Kalamaki 2017

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Kalamaki Video Tour 2017

Surreal sunset on the 14th May 2017:

Surreal sunset in Kalamki

It was a hot and very hazy day on Sunday, but the cloud shifted before sunset giving this display. This is straight from the camera and hasn't been enhanched in any way.

New things in Kalamaki for 2017:

Quite a lot of changes in Kalamaki this year. Regular visitors might be interested to see what's new.

Hermes Car Rental

Hermes car rental is going to have a new shop across the road from Buon Amici. The view as you approach the centre of Kalamaki from the airport road looks very different this year.

Exotica Hotel

The Exotica hotel has new owners and is undergoing a major revamp.

Venus Hotel

This new construction has a pool area and is next to probably connected to the Venus Hotel next door.

Caretta Beach Hotel

The ever-expanding Caretta Beach Hotel has a new block being constructed next to the airport road.

Dannys Restaurant

In front of (but not run by) the Caretta Beach Hotel is the new Dannys Place Restaurant.

Friends Bar

Friends Bar replaces the old PnP.

music111 Bar

Zakanthi Restaurant now has a Music 111 Bar.