoy the island. As most seismologists will tell you it is better if there is more frequent tremors than non at all as a build up of pressure can cauclick to enlargese something similar to click to enlarge1953.  here a few click to enlargepictures of my holiday p.s. is this you dave?

David P           

To all the people worried about these earthquakes and tremors..

I noted a comment by Pinny, who seems to be looking at the weather forecast every day even though she is not travelling to Zante anymore, about the operators charging people to get home and people being for-warned about them..
Working in the travel industry myself, I can explain to you why you do not need to be advised of these types of things.
I worked out there for two summer seasons, and obviously I was there at the same time when all of the quakes were happening in October.  I had nearly 200 guests on the island then, and not one person left early to catch a flight home as they knew it was out of our control.. If the place was about to be taken down by the quakes, we would have been informed by our head office and also the people that look after the weather in Greece.  At no point was the island on a high alert for the 'Big One' which did happen in 1953 when most of the island was destroyed by it.  Of course everyone was a bit on edge, and I also slept with all of my clothes on, but why tell people when the quakes have now stopped and people are out there enjoying their holidays.  At the end of the day, it is purely an ACT OF GOD and no-one can foresee it happening at any time. 
I have been in constant contact with some of my friends who live out there over the winter, and yes they were having a few tremors/quakes every day, but why tell people cos it is only going to stop people from going to this fantastic island.  Pinny, for god sakes, get a grip and go and bother some other website and find out which other places all over the world is having earthquakes!!!

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