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(Restaurants in Alykanas)
9/10 Brad

Wonderful resteraunt, lovely staff and tasty meals. The upstairs bit is so cool.

View 15 posts by Brad ip - GB
5/10 Georgia C

I had a magherigta pizza and i was';t overly keen on it but the resteraunt itself was nice!

View 3 posts by Georgia C ip - GB
8/10 Dawn C
Try the stuffed tomatoes they are yummy ! Food was good, service very good. Would go back again. 
View 27 posts by Dawn C ip - GB
10/10 Brad

Apollo has such tasty food here! Only went here once but it was gorgeous, Ice-Cream for children at the end of the meal and free orange juice! 

I recommend you go here!
View 15 posts by Brad ip - GB
9/10 Mark

Beautiful in the Apollo very nice food as always. Children get free ice-cream and drinks with their meals

View 8 posts by Mark ip - GB
10/10 Vivienne N

By far the best in Alykanas!!  Wonderful service, wonderful fresh food including fresh vegetables!!  Marvellous. 

Ate here 6 or 7 times in 2 weeks.  Tried a few others, which were good but had to keep going back to the Apollo.
Exceptional prices and quality - THANK YOU
View 3 posts by Vivienne N ip - GB
9/10 Matt B

We ate here three times and the food was excellent and very reasonable and we also got free wine everytime which was very nice.

The mousaka was excellent and well worth trying!
View 2 posts by Matt B ip - GB
10/10 Dave H
We ate here several times last year and same again the previous year. Very busy place which usually gives you a good sign !!!!. Never had a bad meal or service and would advise giving it a try. We go to alykanas bech apart hotel 10th August and will be there 1st night for sure. Good prices and good fresh quality food. 
View 2 posts by Dave H ip - GB
10/10 Dave K

Ate here several times over our two week stay. Food is excellent, the starter for two was massive, enough to cure the biggest appetites. Chicken apollo is highly recommeded

View 18 posts by Dave K ip - GB
9/10 Karen M

Lovely food.. well worth the money .. friendly staff .. try stonebridge over the road for a gyros

View 12 posts by Karen M ip - GB
10/10 Sue R

Had quite  a few meals here during our stay, the food and the service was excellent. The vegetarian menu had plenty of choices too. 

View 4 posts by Sue R ip - GB
 Andy S

This place certainly gets the award for "staff most likely to constantly pester you to go in there".

When this finally ground me down after 2 weeks I booked a "takeaway" lunch to take to the airport which they promptly forgot about the next morning as I was waiting to leave....
View 7 posts by Andy S ip - GB
7/10 Dave T

Had 2 meals here.  One was great(spagetti carbonara), the other was average (steak diane).  The good thing about this place is that the kids meals include a drink and a small ice cream. Good value and well worth a try. 

View 11 posts by Dave T ip - GB
10/10 Ian D
Ate here twice in a week - Apollo steak and Steak diane were the best steaks on the island !!!! Excellent value for money and attentative staff even though it was the busiest place we went to.
View 5 posts by Ian D ip - GB
  Dawn C

Only ate here once, but had a lovely meal and the service was good !

View 27 posts by Dawn C ip - GB

Service was very slow and when the food did turn up it was not very hot the night we went some people waited over a hour for their food maybe a one off but put us off returning

View 4 posts by Kevin ip - GB
  Sue F
Great taverna, lovely staff - must mention young Jacko who served us upstairs, very friendly, and also Angelo who makes the desserts.  My two daughters loved his Angelo's Pancake special - crushed biscuits and chocolate sauce inside a pancake served with cream and fruit - delicious!  Would recommend this restaurant and will return again on our next visit.  Would agree with the other comments about the Stonebridge opposite - a nice little place for lunch (I think it's run by the same people from the Apollo) - try their pita yiros, only 1.50 euros each.
View 2 posts by Sue F ip - GB
  Susan K
We've just returned from Alykanas and had a fantastic holiday we ate at the Apollo 4 times and found the food and the service was fantastic a very freindly and welcoming staff .The free horse and carriage was  very welcome .The Stonebridge Snack Bar opposite was also a fantastic place to have a coffee or a  snack I would highly reccommend both places .
View 6 posts by Susan K ip - GB
  Denise G

Unfortunately, we did not try the Apollo until the start of our second week -  our loss.  This was a great restaurant, food and waiter service were excellent.  Brilliant value for money.  Not to be missed.

1 post by Denise G ip - France

Fairly nice taverna - good fish.

View 16 posts by Laura ip - GB
  Sue R

I wholeheartedly agree with the previous comments, we love eating at the Apollo, the food and staff are great. We look forward to many more visits in the future.

View 2 posts by Sue R ip - GB
  Alan M
To whoever run this site,it's about time this restaurant had the 10/10 it deserves.The comments on this restaurant show it fully deserves the 10/10.Excellent,Excellent,FOOD&STAFF.
View 16 posts by Alan M ip - GB
  Alan M
The 4 of us stayed at the Apollo Appts in Alykes Sept05.We ate  here 4/5 times in the 2weeks holiday.We had various meals,each one was excellent.The service,staff,cleanliness was excellent.Kim always left a bottle of red wine on the table on the house of course,cheers Kim.I felt ill one day while we were in Alykanas,so i asked could they get me a taxi back to Alykes,George did no more but went and got his own car and took me back himself,how nice is that.We realy think this restaurant should be 10**********,and not the four shown.We would like to thank all at both Apollo's for making this a brilliant holiday,thanks to you all,hope to see you again one day.    
View 16 posts by Alan M ip - GB
  Siobhan C
went here for my birthday meal had lobster absolutly beautiful one of the best restaraunts in alykanas, sevice good, atmosphere friendly ate so much thought we were going to burst !!!! yummy! (sept 05 alykanas village brill!x)
View 2 posts by Siobhan C ip - GB
  Priscilla B
This is our favorite place and we love it! I dont know why it doesnt show 10/10 it should.
Always excellent.
1 post by Priscilla B ip - GB
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