Chevys Bar - (Bars in Laganas)

Kate W           

Hi everyone at Chevy's includin our mint friend Becky!!!

Thanks for a mint time at your place.. you really are all an awesome crowd! We spent many an afternoon drinkin Cheerleaders in Chevy's closely followed by loadsa good nights out down the strip! I Love it in Laganas and will be back to see you all next year with a crew haha! Also, we will post some pics of us up from when we were in Chevy's! Cheers for our mint keyrings and condoms haha!
Love Kate, Lauren, Stuart and Will! xxxx

Rescue Club - (Bars in Laganas)

Kate W           

omg! one of the greatest bars/clubs of all time! i will never forget rescue.. especially for the hot barmen and defo that double screamin orgasm i got on the bar for my birthday lmao! cheers everyone.. hope to see y'all next year..

love kate from durham!! xx

Medousa - (Bars in Laganas)

Kate W           

GET IN!! Medousa is defo the best bar in Laganas.. what with sexy KC behind the bar nothin can compare lol! They always gave me a mint night and I got up on the bars dancin more or less everynight with the girls!! Hi to Ashleigh who is from Carlisle! BIG UP THE NORTH! Hope to see everyone next year and get my FREE drink for my birthday lol!

Love Kate from Durham xxx

Wild Rose Club - (Bars in Agios Sostis)

Kate W           

no where near as good as it used to be.. every time we went there there was about 3 people (not includin us) there which was such a let down seen as 2 years ago it was buzzing! must either be the management or the s**t entertainment.. a no go anymore!!

OK Corrall - (Bars in Agios Sostis)

Kate W           

Absolutely great place to go and sit with a drink and chill after a heavy night out the night before! This bar is friendly and the cocktails are strong and tasty! I loved it and miss all the barstaff! Hope to see you next year!

Kate from Durham xxx

Bougainvellea Apartments - (Accommodation in Agios Sostis)

Kate W           

Got back home from Bougainvillea on Sunday. Was quite emotional after saying goodbye for the third time to such a fantastic place and fantastic people. The hospitality here is second to none and the food is awesome! Not too far away from Laganas for a great night out or even just the small bars in Aghios Sostis for a quiet drink! This place is like my second home and is a must for anyone considering going! Hope to see you all again next year! Love Kate from Durham! xxxx

P.S. Murphy's Oirish Stout!!

Cocktails and Dreams - (Bars in Laganas)

Kate W           

Top place! Get yaself in for a good boogy! We didn't get in here until we were legless but it was always good crack like! See ya next year!

Kate from Durham xxxx