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OK Corrall
(Bars in Aghios Sostis)
10/10 Ray C
a great place to relax with your partner and enjoy the bar with 4 lovely kittens running around the tums up 4 this bar
1 post by Ray C ip - GB
  Kate W

Absolutely great place to go and sit with a drink and chill after a heavy night out the night before! This bar is friendly and the cocktails are strong and tasty! I loved it and miss all the barstaff! Hope to see you next year!

Kate from Durham xxx
View 7 posts by Kate W ip - GB
  Rob V

Just for the pic!!

View 4 posts by Rob V ip - Netherlands
  Rob V
click to enlarge

Great place to stay in the night.........good music.....nice people......great staff.....Nikos and year we shall come again............!!!

View 4 posts by Rob V ip - Netherlands
  Rob V
Great place to stay for the evening....nice and friendly staff Nikos and Kostas....Very nice drinks........nice music.......
View 3 posts by Rob V ip - Netherlands
Great place to go for a quite couple of drinks or ten! Didn't get guys names but thanks!
View 4 posts by Kirsty ip - UK
  Evelyn C
Perfect way to end your day ! Lovely chilled glass of Mythos, or great cocktails - what more could you want, and the staff Nico and Costa were great. Costa maybe we should have given you our address in case you decide to visit Wales one day ???
View 4 posts by Evelyn C ip - UK
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