Stani - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Barbie B          10/10

Well hello to the Lovely Stani Family, blast from the past.  Tassos and Pedro, I  remember you from quite a few years back, not sure if you remember me .  Remember your English friends Sam and Gary, hope they are still in touch.  I had the best time ever in Kalamaki, worked in Stani Bar around 1993 for a couple of summers, best times ever, best job, serve drinks and talk to holidaymakers, what a job!...Was a student at the time and went out each summer and worked in a few bars/restaurants, wasnt that good at the restaurant bit waitressing, got demoted to the bar.  Would love to hear from you, living in Australia now, been here for 6 years or so.  Planning trip to Scotland then Zantes next year, cant wait to be there. Hope all is good Barbara (Varvara)x

Al Sandros Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Barbie B  (08 September 2007)        10/10

well hello lee, not sure if you remember me from back in 1993 or thereabouts..... do you remember the mad scottish ones, myself, karen and fiona and the lovely anya where you left your specs on her bedside cabinet after a little rendez vous.  next day we were sitting by pool and both trying to come up with good laugh to give you your specs back, well anya goes off all bravo to approach you by the pool and give you your specs back and your reply was " yes i certaily needed them last night" cheeky bugger, we thought v funny. sorry anya darling, hope you are good if you every read this, as well as your sister... would love to hear from you,  where is that sis of yours, still in oz?

good to hear you are still there and doing well.....  had the best times ever in kalamaki, time of my life.... 
and i see a comment below from the lovely james, is that the james that lost his shoe and we went to lagana for night out with one shoe on?  i am sure it is, would love to hear from you, hope life is treating you well.   barbara. xxxx

Cave Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Barbie B          10/10

Hello Nico, Hope you and your family are well.  

Had the best times ever in the beautiful Cave Bar, around 1993, used to meet up there every night after work with all the other bar/restaurant workers, every nationality. Had the best time ever, memories....
And how is your handsome son Yannis and your beautiful daughter?
 The best Brandy Alexanders Cocktail ever, never tasted anything near since and also the music, Dr Hook and mixture of good stuff - well at the time was good...Hope it is still similar, will be back after ten years next year...
Everyone the best bar in Zantes with a little class!!! Barbara xxx