Krinas Hotel - (Accommodation in Argassi)

Denise J           

We have just returned from our holiday at the Krina's Apts and it was great. The apartment was very clean and spacious. The kitchen equipment left a lot to be desired but that's Greece for you. You would not be able to do a proper meal but we found it cheaper to eat out than in anyway. I only discovered this web site 2 days before we were due to travel and was very worried about some of the things I read on this site. All I can say is that it was all very typically Greek and what you expect from accomodation in Greece. We have been to many different places on different islands in Greece and I cant find fault really with this accomodation. The staff are very friendly. The pool area gets busy and there was a lot of "sunbed saving" which really is annoying, and the same sad sacks who never leave the side of the pool and have to have the same sunbeds in the same place day after day. We had the air conditioning it was great, although you somtimes wake in the night freezing!!! By the way if you go to Argassi dont forget to watch out for Peter at Tiffany's Restaurant.

Double - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Denise J           

Peter is the most annoying restaurant owner since Basil Fawlty retired,but he does employ a good chef.We left him in his own world for 6 days before he ground us down and we gave in.Once in he would probably give you the keys to his house and the hand of his daughter.

Argassi Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Denise J           

The beach is narrow and overtaken by sunloungers which you have to pay 3 euros a day for.The transition from beach to sea is shrouded by stones mucky seaweed and fag ends,there is also a sewer pipe into the sea.

Greek Night - (Zante Excursions)

Denise J           

We went to Granada restaurant for there Greek night,but the heavens opened and it wanged it down like a bad night in April in skeggy.Not there fault but really annoying as the Target bar as one the same night indoors.

First Choice - (Tour Operators in Zante)

Denise J  (23 June 2004)         

We booked a day trip (lazy days)with our rep Peter for our last day to see the Turtles.We went down to meet the coach it arrived 20 mins late and a rep got off and told everyone the trip was cancelled because of the harbour police in zante town not letting boats out of the harbour.So if you are booking any sort of trip do it to give yourself time to re-book in case of cancelation.We did however get a full refund and so did the people who booked with street booking offices.

Amarylis Hotel - (Accommodation in Tsilivi)

Denise J

I am thinking of making a late booking to this accomodation for late july. Can any one tell me if there is air con or can you hire fans locally (we have just been to argassi and can't get enough of the island!!!)Thanks

Granada - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Denise J           

The Granada was our fav. restaurant. The staff were very friendly, the food was great, great menu, great service and agood price. Would reccomend it to any one.