Euro Divers (Laganas)

Diving in Zante

Brett O          10/10

   hi , i have dived with euro divers for 3 separate hols . hadnt dived for about 10 years after passing my open water in jamaica, so quite nerveous, they were great friendly and very easy to get on  with . i have passed o/w course , and rescue with them , and this year more courses. plus if i didnt feel 100 percent with them i wouldnt let my 11 year old  do her open water course with them, i really trust VI and his team. .

Lisa S          10/10

the scuba diving was the highlight of our hols we were only try divers and were pritty scared at first but the instructors at euro divers put us right at ease they were very helpful and friendly people and went over the saftey procedures frequntly and thouroghly i would recomend the euro divers to everyone on their first dive thank you guys for an experience of a life time

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September 2008.  As it was the last week of the season I was grateful that Euro Divers stated that there was no problem with me going on 4 qualified (open water) dives over two days.  Finding a buddy was also no problem as if there wasnít another paying qualified diver; one of the instructors would buddy up with me.  The location was very convenient being on the main beech and within walking distance of my accommodation.  I was told to pitch up at 08.30am and that we would be finished before 01.00 pm.  Well, that was the theory anyway.  Divers thinking of going to Euro Divers should note my experiences:


1.  Other divers drifted into the yard to kit up until past 9.30.  The staff didnít appear to be particularly interested in getting going ( hardly surprising considering theyíd all had a late night in the bars) so it was over an hour and a half before we even started getting ready to go to the boat.


2.  Only one boat was used to accommodate a couple of trial session divers, one person taking his Open Water qualification, a couple of qualified divers and another qualified diver taking an advanced course (deep water).  This meant that everyone had to wait for the trainees and novices to be given instructions and to hand around while the trainee managed to get an exercise right after several failed attempts.  We eventually finished up at 2.50 pm on one day and 3 pm on the other.  My partner was livid as both of our afternoon plans had been trashed Ė not good on a 7 day holiday.


3.  Take something to eat as nothing was on offer.


4.  Having to drag our own kit and tanks out to the boat and back was a real pain.  Small ladies beware, they get very heavy after 150 metres!  At the prices we were paying I would have expected someone else to do the donkey work.


5.  Unless youíre a very strong swimmer, avoid the ĎArchesí location.  Swimming out was OK but after turning around the rock to swim back we were hit by a very strong current.  I fought it for while but eventually it beat me.  I had to surface and swim a couple of hundred metres on the surface (to save air Ė and to stop panicking) before going down again to decompress.  Not exactly what I had in mind.


6.  Avoid the dog. We called in to the centre one evening to check if the dives were on for the morning and an instructorís dog trotted out of the office and sank its teeth into my partnerís leg.  No warning, no messing, just a violent, dangerous (pit bull type) dog going for someone for no reason.  Over a fortnight later, her leg still has anger blue/black bruises on her thigh the size of a dinner plate.  If the owner hadnít managed to get the dog to back off I donít care to think what would have happened.

You have been warned!

Anne S          10/10

My boyfriend did his padi 3 day course here and enjoyed it.The guys were great and he enjoyed it so much went out for another day with them.Very helpful and friendly so going back in June to do another padi course.

Phil W           

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We spent a day with Eurodivers in September and did a try dive.  A great day out!  All the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. My try dive lasted about 35 minutes and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I was lucky that on my dive that the other person doing a try dive was sea sick so I was able to do my dive with Richard on my own.

Pearl W           

Euro Divers rule below the waves.

Diving with them is exciting, fun and safe.
Staff fantastic  - especially Scottish Davie.
Well organised, friendly and informative, with some fantastic dive sites and good premises for classroom skills.
Will be back soon

Andrea R           


David M           

Did my OWD here last year, returned this year and did my Advanced Open Water, new staff from last year but very knowledable and very approachable made the course very enjoyable (THANKS KATE) did another couple of days just diving brilliant. They have a rib now so dry gear gets floated out to boat, you still hae to wade out and help out getting wet kit to boat (hey its diving). Looking forward to next year  

Brian G           

If you are thinking of diving in Zante then give Eurodivers a look. Good set up with lots of alternative dive sites depending on the weather. I went there at the start of October. Weather was good and the water temperature was a pleasant 24 deg C. Sea is nice and visibility is excellent. Some dive sites have good swimthroughs and if you are happy enough there are about 3 cave dives you can do. The bat cave smells interesting!!

Spoke to Magda who gave a good price for 10 dives. She also gives a mean cup of coffee in the morning to set you up.
I have my PADI AOW. So managed the 10 dives in some lovely locations. They speak to the divers on the day and decide the grouping and dives depending on the experience of the divers. There always seemed to be a mixture of AOW, OW and trainee divers and eveyone was matched up okay. Plenty of instructors on the boat and Vajio (the boss) knew his business and kept everyone happy..
You get to the centre in the morning, get your gear set up and then carry it out to the boat with spare cylinders etc. Everyone is expected to help but hey that's half the fun. You also have to lug it back at the end of the day.
A big Hi to Mikey the trinee divemaster. He should have passed his final exams now and earning the big bucks. "GO CANADA"
They have some interesting expansion plans for next season so I hope they work out okay.

Alan B           

Hi. If your thinking or dreaming of diving in warm water's in far away places. Then I would highly reccomend Euro Divers, I had done a bit of diving in the UK a few years back (13), but i thought why not get my open water qualification then i can dive at my leasure. I looked at a couple of other dive places and chatted with the staff. But Euro divers won easily, Highly skilled professional patient people who really took time out to make us feel welcome and safe.The full open water course was only 290 euro, that was with the hire of full kit. By the end of the course i had learnt so many skills and increased my own confidence so much, i could not wait to get back in the water, so i booked another couple of dives.

Yes you are expected to lend a hand to load the boat, but thats what diving is all about, (team work)
By the end of our hols, we really felt we had made some good friends, not just people who want your money, in fact they were very laidback about that side of things.
If you are going to dive in Greece, then go see Vajio, Magda, Steve, Mikey, and Victor (funny Guy)
Great people, great tuition, great facilities.
Hope to see them them again next year.

David M           

 just back from holiday today 20/6/05 did the try dive and liked it so much that i signed up for the open water course (286 euros= £200), Brilliant course brilliant group of people who run school

Vajio Mr Cool who LOVES his diving
Gijs the JDM who makes a mean pizza
Andreas Mr ac/dc who is an absolute non stop riot
Viktor good guy who is good instuctor
Adrian typical quiet irish guy but a VERY good instuctor patient and good communicator TOP MAN
 Overall some lower comments appropriate re dive kit to boat and slippy stairs but do not let this put you off this is a brilliant experiance and even if you just do the try dive these guys will give you a lifetime  experiance

Yvonne E           

Hia, im the daughter of Yvonne below, we went two weeks ago and it was fab, I loved it so did my older sister, I was the youngest on the boat ,but, i did get told that i was good at the evaluation but i think thats because some of the teenagers were fafing about. I definatly want to go again. Although during the ride there me and my sister felt ill because boats dont agree with us. Getting in the water is a fantastic experience and i'd recommend it to anybody. My mums mate does alot of scuba diving and she says next year i can train for my PADI. award which i cant wait to do. So thanks to every one in euro divers I hope to see you again in the near future. Love Jess xx

Yvonne E           

Hi everyone. We went at the end of September 04. For those who have never experienced scuba diving or snorkelling its hard to know what to expect. However, both my teenage daughters showed a keeness to have this experience. I went as a spectator - not scared just not medically allowed. We took a friends daughter with us as well. Off we went all excited, bit nervous (except the youngest - who swims like a fish!) but feeling confident. Registered with Eurodivers - thourough questionaire and children require parental consent. Tuiton on dry land very informative and useful preparation for the main event. Us girls were excused from carrying all the diving equipment and didn't know why until they brought the boat round and discovered the "walk" to the boat included wading upto our armpits carrying our own gear. We were prepared with towels, lotion, water, food and tissues - because we asked what we would need - simple common sense questions, but thats what mothers do!! Access to the boat is up a slippery metal stepped "ladder" which can be considered awkward. Sadly, one of my party did slip (my friends daughter), injured her leg and lost the desire to try dive as it required using this method of climbing out again. Next came the first tests for the try divers to effect the dry land tuition - with further tuition and encouragement in the shallow water by the shoreline. Both my daughters were suceesful and would be allowed to dive. Well all on board - this included persons undertaking the courses offered, experienced divers looking for experience to furhter their own qualifications and us - the new ones. Of the boat sped. Beautiful day, sun, sea breeze rushing through your hair. Enjoying the views of the land as it disappeared in the distance. Frothing crests of waves lapped the back end of the boat. Sea spray cooling the skin. From my point of view, I would be perfectly happy doing this all day. On first location, all other divers go first and we played the waiting game - but taking in the rays as we did so and watching the trail of bubbles of the divers. Eventually, my girls took their turn - got lovely pictures to prove it. Part of the tuition includes knowing how to equalise ear pressure like on a plane flight. Sometimes you are successful and other times you are not. Neither of my girls were able to equalise and experienced ear discomfort, so the tutor took them shallow divin so they did have a good experience. In fact, so much so, it is now going to cost me an arm and leg to pay for full courses to enable my girls to dive more efficiently on our next holiday!! My sincere thanks to the tutors for their help and support and for making my childrens experience so enjoyable - I simply enjoyed the ride out.

Dave S           

As an Advanced diver I was just after a couple of pleasure dives. Went out with them on an overcast moday a few days before they shut up shop in October. Craig the Dive Master was excellent as were the two dive sites chosen. Could not dive the Keri Caves due to conditions but Marathonisi was a fantastic site with so much marine life to see.

There ware only 5 or 6 divers and "humping" the gear from boat to shop was a bit of a chore!

Prices are set but you will qualify for discount if you take your own gear (mask, fins, BCD, suit, regulator). Think it was 3 Euro's for each peice of kit mentioned above.

Really enjoyed the trip - just wish it had been sunny!!!

Lindsay C           

What is the fuss about? What a waste of time, money and effort! Ive got my Advanced Open Water Diver qualification and persuaded my friend to do a Try Dive. That morning we got to dive school, the three try divers had thier brief, and got there tanks on to do the 'skills' in the bay. Hubby did his ok, Wife wasn't weighted down enough and was swaying around with the current under water, the Junior Dive Master (JDM) lost interest and told the lady she couldn't do it, and told her to get on the boat. (Im size 12/14 (and 5"9') and dive with 6kgms, sorry Wife is say size 20 and they gave her 8kgms- the more fat/bigger boobs you have the more weight is needed because fat is bouyant and will keep you afloat). My friend (MF) went into bay for her skills, and we were loading the boat, the JDM was getting more inpatient and in the end MF started to panic- and was also told to get on the boat.
We loaded the boat in water which was deep as my neck, and eventually set off. We got to the first dive site- Marathia Bay. Had our brief and went diving, the dive was good, I saw most of the same fish I see when I dive in minorca, but enjoyed as its a place i've not dived before. We dived to about 20m for 40mins, and I took some photos underwater. We had an hour surface interval where we changed dive site for a Reef dive- Baracuda Reef.
The JDM explained all the regular things during our brief, then to the actual dive- we were going to swim out along the reef, to a rock and come back. We would dive OUT WITH the current to the small rock, swim round it, and RETURN to the boat swimming AGAINST the current, (which you never do as a diver). I explained my worries, but she said everything would be ok, and that we would swim back with at least 130bar (we start with 200bar). Into the water and down we went, going there was lovely saw some fish (as you do, and took some photos!), and before i realised it we were swimming round this rock. Then it hit me- the current- it was like a ten tone truck BANG, i wasnt going any where, I swam a bit harder NO, swam harder again NO i still wasnt going anywhere- I couldn't swim directly to the surface for fear of Decompression Sickness, so i started to panic and sink- thats when the Master Diver (MD) who was following us grabbed my tank and dragged me back to the boat, pulling at the rocks at the bottem of the ocean.
We surfaced about 25meters from the boat, and I thanked the MD for saving me, and we swam on the surface back to the boat. On the boat they had wondered what had happened because they could see bubbles separating into two directions, and you dont normally separate, so I explained. The JDM then did her final rescue for the Rescue Dive course and- lets just say i woulnt want her rescuing me! Task complete, all on board we came back to shore and that was that.
When i got home i realised i could have drowned that day and if that had been my first dive i dont think i would ever get back under the water and dive again, but as my regular DM is more professional than here, i know where i'll be diving in future.
I booked this myself- not through the tour rep, but its the dive school (our rep uses) that they take you to if you book with them.

Lindsay C

a web site address would be good so i can see how much the dives are, and what types of dives are on offer! does anyone know any address, or could they send me info on diving in laganas? my address is it would be a great help. thanx

Fiona S           

does anyone know how much a lesson is for 2 people who have never done this before in october. if so please email me at
cheers or should i say ...yammas

Spud A           

does anyone know how much a diving lesson costs in july. cheers

Nick H           

See my comments further down regarding my 16th July dive.

I'm wondering where my mate's DVD of the trip is though - it's mid October and it still hasn't arrived!!!

Dave S           

I completed my Open Water Course with Eurodivers.
I would definately recommend these guys to anyone,
particularly those starting out. The tuition given
was excellent and the equipment provided was good.

Despite the fact that their big yellow boat was not
allowed to sea by the local coastguard due to poor weather;
Vajio and the other staff made sure I completed the course
by doing a road trip instead, which makes all the difference
in my book. Respect and good luck.


Have there ever been any shark sightings or shark attacks at Laganas

Colin P           

I went diving last week and got my Advanced Open Water. They were all very professional and I enjoyed the dive sites we went to.

I think the part that will stick in my mind the most is Dallos who goes round the Island in his boat looking for other boats through his binoculors to sell sandwiches, drinks, icecreams etc.

When I saw him sail up to the dive boat, I could not believe my eyes.

Excellent!!! Nice donuts!!!

Tony W           

Great staff, great diving, great boat! I was a try diver, we had one 20-25 min dive. but with a snorkle and mask, you will get the most for your money. :-)

Take suntan lotion with you!!!

Andy F           

It was my first time scuba diving and i thoroughly enjoyed the experience, all the guys at Euro Divers were really helpful, informative and a good laugh, relaxed atmosphere and very proffesional. Particular thanks to Ian who looked after me for the day and thanks to Jeff (funny guy) who sorted out a pictire disk memento of the days events for us. Would recommend Euro Divers very highly. Thanks again.

Peter N           

MMM. first open water dives since qualifying in Turkey last year. Nice day out with 2 dives for about 6o Euros. Lots to see and some interesting moments...arches, chimneys etc. All the staff are friendly, efficient and keen to help. Top notch fast dive boat...tho not really much cop for sightseeing passengers. Made our day out thoroughly memorable and enjoyable...highly recommended