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Trevor C (19 May 2013)

hi julie and yanis. Hope you remember mefrom 8yrs ago. I met up with yannis in london when he went to old trafford. Been trying to contact you both for nearly 4 yrs. Coming to see you both next year so hope you can both get time for a good drink

Sophie W  (19 July 2008)        10/10

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what a brilliant bar.

ive never really been in this bar all the times i have been to alykes. but on my last stay in alykes we went in here every night it was such a laugh.
timo who works behind the bar is so fun and he plays decent music.
saturday nights are the best cos they have a party and it gets packed.
cant wait to return next year

Dan T  (15 September 2007)        10/10

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I LOVE YOU LAURA AND CORIN but i hate both your music and I was obviously the better DJ behind the bar!
Hope Yannis aint reading this cause he'll probably sack you both now but its all good and you can both come stay with me babes!

Shame I didnt come into your bar the first few nights I wish i could of spent all my holiday with you both (yeah right)
Whoevers reading this should definately go to the bar but whatever you do DONT invite them to your pool area you will get pushed in and toes put into your mouth, nasty girls!
theres a kebab place just over the road so when ya stumblin home with a black eye  from the two girls u can enjoy something to eat as they dont like to sell food.


Laura C  (22 August 2006)         

Hi Yannis Nickos and Sandra...

 Its laura here... Karen and Mick if you carnt remember my brother ashley threw up all over your steps a few years ago... and he came with us in july with 6 of his great mates...
  The bar is great i love it the Bar staff are fab love you Nicko babe... xxlauraxx Yannis and sandra are great too they have such a laugh and so does Nicko... but they just dont no when to put the shots away... Bad influence... who agrees?? only kidding.. get them out for when my mum and dad get there in mid September... if you read this then take care and i will see you soon many kisses to you all!!!! xxlauraxx

Mike D  (26 April 2006)         

George and Yannis make you so welcome in this roof top bar.    They play great country and rock music from the fifties and sixties and even have line dancing in the bar when Mike and Margaret get there.   See you in May 2006.   This is the No 1 bar in Alikes. 

Sam   (17 October 2005)         

would definitely recommend the red lemon, brilliant bar & fab cocktails !!!! x

Jackie+ricky S  (30 November 2004)         

Hiya guys! Just a little note to say what a great bar this is. Great place to go in the day for food, drink or just to chill and cool down and watch the world go by. Evening times are always good too, either to sit at the bar and have a laugh with everyone, or at the many tables. Ricky highly recommends the sausage-rolls and vanilla ice-cream. Miss you all loads, see you in July!

Sharron M  (18 May 2004)         

As a family we have visited Alykes for the last 4 years, we have 2 sons 1 who is now 19 and the other is 5. After our evening meal we visited the Red Lemon bar which has excellent views across the salt flats,and excellent service. The bar caters for all ages and to our delight and suprise this year they are open from 10am in the morning serving coffees and pastires.

Lesley C  (13 April 2004)         

julie, yanni, jasmine we will be back to haunt you! that is a threat not a promise! folks, best bar on the island! yanni you are competition with trev with his beer belly, its getting bigger by the pint. love to alivin and sharon, hope to see you all in sept.

black sambuca you b*****ds!!
love you lots
lesley and trevor

Chloe, J  (27 October 2003)         

hello julie and yannis!
well were back in boring england... we miss the fun we had in your bar so much! its great! thankyou for making it such a great holiday!
cant wait to be back next year! may and october!!!!!!!!!!!!
we got your number julie!
lots of love
chloe, janis, sarah and norma x x x x

Lynne R  (02 October 2003)         


Not sure if you remember us, we were at your bar about 1 week ago. You filled us with lots of shots!!! Rhys managed to leave his denim jacket somewhere but not sure where. We intended to come back but ran out of time, one week was not enough. If you've found it, please let me know, Thanks.


Alicia O  (31 July 2003)         

WE visited the red lemon bar on several occasions and we thought that the drinks were very good value for mony and the cocktails were lovely

Liz S  (18 July 2003)         

Spent one night there and all the greek guys started on our friend. Wasn't a pleasant evening at all. The bar was good, as long as you don't want to get your face smashed in

Chloe F  (17 June 2003)         

hiya julie, yianni and jasmine! miss u all! thanks for a great time in the red lemon... loved it so much!

Ray D  (13 April 2003)         


Mau&dave(geordies) S  (19 March 2003)         

Julie great! Demetrios our HONEY see you again, in May 2003
Demetrios keep out the toilets as you are getting a bit of a reputation among the scrubbers!!!!!!

Reece P  (03 October 2001)         

Great atmosphere i loved working there

Louise D  (17 September 2001)         

Great pub - went there loads over the 2 weeks. Really friendly people.

Val V  (16 July 2001)         

lovely view over salt flats .looking forward to another fab holiday in alikes . see you soon val & les

Suzanne   (04 July 2001)         

Upstairs, lovely views of salt lakes and mountains. Good friendly service. Well worth a visit. Happy 1st birthday Red Lemon (25/6/01).Yamas!!

Mike B  (01 January 2001)         

Great bar,got quite lively whilst we were there! Oh, and if Jackie the Scotish girl that worked there and at SB Bar (which hasnt been included in you database) reads this - me and Chris still love ya! ;o)

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