Komis Fish Taverna

Restaurants in Zante Town

Tracey E          10/10

We had our best meal of the holiday here. A fish restaurant. Yes it is more expensive but you get something very different. The special salad is amazing. We had lunch, Sardines, cuttlefish , salad, fries, olives bread.  We were happy to spend the extra for the scenary and the hospitality and good original food.

But yes check the menu first, ask questions, ask the cost. The children weren't as keen as I think the food was too healthy for them!

Julie W          1/10


We paid 150 euros for a 2 course meal for 2 people plus a bottle of wine here.
The fish we chose (sea bream - recommended by the waiter) cost 60 euros a kilo, which came to 84 euros for 2 average sized fish.  Potatoes and veg are extra.  Do ask how much the actual fish you've chosen will cost as it's difficult to gauge how much a whole fish weighs.  We asked for medium dry rose wine and were told they only had one bottle so we had that.  We were charged 30 euros for it.  In all other restaurants we've been to on the island wine costs around 8 euros a bottle.
As for the food.  The sardines we had as a starter were nice enough, as was the drunken onion starter.  Apart from that everything else was extremely mediocre.  Not bad, just bland.
There are many excellent tavernas and restaurants on this island where you can get delicious food at extremely reasonable prices.  In fact you could have 3 or 4 much nicer meals elsewhere for the price we paid for this meal.  I would really recommend that you do that.

Mark B           

food good

Kleo H           

The food was ok but very pricey,Do ask for the menue when you visit and do remember fish is by the kilo when we went it was 50euro a kilo!

Simon B           

This was probably the best restaurant we visited during our week on Zante. We went at lunch time during a hurricane(September)and had fabulous food served in a very laid back fashion. The beers were icy cold, and Greek(not Amstel)the wine was really good, and we were given a free sweet for trying to order everything properly in Greek. We noted that all the other punters were locals, and I think that always tells a story. If you want chicken and chips or an oily burger-don't bother trying this little gem.

Debbie F           

Fish restaurant in a gorgeous setting - just behind the river police office, kind of a fisherman's beach hut right on the harbour. We were led through to the fridge area to choose our fish and had an amazing meal of grilled snapper and another fish that looked like a big mackerel. However beware! Prices are in kilos and unless you know what a kilo of fish looks like, (we didn't!) its very easy to over-order and end up paying a fortune. Our meal was delicious but huge and we ended up spending over 100 euros...eek!) would definitely eat there again as its a really special place, and the service is very friendly but be careful how much you order.

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