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Lindsey L (19 November 2008)

thanks first choice for taking away our sunday morning flight , thaks for thinking of your scottish customers

Anne S (03 July 2008)

After going to Zante for 5 years on the glasgow Sunday morning flight First Choice have now taken it OFF.Since joining Thomson they think it would be nicer to send us on a night flight getting in at 5!and returning the following monday in the early hours AGAIN.Thanks for thinking of all your passengers from Glasgow who have been loyal to you

Vicky W (21 June 2008)

Would not recommend at all. When we first arrived in Zante, the reps on the coach seemed to spend more time giggling down the microphone than telling us any information. The first morning we were there we waited 2 hours for the rep to turn up for the welcome meeting, she never did. Waited again in the evening, but still no show. Thankfully we managed to enjoy our holiday, with no thanks to first choice. On departing the apartments we were taken to the airport 4 hours before the flight was due to leave, only to be told on the coach a list of things that we couldnt take back with us, would of been helpful to of been told this when we arrived. When we got to the airport we were told that the plane hadnt left bristol yet, so we would have at least a 4 hour delay, but we werent told this by first choice reps, they had no idea what was going on and preferred to make sure they had food and drink rather than inform passengers. Finally 3 and a half hours after arriving we checked in and were offered complimentary refreshments of a soggy sandwich and a drink, then to have to sit on the floor for another 4 hours! Eventually at midnight, 4 hours after we were supposed to depart we got on the plane, only to notice that me and my partner werent sat together, despite having paid extra to ensure that we would be, especially as i am a nervous flyer! overall was not a fantastic experience!

Peter S  (28 May 2008)        1/10

First i have to start with a big thank to the cabin crew member Rob (13.55 flight from bristol 13.5.08) when i said to Rob about the lack of leg room i had, he not only helped me to find a bigger seat but also my partner with no fuss just a smile(sorry about the rangers result!) But that is where the good customer service stops, on arriving in resort some of the reps were not wearing there uniform, not sure who was who. When you dont buy there day trips you tend to get ignored. I would like to know what a holiday reps job is. (i thought it was to make sure you were happy in your resort and do what ever they can to help you make it an enjoyable experience) Unfortunatly none of this happened we had numourous problems with the room which were still not sorted even after we left. Tried to get someone from 1st choice to view the hell we had to stay in and no one bothered to turn up. Once they had our money it was the like it or lump it attitude and the holiday rep even agreed with me. So never book through 1st choice again 

Hayden S  (12 October 2007)        6/10

booked via thomas cook and was flown out on first choice airways, never had such a small amount of legroom on a plane before!!but cabin crew friendly and helpful

Jason B (03 August 2007)

Chris I think you would find there are only one or two First Choice Airways staff on at STN and this being the reason is why you would not have had a member with you. The holiday reps only work overseas so your problem should be with the airline not the holiday company. With regards to delays well that comes with having holidays via airports etc get on with it.

Julie D  (05 July 2007)        10/10


Chris R  (15 June 2007)        2/10

Rep at the Hotel was okay, Hotel was okay but where were the reps in Stanstead when the 24hr strike was on???

No information until 20mins after we should have boarded at the gate followed by a 9hr delay which was taken up by bused to Harlow without any reps there, get back to airport no reps and all we got was crap 5 voucher???
Sorry but i'll be booking with someone else next time...

David C  (23 May 2007)        10/10

First Choice was first rate,great flight and reps,especially Sarah Richardson at the Windmill Studios.

Faye K  (25 April 2007)        10/10

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have to say First choice is by far the best company i have went with from flight to whole holiday reps were fantastic very helpfull and realy good laugh bar crawl was best night of holiday would recomend first chioce to anyone!!! xxx

Laura S  (23 October 2006)         

Don't trust what they say about the excursions, of course they are going to say it is great - that's their job!

If you go at anytime other than peak season, you don't get much and when you complain they just say, 'But it's the end of the season, what do you expect?'  I expect my money's worth!!!
They will blag you to tick the 'excellant' box about themselves as a rep and blatantly encourage you to do so by saying you are more likely to win 1500 in a competion if you do! Unbelievable!
Very irratating indeed.

Steve U  (15 October 2006)         

We flew to Zante with First Choice. Good flight out from East Midlands - in fact the plane was half empty going out so we were all told to stay in our allocated seats so as not to 'tip the plane over!' Upon landing at Zante on the half mile long runway we were nearly thrown through the windscreen when the pilot slammed the brakes on! LOL. The transfer to the accomodation was good as the coach drivers don't give a s..t and drive on anyside of the road they feel like. The accomodation was excellent and the tour that we went on (North of the Island) also v. good albeit a bit choppy on the sea in some places.

When we came back home we had to queue outside under shelters as the airport only holds about 20 people/families at a time. We weren't outside for long though because we were told the East Midlands queue always seems to be the quickest. After checking in we had to queue again for passport control but we were only in the departure lounge for 10 minutes before we boarded the First Choice plane home again. The cabin crew were spot on as usual (Incidentally why are male air stewards camp - is it a requirement of the job!) and made us feel welcome and safe on the flight. The kids club reps at the resort were also spot on, so much so that we are going back to Zante next year again with First Choice.

Lianne L  (05 October 2006)         

first choice flight was cramped and food was ok. one of the cabin crew kept giving everyone b***hy looks she was not in a good mood. bad customer service! rob the rep was good although we only needed to see him about hiring a car, he did a good welcome meeting and was very friendly. transfers were good, informative and quick in to argassi and the price we paid last minute was excellent value. would recommend the holidays if only they would enhance their seat pitches!

Jon E  (03 October 2006)         

Great flights, great hotels, but as soon as they reliase your not going to be going on there trips you will get ignored same as most other tour operators really!! Rep didnt speak to us once in 2 weeks in september! as soon as they knew we werent even going on the coach  from and to the airport (although the hire car was also through first choice!) no contact from rep at all , same happened in may, But hey if you already know the island why bother with the reps from the tour company youve gone with!!

Lesley S  (03 October 2006)         

 Flight out fine, but had to wait AGES for the transfer bus to turn up at the airport, should have got a taxi!!!! Transfer rep a total nutter, nice one Ginge  Resort rep a pleasant girl, though due to so many previously arranged social engagements ( how posh does that sound? Social butterflies us  ) we didn't utilise her services. On return, as per usual Zante airport a NIGHTMARE, once again entertained by Ginge. Flight home was great the entertainment team, sorry cabin crew, kept us laughing all the way, thanks James and Ben, and Sam, don't know how you put up with them both all the way to Zante AND back!!!! Would recommend First Choice as an operator, organised,. professional and good fun too, well done

Lucy C  (29 August 2006)         

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Well good they take u everwere and give u clear directions! You wont get lost!  They take good care of you!

Kate (22 August 2006)

Just wondered if anyone has booked a Wedding through First Choice, and would mind if I asked a few questions! Kate

Theresa N  (24 July 2006)         

our first rep nicola was really helpful, even came out at 10pm on our arrival as something wasn;t right with our room.

rob, her sup**visor however was a bit of a prat..  he thought it was funny to throw an 8 yr old child in the deep end of the pool without finding out first whether or not he could swim.  he couldn't!!!   as you can imagine his family and other guests were horrified just as well his big sister was on hand to fish him out.  this is not behaviour we expect to see from someone who is meant to be responsible for our safety and well being while away on hoilday.  anyway, other than make a complaint when he was on duty later that day, he too got a soaking, while in full dress.  he wasn't amused but maybe next time he'll think about things before just doing it.
everything else was ok....

Louise T  (10 July 2006)         

we had great rep. always made time even on her days off to c*m dwn to c if we were ok. cheers jinge - linda

Anthony M  (22 June 2006)         

Forgot to add, we arrived at the airport 2hrs 20 mins before we checked in (however we had pre-booked and chose to wait in the shade).  I suggest getting a taxi, a minimum 1 hour after the coach leaves.  Even if you get checked in first you have to wait inside, however this does have the benefit of an 80 year old air con system, and a snack bar that I wish I owned.

If you are in a group it is pot-luck as to whether you will be seated seated together, all depends on where you are staying, when you are picked up and when you arrivie in the queue.

Anthony M  (22 June 2006)         

Apart from not being told that there was a charge for the cot, and the stewardess on the plane constantly trying to sell things it was good.

Be warned the British are the only people that are asked to queue outside the airport.  Everyone else walks straight in, I may do this next year.

Old M  (22 June 2006)         

First Choice? Only choice for us from now on. Excellent service.

Leanne D  (20 June 2006)         

THE AIRPORT.. On arrival it took approx 30 min for our luggage to come through.  I was dreading the return trip as there was 5 of us, 3 of which were children.  We chose not to pre-book seats. We did have to wait to get into the terminal but in the shade armed with a bottle of water it was fine( this is a small island- so you wont get the facilities of gatwick) The tour operator gets you in as quickly as possible, and we did not have to wait long outside approx  20/30 min.  (Note: My 14 year old tipped me off that the 2 pence coins work in the luggage trolleys, 2 tolleys later this was a breeze)  Food in the terminal is a RIP OFF !! A packet of hoola hoops worked out at 2.00 british pounds so take your own food.  By the way we were all seated together on the plane too, so we were glad we did not pre-book seats.  Well done First choice !!

Paul M  (18 June 2006)         

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stayed at amaryllis in kalamaki july 2005 with our relatives had a great time with james the rep whom the kids tourtured and nearly drowened as they had a motto , the rep must swim!!! cheers james hope you are still working for the company as that is what everyone wants a good sport and a spot on rep who works hard for everyone they are looking after.

An O  (05 October 2005)         

Having travelled with Thomson for the past 4-5 years, we were pleasantly surprised with the service provided by FC.  From the friendly check in staff, to the stewardess's - (who are normally so far up their own a$$ they'd need a toothbrush to clean their teeth), to the Rep in Resort.  Would definitly travel with them again! Highly recommended.

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