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Naomi L

lookin at these pics brings back some memories!
just wanted to say hi, especially 2 dennis
(hes da only 1 i recognise from the bar!)
im in corfu in september u neva know i just may pop over n if not i'll shout n wave lol
still looks like the best place 2 b keep up da good work peeps! filakia

Diane L          10/10

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Hi guys, missing ya already, Ladies get Dimitri to give you Perfect sex cocktails, yummy, Luv ya Dimmi

James sorry did not spend much time with ya this year
Nikos I promise I will sing next year, although at least I did try this year

Steve L          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeCheers to all at Magdalenes for another fab time,Dimitri you are the best.

We are coming back next year to get married and cant wait to meet you all again, that will be the fifth year on the trot.
For all the people who have never been to this resort before, just do it its the best.
Steve and Jeanette 

Alex A

im sure we will try there one of this years lf going to tsivili just waiting to go to the airport now so can't wait to go now got a bit of a idea of how bad the euro is as we got 54 changed at the post office yesterday and only got 65 euros so hopefully the rate will be a bit better over in kos i think its about time we changed to the euro chat when we get back

Chris B

Sweet Revenge is fab I would say now Fiorentino's is closing it will be our favourite haunt, its next door to Benikos though it does have a front side and a back side so you can turn right after passing Camelot and get to it that way. Maggie and Danny are the couple who own it and they really look after you. They do beautiful food on the charcoal spit, really nice lamb chops. There are some reviews on here also if they help. If you go tell them Chris, Caz and Hannah say hello. 

Alex A

hopefully it will be busy in august as its our 1st time of going to tsivili in august so fingers crossed the euro will get better as summer goes on and i can't understand how some people can go on holiday and not use the local restaurants thats half the fun of going on holiday whats it like in the sweet revenge as we usually always use camelot it took the guy on the door 7 years to get us in but once we went in we haven't looked back lol

Chris B

Yeah the euro really isn't helping. Last year we spoke to Maggie and Danny who own Sweet Revenge and they have said that business is quiet because there are a lot of Scandinavians going to Zante now and they never bother eating out they always cook in their apartments. Just hope none of our other favourite haunts close.

Have fun in Kardamena and Tsilivi.
Chris, Caz and Hannah

Alex A

Hi Chris

Yeah we will say hi to dennis when we see him as we will be in magdelenas on our first night as usual lol have heard that tsivili has been quite this year and can only imagine its due to the euro being so low this year we are off to kardamena on thursday so can't wait to go now lol

Alex A

hi chris 

yeah we remember many a drunken nights with the black sambucas and dimi's cocktails we spent many a night there getting very drunk and glad we didn't have far to go to our apartments which were the georgia apartments where do u usually stay in tsivili?

Chris B

Hi Alex and Kate

We always drink downstairs with Dennis and Andreas though saying that my Mom went last year in September and I think Dennis was covering upstairs as Dimitri wasn't there. Would be surprised if he has gone as he is part of the furniture at Mags as Nikos is.
If Dimitri has gone you can be rest assured Dennis will look after you well with plenty of black sambuca, red vodka and aftershock!!!

Chris B

Hi Dennis

Just to give you early warning we have already booked our 2009 hol's to Tsilivi at the Zante Maris and will be coming to see you on September 25th for two weeks for our daughter's first holiday abroad . Can't wait to get back to the shots of red aftershock and black sambuca !!! We will also have my mom and dad with us as it will be my mom's 60th birthday while we are there!
Hope you are all well and say hello to George, Soula and Andreas for us.
Chris, Caz and Hannah

Karen S          10/10

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Hi just got bak & feeling soooo depressed now , had a wicked time & Dennis made our week very special & invented the best cocktail ever called ( karen Special ) c do ask for it, it's like rocket fuel....

Cant wait to go back, love to all
Kaz & Gaz xxxx

Steve L          10/10

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Been to tsilivi last 3 years  and this bar is the best, best wishes to all there.

cheers Steve and Jeanette

Rachel B          10/10

Smilethe best place in the world

Diane L          10/10

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Hi Guys, Only been back a day and missing you already.  Thanks for making my week so special, can't believe got to wait a year before I see you all again.  Dimitri - provider of perfect sex... James ur jokes need some practise , Nikos 8 kids to look forward to  Emma keep drinking the juice lol. Best place in Tsilivi!!!!!

Chris B          10/10

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And finally a pic of Julie from Tizzies with Diane and Andreas and a pic of Billy and Susan from Chesterfield, hope to see you all soon.

Chris and Caz

Chris B          10/10

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Some more pics of the folks at Mags! Hi to D1ck and Josie, hope to meet up with you soon for a balti!!!

I expect that West Brom scarf to still be on the bar in 2 years Sakis!!!
Chris and Caz

Chris B          10/10

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Yassoo Dennis, Andreas, Emma, Soula, George, Nikos

Well we've been back home a week and are missing our late nights in Mags . Cheers for looking after us again and the drambuie sniffers went down particularly well!!! I may have to have a red aftershock tonight to remind me of what we are missing!
Hi to Emma, hope you are well mate and enjoying the beach parties - providing you are avoiding the fights!!!! Caz says hello you nutty tart and says see we have made you famous with your mugshot on the net!
2 years can't come quickly enough when we will be back with our own new addition! Make sure that West Brom scarf keeps it's rightful place behind the bar Dennis! When the baby arrives we will email you a picture.
Hi to Julie from Tizzies too and hopefully we can catch up with you when you are back in the winter and say hello to Diane for us.
Take care all and look after our second home for us
See you in 2 years.
Chris and Caz

David S

nobody ever gives the morning breakfasts a mention on here and in particular the chap who works there during the morning. Kiriakos (apologies for spelling) is a star and is over worked and underpaid.

Rebecca M          10/10

  Hey Everyone @ Magdelena's... Miss you all so much.  I really enjoyed working for u last season as your Waitress/Karaoke hostess

I can't wait to see you all again soon.(July/August) It will be strange being the other side of the bar    Kolarakus misses you all as well.
The thought of working all summer in an office isn't very appealing to me this year...  
Siany, we will have to meet up in London again soon.
BIG LOVE.. to, Dennis, Sula, George, Dimitris, Kiki , Sakis..  (not forgetting my favourite little singing partner Athenesia) - hope i've spelt it right.
Missing all my pals... Jade, Cheryl, Katie, Laura Look forward to seeing u all soooooon
Rebecca xxx

Chris B          10/10

Hi Sian, my wife and I met you in October last year at Magdalena's it was her 30th Birthday and we were responsible for the balloons and cake!!! (That was also the infamous night of the naked South African guy wandering around the streets of Tsilivi after being "escorted" out of the bar by Dennis and myself).

Say hello to Dennis for us, we will be back there on 24th June ready for some more black sambuca and red vodka!!!
Chris and Caz

Sian L          10/10

 magdelenas is the best bar in tsilivi, not that im biased at all!  dennis is the best barman and best boss you could ask for.

wish i was coming back to work this year but sadly not  i will be there in a few days though to see everyone and i cant wait!  miss you all, hello to all the people that made my time there so special

Luke M          10/10

i dont think that there is a web site for magdelenas ! if any one finds it then could you put the website address on plz ? thanks

Catherine D          10/10


Luke M           

Magdelenas bar is the best in zante ! !

Its got everything you could want , pool tables , air hockey , playstation , MASSIVE PLASMA SCREEN ! Its brilliant ! Leo is the best bar man there,really chatty and smiley Theres 3 bars (one down stairs and 2 up stairs ) EVERY drink you could want ! !  It serves food as well throughout the day ,its perfect for all the family and i would definitely recomend it to any one . The place really hots up at night , so be ready for fun ! ! !
Cant wait to go back , See you next year Leo ! !
P.S. watch out for their tarantula cocktails , their deadly !

The T           

i have jst got home from two amazing weeks in Tsilivi and two amazing weeks staying at magdelenas. I would like to thank everyone for making the holiday truely amazing, missing everyone already........ made some great friends over there that i wont forget... .and that hopefully i get to see in 10 days when i return for another two weeks of mayhem and madness. Sian love ya to bits thanx for keeping me company from 9 till 11:30..... Rebecca your the most amaxing dj/singer i know love ya hun!!!! Dennis keep swingin tht malibu bottle.... your a top guy.  Big hugs to katie sori i cudnt say good bye this mornin was in a lil bit of a rush alarm didnt go off lol......... remember to get in touch wen u get home n u can come n pick me n laura up n we can go out for ya birthday if im still in England lol your a top chick... even wen ya hung over haha!!!!

Thanks to everyone for making mine n my sisters birthday the best we have had..... even tho everyone singing happy birthday was slightly embarrassin .
Know matter what anybody else says Magdelenas Bar is the best bar in greece..... everybody is welcome anytime through out the day...... while parents drink themselves stupid there is entertainment for the children (3 pool tables and air hockey).
Big shout out to Dimitri, Kiki, Sian and Dennis see you all in 10 days xxxx
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Chris B           

Hi Dennis, Leo and all.

Just to forewarn you my wife and I will be back in Tsilivi for a week in October. In case you don't remember, we were with you for most of June 2005 and my wife ended up dancing on the bar after drinking too many of your flaming sambuca!!! I believe you are now in possession of those photo's too thanks to her dad
Look forward to seeing you all from the 15th October.
Chris and Caz

Diane L           

Dimitri you are the best we love you......Girls go see him for Perfect Sex Cocktails,  Rebecca gonna miss ou trying to drag me up for Karaoke, James you are wonderful, Kids and I only came back today and we are missing you all already.......

Big Hugs and Kisses and see you next year

Clair M           

Hi it was brillant the staff was great plenty of free shots . sophie was the best at karoke we will be back to see u next week . It is the best bar in tsilvi.

Chloe W           

Hi to all the guys at Magdelenas we love you all and will be coming to see you next week we cant wait. Get my space at the bar ready now and all the long bendy straws!! x x x x

Tracey H           

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Fantastic for cocktails here me and my mate Caz are just getting the hang of it, mines a Grasshopper, I can certainly recommenned it.....

Tracey H           

Magdelenas was my favouite bar good atmoshphere, fantastic cocktails, and somewhere for the children to play upstairs.  (pool,air hockey and play station). Loved it.


defo the best bar in tsilivi. if ya go ull be back every night. we did!!

hi to every1 there n hope ill be back 2 c u soon. xx xx

Denise E           

Fantastic Bar with probably the best bar man in Tsilivi - Dennis you made our Holiday! Although the 'Rabbit' (ladies just ask Dennis for this one) was a very dangerous cocktail and definately had the desired effect.

See you in September
love Denise and Jo x

Sharon W           

This has to be THE best bar in Tsilivi!   My husband and I went in here every night and they are so welcoming and friendly.  Dennis and Demetri are fantastic guys who really look after you.  Cocktails are pretty good too as Demetri for a Black Tarantula (its not on the list) and ask him why it's called that - funny reason!  The entertainment was great too!  Hi to all!

Robbie W           

Thumbs up definetely to this bar!! very lively always full n loads to do with all the pool tables n air hockey and internet! this bar was perfect, think everyone liked this bar!!

Maureen T           

On my fourth holiday in Tsilivi and still loved this place. Regards to Kyriakos and Dennis and all staff.
Best wishes also to Leo in his new venture at Bowl'em'over, the new bowling alley and bars and games place, down the lane beside Magdalenas.

Jade E           

hey to all @ mags! found kirsty's cd yet? she'll be back to get it again, dont worry you wont get rid of us that quick and there are more laffs and late nights to come!!!! we'll be back in may next year, counting the weeks down already! then in june we'll be coming over to work for the summer! any jobs? lol

heres some more pics add to your collection, we miss and love you all  x x x
say hello to - Leo, Dennis, the old couple, dimitris, emilio, claude, armano, ioli, ouzi, and everybody else!!!!
roll on summer 2006.....
stoke girls on never before x JADE, KIRSTY AND CHERYL X X X X
zante never forgets those that love it!!!!!

Joanne F           

helllooo em'
yeah defently had some fun times!
em' not sure if leo comes on here - but dimitris phoned me lastnight and said that 'leo and the other "digi daga" dimitris said hi too, oh and my dimitris says hi too'
all the barmen were fantastic - made our holiday just great!! yasuuuu all!
yeah and that went all over my bag too!!! ........  *its off now though*  you little terror !! lol
luv jo!
hiya ppl!! hiya jo!!! now we ad sum funi times in ere lmao c*m on jo!! does anyone know if leo c*ms on ere??? we loved this bar and if we cud we wud of stayed too!!! lol we loved this bar and all the barmen too!! for me mostly dennis and leo and yennis!! they were our best mates for the whole of our holiday!!! it was so funi wen i tried makin a cocktail and it went all down my top!! lmao joanne f lol o well lol neways hope to hear from you all soon love emma cherry

Ema C           

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hiya ppl!! hiya jo!!! now we ad sum funi times in ere lmao c*m on jo!! does anyone know if leo c*ms on ere??? we loved this bar and if we cud we wud of stayed too!!! lol we loved this bar and all the barmen too!! for me mostly dennis and leo and yennis!! they were our best mates for the whole of our holiday!!! it was so funi wen i tried makin a cocktail and it went all down my top!! lmao joanne f lol o well lol neways hope to hear from you all soon love emma cherry xx

Joanne F           

Great pics... anyone got any more? Of the Barmen and some of the lads who used to go in the bar for example - Dimitris..?

Carly S           

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We had a wicked holiday here in Zante for the second year running!  Thanks for the free sambuccas Leo!! and for letting me serve behind the bar with you!!!!

Jade E           

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More pictures x x x jade kirsty and cheryl x x x

Jade E           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

here are some more pictures x x x jade, kirsty, cheryl x x x

Jade E           

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wahhoo magdelinas! hello leo, dennis and the old couple! we spent every night in this bar! it was right near out hotel and and happened to be the busiest place in Tsilivi as it is October and season is coming to an end. we are very grateful for the late nights you provided and the laughs and fun. we will be joining you agian soon in April. thanks again, and here are some pictures! 

jade, kirsty and Cheryl x x x

Fallen A           

Lovely bar!  Friendly and polite staff, excellent cocktails, reasonably priced and they show films and football here too.  Recommended!

Joanne F           

What a holiday hey!!

This place just made it one of the best hols I've had!!

All the bar staff are great! and missing you all like hell..

But Im back there next year (booked it already ) and I sooooooo cant wait !!

We was there when you was there Ross & Kristine.. in August? - If you remember us.. you probably will

I think my nose is slowly recovering from the Drambuie Sniffers too - god they were leathal, but worth it

Will see all the bar staff back there next year!!


Ross & Kristine           

click to enlargeOnce again a great fortnight spent propping up the bar and enjoying the company of friends both old and new. Dennis and Iannis are by far the best hosts in Tsilivi. The Sambucca was, as usual, flowing freely and our noses are still recovering from the Drambuie sniffers!!! We are already booked for next year so save our seats for another fortnight of Mythos!!! 

Jan D           

just spent two weeks here great time effies english when shes doing the quiz is hysterical. still managed to win a bottle of champagne with a bit of cheating.met all our friends from last year plus quite a few new ones.

Sarah H           

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More photos for you!

Sarah H           

click to enlarge

Hey Leo and Demetrius Cant wait to see you again next year!

Sarah H           

click to enlargeHiya Guys, Demetrius & Leo my favourite people in Magdalenas!!.. Miss you so much! Me and Lydia had such a fantastic time in Tsilivi and are hoping to come again sometime in the future. We are definitely going to pay a visit to Magdalenas when we do come back, every night that we can because it was definitely the highlight of our holiday.

My favourite shot was Leo's Monkey Brain!!.. Can't really remember what was in it but I know that it was gorgeous!!.. Just click to enlargelike Leo  The cocktails are also really nice!..
Also loved all of Demetrius' Straw Wars!!.. and Ice Cube Wars!!.. I got you back didn't I Demetrius!!
Send me an email when you have the time I would love to keep in touch with you,
Thank you for a fantastic holiday, Love you all Sarah xxx

Diane L           

Magdelenas is a must,Yiannis u are the best, Leo, Dennis and James u are excellent.  They are all so friendly, You have to go back, thanks for a great time guy's.....:) 

Irenka C           

Sorry i didnt rate it properly. Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!

Irenka C           

This is the best bar in Tsilivi, Demitri is the barman that works in the top bar, and he is certainly the best barman ever, his cocktails are leathal, but they taste fantastic. He made me and by boyfriend feel so at lease in this bar, he even made up a cocktail for me, he named it cherry blossom, but we asked him to name it cherry webb after us, so if you go in there ask for one its lush. I even had a go making a cocktail behind the bar!!!! But we went to this bar every other night as it took one day to get over it!!! A pint of cocktail is quite leathal to say the least!!!

There is another barman called Leo, he thinks hes a bit of a ladies man, but its all in good fun. He is quite funny though, and he played some good tunes for us. This bar is so relaxing and welcoming, the owners dont really speak English and Demitri would translate for us, but everytime we came into the bar the owner George would shake my boyfriends hand and kiss my cheek. Its very friendly. I even left my brand new shoes in the bar one night so we got there early one morning and there were still there for me!!!
The main reason we kept on comming to this bar is because of Demitri he is really great, and he was on the same wave length as us, we had some crazy drunken conversations with him. So Demitri if you are reading this we will see you next year, make sure your still there!!! we are missing your cocktales already!!!???!!!

The O           

Hey Leo and Dennis hope you guys are still cool. Take it easy now.

Lisa C           

Best place for cocktails, especially their Chocolate Mint!!

Carrie W           

hi leo (the p***ycat). its carrie. i was there in june with becki, vicky and mr smurf!. just wanted to say that the bar is great and we had a really good time. hope to see you next year. from carrie. p.s you are really fit! xx wink

Leanne E           

This place is by far the best on the island. The music is great, the atmosphere is brilliant and the staff are incredible. Yanis is quiet but lovely, Leo is a hit with the girls and Dennis is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. The shots are huge and most are free!! The tricks they can do with straws and bottles are brilliant. They make every night fun and one (depending on the alcohol) to remember. Go there, its well worth it. Thanks guys, see you again soon!!!

Mystery S           


Donna A           

Magdelenas Cocktail Bar was brilliant, excellent cocktails, brilliant music, very welcoming and the breakfast has got to be the best in the resort.We will definately be going back next year ! See you then Leo & Dennis !



the best bar in tsilivi .................Dennis you are great cocktail maker

Leo i love you

Jade B           

Me and my mate Carly came back form Tsiliv on Thursday (28th) and we had an absolutley unforgettable holiday there, it was truly the best. We went to Magdelena's bar every night and even ran there one night from our hotel in the pouring rain! It was one of the most welcoming places that i have ever been to and we will definaltey consider returning to Tsilivi to visit Magdelena's bar in the future. We loved Leo and Andreas who made us feel very welcome and incredibly drunk, and we thank them for letting us serve behind the bar, Andreas taught us loads about being barmaids. Also, thankyou to Boss and his wife who are in numerous phots of ours, See you all soon. Jade and Carly, Ipswich!

Amanda L           

Hi everyone at Magdelenas!
this bar was great, we only went a few nights but i felt like going back every night! Everyone there were really welcoming especially the greek men and the cocktails and music were fantastic!
Thanx xx (wish i was there now!)


i visited the bar with my friend lynsey most nights we always had a laugh i was always made to feel welcome cant wait to come back next year. the cocktails were the best ive ever had thanks for makin my holiday what it was.x x

Clive E           

Nice bar,but on film night 7 till 9 we could not hear the sound of the film he turned the sound up a bit but still had trouble hearing the words, then just 10 min before the end of the film he displayed the big screen and we had sky sports to listen too aswell( very agnoying) for film buffs go down the street a ways, nice big screen nice and loud for best watching.

Lachael D           

it was awful, including leo and the music

Chris K           

Only went here a few times and the cocktails were very good. Atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming. Definately one of the better bars in the resort.

Chris K           

Only went here a few times but the cocktails were very good and the atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming. Definately one of the better bars in the resort.

Ronnie V           

We stayed at Magdalenas Studios but never visited the bar, actually yes we did.. once! Just before closing! But sounds like everyone had a good time... we'll have to give it a try next time we're in the vicinity... ;o))

Kirstie E           

Just come back from week in tsilivi, which isnt long enough! spent part of most evenings in magdalenas and absolutely loved the staff, dennis, leo, yiannis, who are very friendly (especially the lovely yiannis), drinks fantastic. improved my pool and air hockey skills dramatically! Loved working behind the bar, briefly! good luck and all happiness to all who work there. wish i could be there now....

Duke O           

Great bar and great cocktails (especially by Andreas), friendly staff and the female dJ sure likes to wiggle her bum, good quality food, an all round good bar.

Emma J           

i never went to magdelenas in the evening but always had breakfast their so definatly try it out the breakfast is really good

Zoe M           


Jacqui B           

Trying to get in touch with you can you e-mail me your telephone number.

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